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"*The Legends of the Black Forest*" ENTRY NOW CLOSED

Hey guys!
I want to try and DM a little campaign, so if you are interested, comment below with a character!
It's going to be a private campaign, so I'll message you if I think you are right!
Anybody can join, so heres the story:
(The rules will be basically the same as Urealms I'm just going to be a little more lenient)

You live in a town called Arkon, one of the regions main trading ports. Unfortunately, many merchants coming out of the forest from the west arrive at the town incredibly sick, and every one has died within a week. You have been hired by the town to venture into the forest, find the cause of this infection, and contain it or capture it for further investigation by the town's scientist, Dr. Livenami (pronounced liv-nah-mee).
You arrive in front of the town hall to meet those who will be venturing into the woods with you. 


  • @FullPrice Could you provide some more details? I'd love to join, I just need more info is all.
  • @choninja21
    Sure thing!
    I'm looking for some interesting characters who have a reason to protect the town, that being family or trade etc. 
    The combat will be mostly roll / rp based and I'll be letting the players be creative with how they defeat the enemies I have prepared.
    The goal is to contain the infection, or some part of it, and capture it so that Dr. Livenami can study it and hopefully create an antidote.

    I'll be utilizing the messaging feature of the website, so a group chat will be created and we'll go from there.

    Anything else? :)
  • @FullPrice Will the rolls take place on the forums or in the group chat or somewhere else?
  • @choninja21
    On the forum, using the roll command
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    @FullPrice What are the demographics of the town?
  • @choninja21
    It's real mixed bag. Most of the locals are elves and dwarfs, however there is a significant gnome community as well.
  • @FullPrice What classes are available?
  • @choninja21
    Of course there are other races always passing through.
  • @choninja21
    Any class that makes sense except porccs and goblins.
  • Here's my character: Ross County .

    Ross is a young elf ranger who is looking to make his mark in the annuls of history. He comes from the County Elf Family which is a very low tier family. He figures that doing this job will help him gain standing with the townsfolk which will eventually lead to his name being widely known. He is a natural leader and steadfast in his goals. His ultimate goal is to have the name of County be known throughout the lands.


  • @FullPrice I hope the link to my character works :smilebold: 
  • Righto, here's my merchant character Khallor who needs these merchants to help his trade, and if something is targeting merchants, he needs to deal with it - and if some mercenaries are willing to buy his wares, all the better! 
  • @Dart
    Looks really great! You're in man!
  • @choninja21
    Really interesting character! Definitely including you!
    btw, if you want to fill out your character a little more that's okay, i'm not too concerned about gold. Just don't try to be super op
  • @FullPrice *shrug* I like him the way he is :smilebold: 
  • So porcs are not ok?
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    First off, I am so sorry...  For any mistakes I have/will make.   I am being truthful here and I just want to say that this was my first time creating a character and I am still quite new to this entire thing.   I hope I didn't break any lore or balancing things.   But please give me some feed back!

    *note I used 620 instead of my given 580 (please don't kill me...)*
    *note she is an elf and I know they age differently, but my ages are in human years(sorry)*

    Here is my character: Elisiya Y'Ara
    Elisiya (EL-LEE-SEE-AH) Is a quite quiet and very patient person, she spent the early years of her life with her family which consisted of 3 elder brothers and both her parents.  
    When she was around 5 her mother died of some sort of unknown sickness, and Elisiya blamed herself for letting her mother die.   The Y'ara family was known for their strength and would often assist nearby towns in their defence.   After the men returned home and found the mother dead, her father developed the mindset that girls should be healers and not fighters, up until the age of 5 he had trained his daughter like her brothers.  He regretted doing that and sent her away.

    For the last 15 years Elisiya has been training to be a Sun Cleric and when word arrived that there was an unknown infection in the town of Arkon, Elisiya volunteered to go and help to see if she could make a name for herself and to try to see if she could finally go home.   (For the record she wasn't disowned, she just feels great shame.   No one has tried to make contact either)
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    Of course I don't know how to link the character...

    ((I managed to figure out how to do it))
  • @TigerSpirit what do you mean? refresh the page, you linked the character! and cheer up, normally you roll for gold, right? that 40 extra gold could simply be your gold roll! 

    And ah, elves have a passive where they draw random spells, so you go to the Card deck, type in random: and pick an element of your choosing, and take two spells from it, and repeat that from a different element! As your character is very cleric-like, i'd recommend light and earth, but you can choose what you want, you can even keep the character just as they are if you want!
  • @TigerSpirit
    REally cool backstory!!!
    Welcome aboard! You are the final member
  • @TigerSpirit I Forgot to roll for gold too :frownbold: 
  • [card:type=legendary&title=Legendary&subtitle=Love%20of%20the%20Sun&text=A%20powerful%20blast%20of%20fire%20and%20light%20magic%20that%20can%20melt%20any%20material%20that%20draws%20from%20the%20power%20of%20those%20who%20have%20long%20since%20passed.%20Harnessing%20the%20soul%20of%20the%20user%2C%20this%20attack%20sends%20a%20ray%20of%20flame%20in%20a%20straight%20line%2C%20decimating%20all%20in%20its%20path.&cost=500&art=spellscroll&gem1=legendary&gem2=spell&gem3=line&gem3text=50&gem4=limited&gem4text=1&element1=fire&element2=light]
  • OMG THE FEELS OF THIS CAMPAIGN!   I nearly made an elemental death roll because of emotional damage xD
  • @TigerSpirit Feels got real real damn quick
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    @TigerSpirit ; #unnecessarilylonghashtags 
  • Rest in Peace, Ross.
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