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Campaign Thread: The Sandbolds



  • @kreeperkiller63 Yeah, this campaign actually confirms that Maelstrom isn't Philhipe... unless somehow Phanto brought Philhipe back in time to before the Birth of Magic to become a Sandbold, which feels just wrong to me.

  • idk why you guys would think Philhipé is alive. It says he is dead in his bio and that's what I said in the show. I wish I didn't say it, but that's what I said at the end of the campaign and what happens in a campaign is lore. just because i show regret in the BTS of my choice, doesn't undo that choice and is more reason why doing BTS's actively hurts the lore of this show sometimes. too often users are getting confused with what is canon from the show with things I have said outside of the show.

    when we put up this website, I made sure it was clear Philhipé is dead and I don't like doing death fake outs. Like sure he could come back as a believer or what not for a gimick if it made sense in the long term story (which I have already done), but it was clear that Gwyneth killed  Philhipé from what I said in that very first campaign. Now this does not aling with what the sunswords code of justice is all about, but I'm sure in the future you'll understand why that might be as well.
  • Honestly I don't get why Philhipe is so loved by us old gods he didn't really do anything and he has no real story as far as we know
  • @Rob That actual explains a fair bit, I thought it was an error (but thinking back that was daft of me), and for some reason thought it got retconned in the BTS of Band of Thieves.
  • @UnluckyBimi i follow a hard rule for myself, maybe i don't say i do enough, that what happens in the show is canon and i avoid retconning as much as possible. i made a choice to say that character was killed and while i might reveal some parts of that story in the future that truely shows his death, i wouldn't want to undo me saying "and he died." even if it was the first campaign and a goofy thing to say.
  • @Rob Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I think what most peoples' confusion around Philhipe's death is that seeing as it was the first campaign so people took the BTS as "more canon" compared to all the other BTS and kept their hopes of Philhipe's survival up. - At least now his fate is definitely confirmed and that confusion is gone.
  • i think that one reason why people are confusion about Philhipe's fate is Camera. the donation event that introduced Camera and the hinds before it was trying to trick people to think he was Philhipe as a joke. so that came to introduce the idea that he could still be alive. there is of cores more reason than that. but i think this one didn't help
  •  Also the fact that he could return in the silver one mountains means that what’s Rob said during the first campaign would be false@LexderMob
  • @Mega_muncher ; yeah that dos not help eider
  • I never much considered  the possibility philhipe to be alive after season 1. rob made it clear if a donation didn't event went off, then the event isn't canon. so when we went with a ageless story over the Philhipe story. the thought of philhipe still being alive never seemed like a possibility to me. also if feel like if philhipe ended up being maelstrom or chimera. it would lessen those characters.

    however I feel like if we were to recreated philhipe in the craft an old god divine campaign as Cachecol the woven one. that would be hype.(only reason I use philhipe avatar)
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    @kreeperkiller63 ; i never thought he was alive ether, Rob have not reversed someone's death after they been dead, characters has to other been given a safety net earlier like Lunk or they have to come bake in a alternative way like a powerful spell or as a believer. no character have ever come back several episodes after they died. doing so would just be confusing 
  • wait we now got resurrection
  • @Rob what does BTS stand for?
  • @Umlaut behind the scenes 
  • @Pufflemore I doubt Resurrection would work on him, given the circumstances.
  • @UnluckyBimi greater lay on hands...raise the dead...ik he will be a thrall if we used that but it the thought that count
  • what is the point now that Gracias is dead? Let them bros blunder in the afterlife for all eternity.
    The power of friendship they brought to the realm will never be forgotten. 
    :frownbold: @Pufflemore
  • @Rob I smell a possible sin :)
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    @Noubi That's honestly rather sweet
  • @Rob The Sunswords put PEOPLE in jail though, when will we find out Philhipé was a ageless?
  • @Pufflemore
    Let's say there is a previous campaign not yet out.. What if Philhipé turns out to be an ageless, other campaigns clearly state the sunswords jail people in the silvermine mountains (or at least use to?). The only reason they would have killed anyone would have been if they killed more then just jimmies, but if they were ageless.
  • @Pufflemore As far as i'm aware, anything that could being back Philipe has the description of "Recently dead", so like, ten minutes tops probably. Philipe has been dead for... quite a lot longer then that. Raise Dead MIGHT be able to bring him back as a Thrall, but that's not really Philipe, that's more just a walking skeleton made from some random Kobold's rotting carcass.
  • @MoistForGnomes It could've been set after the Silvermine Mountains collapsed. BoT has a fairly free time-line spot.
    @TamTroll Well, there's the possibility he was revived shortly after, just that we didn't get to see it or it hasn't happened yet in the Campaign Time-line but may have in the Chronological Time-line (I'm referring to them as 2 different time-lines 'cause there's the order we are shown 'em but then the actual time-line).
  • You do know I was joking about being Philpie back from the dead right   :|
  • It technically isn’t impossible to bring philhipe back. Old gods have full power over the realms, and we have a campaign coming up at the end of the season, where we get to make a character, that character could be philhipe, we could bring him back.
  • @Pufflemore It may have been a joke, but there's a possibility. However, I personally don't think that'd be a very good route since it'd give the feel that any character could come back as an ageless if they were killed off right at the end of a campaign.
  • I hope we get to see gemlings get more lore
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    This Ageless Talk made me think of a small question just now
    Could they transform any long-dead body into an Ageless or Thrall, Like perhaps raiding a Cemetery?
    Or can only a living person, Or something recently dead be transformed?

    Apologies if this already has an answer
  • @UnluckyBimi
    Hate to break it to you but Gwyneth has mentioned that they were attacked by a band of thieves, in the sunswords campaign, the prisoner they have was not a thief.
    Although if you're looking for a reason to bring him back:

    That may help you.  :)

  • Resurrection - only works on recently-killed characters, but makes them a fully aware Ageless being, like the only difference is that they are Ageless and were dead for a little bit.
    Raise Dead - presumably could work on all kinds of dead bodies, but they are mindless Thralls so that's kinda lame
    Whatever weird shit Morgana Marie did in the Zarlin Catacombs - there is no reason for anyone to do this

    how the hell could Philhipe possibly come back to life after being killed by a light-worshipping Sun Cleric?
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