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Campaign Thread: The Sandbolds



  • @kreeperkiller63 I am pretty sure the mother was just a insailt like a “your mom” joke
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    Well, I think we get a hint of the first 2 actually, but just that the second act has a typo calling it Act 1 still, since there would be 5 donations for Act 1 then, when there's only ever been up to 3.

    So Act 1 would be Lasts of their Kind
    and Act 2 would be Train the Body
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    Aww, Maelstrom looks kind of cuddly. <3
  • @Pufflemore we know the sandbolds were created by phanto. maelstrom is, or use to be a sandbold. 

    We can’t confirm that maelstrom was created from phanto. But it is very much possible.
  • @kreeperkiller63
    I think it is a case that he is a Sandbold 'born' from Phanto, but upon her death and the discovery of us, he defected from the Sandbolds on his own path in worship of us.

    I say this because of this line in the Donations Page:

    I think this is clearly pointing to Maelstrom, and it suggests that he believed in and worshipped Phanto, but then defected to us.
  • wait...  in the hype video, at 1:28 you can see maelstroms right eye... (the one beneath his eyepatch)
  • Looks like we will be getting some beenu lore as well this campaign seeing as maelstrom mentioned how all the dead birds are not relics. 

    Would not be surprised if one of the race choices is the last super beenu alive. 

    In one of the lore streams they talked about there being one last beenu named godfrey(?) think thats what his name was. They had the ability to split into a new godfrey that had no knowledge and would be sent out into the world to gather knowledge. After a certain time would pass all the clones would come back to merge with godfrey and give him their knowledge. 
  • @ThePhatSass I'm pretty sure the Godfrey Idea (which I loved, btw) was instead used for Nisovin and his many, many Believers. It's essentially the same thing, really; one person created Millions of Identical Clones of himself.
  • With that Teaser, And those Donation events 
    This looks like it'll be quite an incredible Campaign
  • This is absolutely amazing! 10/10 would Maelstrom again!
  • The donation for the fate of ghostblade has the line "or purhapse even Revival?...". This either means Rob spelled "perhaps" wrong or something cat related will happen to ghostblade :P
  • Ah good. We get more Maelstrom after 2 seasons of him being on the bench. Also, we finally get to see the Kobold kids story. Super hype for this Campaign.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Coming back to what you brought up from a page back, while it is unlikely that solely ghostblade could be used to bring back Phanto, from a watcher/writer's perspective it makes some sense.

    Ghostblade is a beloved character we know a decent amount about and people have actually written fan fiction about.
    Phanto is powerful in-universe, but the amount of people in the fan base who actually like him as a character is almost no one.

    Therefore, Ghostblade has more 'fan power' or just plain value to the Old Gods than Phanto, so if they are doing some fourth-wall mingley thingley where it's a ritual to bring back Phanto by redirecting the power that the Old Gods are constantly pouring into Ghostblade and turning it towards Phanto.

    However in that scenario it is much more likely that they are collecting multiple characters saturated in 'fan power' to make reviving Phanto easier. This means we might see them sacrifice Philhéppe and potentially Ghostblade to revive Phanto, but Maelstrom might try to stop the ritual or some nonsense.

    Just fan speculation, oh, and Zyra says Maelstrom is hot, but like, popular actor hot, and not like 'I want that man' hot.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    I can understand where you come from with the idea of fan power, however, it needs to be remembered that the Sandbolds themselves, aside from Maelstrom, do not trust or believe in our existence, and thusly would make this idea a bit invalid.

    If we note the video after all, we saw the Sandbolds blatantly against the idea of the Old Gods, one of which having even damned us in how Maelstrom follows us. It wouldn't make sense for them to break the 4th wall to involve us like that.

    It would make sense if Maelstrom did it, but the other Sandbolds we saw? Not so much...
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Hey, one of their higher-ups could know about the Old Gods and still like Phanto more, I wouldn't really blame them.
  • i really want to donate for that ghostblade icon
  • @KaeawynShifter
    Eh, it wouldn't make much sense to me though if you think about it.

    The Sandbolds believe they are the Children of Phanto, Watchers of the Realm and Time Guardians in a sense.
    However, one of your brethren then starts on about the Old Gods, stating that they created you rather than Phanto, who him/herself was made by the Old Gods.

    With it, I think that while it'd be possible, it'd be very unlikely for a Sandbold to know and believe in us, and yet still follow Phanto in such a way knowing that the principles and origin of their kind is false.

    But that's my take on it.
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    So, the fact that the Sandbolds at least believe they were Phanto's Children... Does that mean Kobolds were always smart, they just couldn't talk? Kind of like Scrooges? Or are they just making up a heritage for themselves, what with Kobolds being dirty liars and all?
  • Man the quality of these preview videos is amazing.
  • Their tails wag,,, i love them and want to pet and snuggle them
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    Oh hey guys the art at the end is in the store right now being sold as a shirt!
    ((in which i also have a competition to attend saturday so oh well.
  • This is gonna be such a good campaign, I can't wait ^^
  • Can't wait for the first campaign of the year! All board the hype train!
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    Mark these words: Kenku.

    Or something like it, at least.
  • The sandbolds have dead birds... why are the time cops killing beenu?
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ Y'know the Sandbolds know about us, right? It's just that Maelstrom is like a follower of the religion that is us, but the Sandbolds see us as sort-of "Heathen Gods". They know we exist.
  • ... Just a quick thought, but doesn't this campaign confirm that Maelstrom and Philhipe/Chimera aren't the same person? (Not saying that Philhipe and Chimera are one in the same, but just that this confirms Philhipe and Chimera aren't Maelstrom).
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