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What Was Your First Campaign?



  • Nuren here as well, and been lucky enough to catch all of the campaigns live since.
  • I didn't see Nuran live, but I saw Band of Thieves and almost every campaign after that live!
  • first live was the Coebat christmas one, thats the one b4 nuren
  • Dingo Isles
  • my first was the zarlin atacombs and my live one was senate of deadlantis
  • I count Drunks and Dragons as the first campaign. 
  • First one I watched was Band Of Thieves (I then thought I could just skip stuff and went to Murder Bro's, I had no idea who Dave was. I went chronological after that)
    First one I saw live was.. Senate Of Deadlantis I think. It took ages for me to catch up. I saw a tiny part of Den of Devils live, but I hadn't fully caught up yet by then.
  • Started with Nuren and then have seen all the campaigns live since then
  • I found the lore stream first, I watched the campaigns after that and the first live one was Den of Devils
  • My first live campaign was Nuren and I’ve watched every campaign live since.
  • Been to every live campaign including Nuren. Hard to believe how long it’s been since that fateful day already. (I haven’t seen every entire live show live but I have seen each one live for a minimum of 5 minutes.)
  • Ive never seen a campaign live, time zone reasons and such.
    I usually wake up during the final act and sign in to the forums so I can get that bonus Gold and EXP :evilsmile: Then I watch the youtube videos as they are uploaded.

    The first campaign I watched the week it was uploaded to youtube was Woodcarvers, but I watched all of season one before then after it was all released.
  • first campaign was Death of Virgo, which i then proceded to watch the entirety of season one in the 2 month period until season 2 started. First live was either Okagnoma or Murder Bros
  • basically me too @ClaymoreHouston ;
    my first live one though was the purge 
  • My first campaign was Porc Hunters. I can't remember if it was still being uploaded, or if it was finished, but I remember that I found it so funny that I decided to go back and watch Roamin's Band of Thieves. And thus I was hooked. First one I got to watch live was the Unseen Rogues. Fitting enough that my first live show was, in a way, was a counterpart to Roamin's Band of Thieves.
  • I've never watched them live, but I've been here since before Nuren.  I've been here since they were scouting out land for the grand city of Dong Dank.
  • I've been watching since Nuren.
  • I don't remember which I started watching live on because my memory is terribad, it may have been Nuren? If it wasn't, then I definately started watching fairly early on, though my actual record for being able to show up to the live show was spotty in the first season as best as I can remember...

    (And if my first live show was Nuren I definately couldn't finish watching it live and had to finish on youtube!)
  • In general I’ve followed robs stuff since he was still with the escapist, he has been consistently my favourite content creator throughout the years and urealms is his best work yet!
  • Band of Thieves was the first one I saw on youtube
    But I haven't Seen a livestream Yet
  • First campaign I watched full was Band of Thieves and then later finished Nuren, I think. First live show was Silvermine Mountains, that or Woodcarvers.
  • Band Of Thieves was my first Live Campaign. I got lucky in finding out about URealms Live right before it launched, because otherwise I probably never would've seen it.
  • my first live campaign was Zarlin Catacombs, the first one I watched was the Band of Thieves campaign but I wasn't too bothered by it, I then went back and checked out the Nuren campaign, I only got hooked on Urealms because of  the Jewel of Dingo Isles
  • My first campaign actually was Guild of Explorers. So I started off as DB as the URealms GM
  • Well actually I was always a fan of his PKMNRob Channel, I figured out he had another when typed in Superfight and saw a result in a channel BruceWillakers, while I saw something Titled: Nuren Campaign, being I was already a fan of Geek and Sundry, Jelloapocalypse, and Thrilling Intent from the TheThirdWheel. I knew it i'll love it. 
  • The first campaign that I watched was the non-canon Drunks and Dragons on Youtube. I then went back and watched all of season 1 on Youtube, my first live show was technically Woodcarvers but I didn't get to watch it fully live, I missed first combat and had to leave just before they went into the final combat, then I struggled to watch any other live shows until the last show of the Sandbolds, which I actually got to watch live from beginning to end.
  • Started watching around when season 2 started, the first campaign I watched was the Band of Thieves and I instantly fell in love with the show, I caught up around Okagnoma Guild Hall, but the first show I watched live was Den of Devils
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