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Campaign Thread: The Sandbolds



  • I can't wait! 
  • Man. I think the DD this week will revolve around Maelstrom
  • @Phendrix I predict it will beif maelstrom attacks the sandbolds or does something else 
  • @Phendrix Maybe it's to see which race Maelstrom will attack, if Rob didn't change the Divine Decision too much.
  • Please tell me at the end I am not the only one who thought “my old god”
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    shout out to that bangin' art at the last frame. My wallet is ready

    Just checked the donation events and holy shit son...
     Ghostblade avatar here I come

  • Gee. I totally thought it was Philhipe with the eyepatch. Good thing that was cleared up.  :)
  • Campaign hype! According to the video description, Maelstroms arrival happens before the 5th act.
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    Edit: Also do we know who the player characters are this week?  We've seen 2 of them in donation page pics but do we know all four?
  • @phatpack ;Proably HcJustin, Roamin, Coe and Deadbones since they will play the kids which Areani, Clott, Luca and Tobias was attempting to murder in Skeleton King.
  • They mentioned maelstrom’s mother. I’m going to assume that maelstrom was created by phanto.
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    We are getting 7 avatars this week. male and female sandbold, The player characters, and ghostsblade.
  • Damn, Maelstrom is pretty cool. I'm looking forward to a 4th-wall breaking villain and hoping we get more of him speaking in rhyme. 

    Maelstrom showing up and talking to the Old Gods during the Divine Decision would be pretty entertaining. I doubt it would happen though, with all the issues around that sequence.
  • @splash maelstrom talking to the old gods during the divine decision.
    like if we herd maelstrom give the “you are the old gods” speech instead of Nader. 
    That would be really hype.
  • I'm much more curious on the last part of the Ghostblade Donation...:

    What is that last line implying? The last Act will seem to take place in an ancient Beenu Crypt, would it be plausible that they figured out that the Beenu wasn't the ones to kill 'Their Mother Phanto' (who also kept being called a Him on the Donation Page), and so believe that the use of a powerful assassin like Ghostblade could potentially repopulate the Beenu and bring them back from extinction, just for Maelstrom to kill them off again?

    I feel like I already have so many theories about this, such as which races I think could be the ones as mentioned to be involved with the DD (Beenu or Sandbold maybe?)
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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ I think the revival may be about Phanto, even though it would probably fail solely based on the fact that there wouldn't be any more tension ever because no one would die, and that wouldn't make as good a show.
  • @CookiesAndMil_
    I think that'd be next to impossible to be frank, it would take much more than a single mortal person to revive Phanto, a Sun God, and revert the damages from the BoM. I feel like the Sandbolds would clearly know this too, without any involvement of Maelstrom and his Meta Knowledge.
  • Looking forward to the Male Sandbold Avatar! :D
  • I must say as a sidenote, at the very end there, that looks very much like the shirt design we've been told to be expecting. Here's a screen-capture of it if you haven't seen it yet:
    Looks awesome, considering getting it already if it actually is the shirt, Maelstrom throwing away that eyepatch of his...
  • Man am I excited for this campaign. The meta stuff is going to be so fun.
  • Yeah, btw if there's a donation event involving Maelstorm getting more power please for the love of god don't donate XD
  • So, looking at the donations, why a fight against Kohai Chan and Moonwolf, and not, say, Kuroyami?

    Considering that the four main players this week are likely the original four (Deadbones, Coe, Roamin, Justin) given they're playing the Kobold kids they didn't kill last season, I'm guessing Millbee and Spiff get to join for some good ol' 4v2 PVP if this donation is met.

  • Will we be able to buy the Ghostblade avatar with gold or $ after the campaign (if the event triggers of course) ? 
  • In all Honesty I never liked Maelstrom, so when the Divine Division ends up helpful, or unhelpful to him I know what I'm picking. But I'm now curious of what could be the 2 races, I really do want one of them to be Gnoll.
  • @Sgtslow The DD may no longer be about Races; Rob Tweeted that the DD was changed heavily and that it will feel very 'impactful'.

    I'm super excited, and super curious, as to what it is!
  • @Sgtslow But what if the gnoles will help Maelstrom :P
  • @Bprrg ;
    This is my prediction as well. It's clearly going to happen at this point, there's no debate about it.
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    I can see the campaign starting with the attack on the Kobold Village, having them get saved and then doing the pre-kid stuff, and then having the players go to Ninjaru to train with Azveltarians so they gain the strength they need for the other 3 acts.

    That and becoming druggies to sand.

    Don't forget guys, it's all pre-recorded :P.
  • Note that we only have a clue of what the first act is going to be. Who knows what kind of crazy shit we can expect afterwards? It's anyone's guess!
  • I like the art in the end

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