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The Secret Behind the Sin of the Unforgotten

Alright guys I've had theory brewing in my head and I'd like some opinions. Rawb has always said that once the last Sin has activated that character will experience a fate Worse than death, so what if that fate is that the character who activated it is stripped entirely from cannon? Gone forever or forgotten should I say. Because if the Unforgotten have sinned wouldn't a true punishment be causing something to be Forgotten forever? Just an idea, thoughts?


  • This fits pretty well with the whole urealms theme of death being inevitable for every character's story, so make it count, Because in urealms the death of a character doesn't matter as long as it is a compelling story that leads up to it. Stripping a character's existence and thus their entire story away is a punishment that would fit the bill for being worse than death.
  • Yeah,I have a feeling this could be it. Erasing a character from exstience could drastically alter the campaign or hell,even the world if the character is important enough.
  • This could completely de-cannonize some campaigns depending on the character

  • I actually see it going the opposite way. We've seen that becoming a Sin of The Unforgotten saves you from death, but what if becoming a full fledged one curses you to never be forgotten? Completely immortal, unkillable. That sounds like a fate worse than death, never being able to die even when you want to, watching all those you care about age and eventually die while you keep living on. Even if those you care about consume Dragonsilver, it doesn't make them unkillable. That said, I could easily see it going your way as well. 
  • @JukeInTheBox I really like that theory as well and I could see it being an easier way to implement then my theory. It really is interesting to think because we know so little about the outcome come be theorized to be two things that are at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

    @Coconut That is a good point, but you could always think about it in the sense that it just needs to be altered slightly, replace the character that got deleted with another character, whether pre-existing or fabricated.
  • I've had the idea that Maelstrom is an example of a character that receives the fate worse than death. This fate would be that the character can tell when the Old Gods are present and this fate would be worse than death because that character would know when people are being influenced.
  • I like the idea of someone being forgotten forever, removed from cannon although if you think about it, it would punish us too. We might lose an important character or one most of us liked. Ex Karl Landers.
  • @Gterra2 but that would be the point though as Rawb has warned us about the sins and the way he speaks of it, it sounds like it could be a punishment for us as well since we are tampering with these character's lives.
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    Maybe it would be that a character still lives and impacts the world around them, but they are forgotten by everyone and by history itself. You saved the world and became famous? Nope. Nobody knows who you are; not your friends, not your family, no one. As far as anyone knows, you don't exist. Forever cursed to impact the world and having all your actions dismissed as "mysterious happenings". You, and all knowledge of you, are wiped from memory forever. This would prevent paradoxes while also still essentially removing a character from existence. 

    Also, it could be that a character would never appear in another campaign again. We the fans would save them from an untimely death at the cost of never seeing that character appear onscreen again.
  • I really like this theory. If you think about it makes sense and is something worse then death itself. In the URealms cannon almost all characters will die, death is not a question of if it's a matter of when and how. We've seen that with countless characters that we loved and cared about, but we'll always have their backstory. Thanks to the way this show is built even if a character dies it can reappear in other campaign in the past and you can see him once again. But if you erase their existence from the world they disappear. Worse than that they can even delete other characters that are import to us. Imagine if Virgo was erased. Gwyneth and Galen would have never existed in the world. It's crazy to think about that. 
  • In the Original Cartoon, the Sins of the Unforgotten caused the Character to be taken over by an Evil Guardian of the Realm who would go on to cause Evil upon the Realm through their new vessel. The idea of either being completely removed from lore, or being made immortal (but not eternal) are neat ideas. However, what I personally think the Sins will do is Completely warp the Character into a Demon of some sort; a corrupted form of their old selves that, while powerful and bad ass, would be mindless and focused on destroying the Realm (or as much of it as they could) before finally being subdued.

    After all, what is worse for us and the Character: A Character gaining immortality, a Character being erased from Canon, or a Character that loses almost everything that made them them?
  • @Timedagger100 But we could also take advantage of these sins, we know there is a certain amount, the number escapes me right now, so all we have to do is just never do the final sin and we wont be punished, in theory?
  • I think we all know what the fate worse than death really is: it's misplacing your Tambok Ticket!

    @Gterra2 Sure we all know the number of sins, in theory. In theory we could all be terrible at counting, or some of us could be sleeper agents from the Order of Chaos (wow it took me a while to remember that name from the old cartoon).
  • I've had the thought that it basically makes everyone literally forget them. They aren't dead but are in limbo. They can see the world and see that the world goes on just the same without them. They aren't remembered, they aren't cared for. They exist but it's like they never have.
  • @Pearadox ;
    They get stolen into Nader's Realm, and can only exist through Nader Gem soul stealing.
  • If sticking with the original then they become pure evil if it functions similarly to those of the same name in Unforgotten Realms (The Animated Series) however things have changed so it is possible that did too, I doubt it because Rob has stated they try to stay far away from Good Vs Evil.
  • I'm going to say that it's the whole thing from the Animated Series. Since we already have the Order of Chaos, which was made from those who got five sins of the unforgotten. So, I mean... I'm already assuming that people like Maelstrom have gotten five sins. And while Maelstrom and the rest of the Order isn't 'pure evil' they are kinda on the darker side. I think that finding out that you are mearly a character in a game, and that you could survive forever except that your creator will die and then you will fade. That is a fate worse than death. (I also like to assume that the sins form the runic symbol for chaos, the first being the circle, and then the others forming the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines)Image result for chaos symbol
    (Closest image I could find to it, I got a Chaos pin, but I'm too lazy to take a picture of that and post it)

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  • @KaeawynShifter The true question is how do you keep finding these old posts? And then reviving some important ones like the status one, doing Ouro'ras' work
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