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Fun Story Time! (Or why you shouldn't take your notes in elvish)

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So since I only had a few days of school left and we're not doing much in class as a second term senior I decided to start taking my notes using URealms elvish font so I wouldn't fall asleep from boredom. I'd done similar things in the past (mainly wingdings way back in 3rd grade) but not any time recently. So here I am, taking my notes for environmental science in elvish and I'm feeling pretty good about it. I go to nerd school so my classmates are all "oh hey that's a cool thing to do" and we joke around a bit, you know "figures the girl who wears a cloak to school takes notes in elvish" kind of things. Well, just last period she asked for our notes on the documentary we had been watching because she wanted proof we did them. A whole bunch of kids started groaning since they had been using the time to sleep or play Magikarp Jump. Me? I just stared at my paper. There was this small click when I realized what I had done. I saw my notes. They were just sitting there on the paper. In elvish. For a second there I couldn't even read what I wrote. My heart stopped and I try to figure out what to do. Do I take the hit to my grades? Do I hand this in? Do I run into the bathroom without asking since my teacher would definitely say no and then turn it into english in a stall while telling myself I'm an idiot? In the end I do none of these things. In the end I panic and I start furiously writing my notes over on another sheet of paper in the middle of class. I was not being discreet about it. It was super obvious I was writing two days worth of notes as fast as possible. And my teacher notices, heck I'm pretty sure half the class notices. How could they not notice me swinging my bag onto the table, digging through it while half standing, and tearing out a sheet of paper from another notebook. They could probably hear my pen moving across the paper because I'm pushing too hard into the desk. Naturally my teacher walks over and asks to see my notes. I just look down and hand her my notebook. She looks at me for a solid twenty seconds before she sighs and tells me to finish translating my Korean. My face lit up, I took that notebook and went on finishing turning it into english half humming while I did it. I wasn't going to get in trouble from one of the meaner teachers in the school! Then it sinks in that she thought I was writing in Korean. A part of me wanted to go up and ask her how on Earth she thought this was Korean. Most of me just wanted to stay out of any more trouble. In the end I wound up internally screaming at myself for taking my notes in elvish font in the first place. I'm still screaming at myself right now.


  • Worth it :)
  • I did something like that once, where I started taking notes in Elder Futhark, an old brand of runes used by Germanic peoples. My teachers never really asked to see our notes during the time, so I didn't have to worry about that. However, a girl sitting next to me noticed what I was writing. A few minutes after class, she came up and asked if I was Wiccan, since apparently that religion uses Anglo-Saxon runes for some of their stuff.

    Plus side: I got major props from a cute witch girl.
    Downside: I got outed for being an even bigger nerd than she already thought I was.
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    @Ahtibat1 a simmilar thing happened to me it was finals week and i was play table top role play with my friends the whole week after and we hqve a custom language only we can understand. Being the dumb fuck that i was i zoned out and i realized for the past 2 days i was writing in that language so i was like fuckkkkkk then after finals week the teachers called me into the office and they were all starring at me like this kid is fucking with us. Then they tell me fo you think this is a joke. I said the truth that i spaced out and i used the fake language and they get pissed. Like on a scale from 1 to your mom when she finds out u watch porn it was a solid 8 so i said give me 2 hours to translate every thing they gave me the benefit of the doubt and bow they now how to read the nerdiest language (garkul)
  • lol same thing, Exept with Porc font on Office, when they asked for them i could quickly translate
  • lol. Reading these stories makes me wish that I did something like this, but I don't know another language well enough :frown: 
  • @Javo Just use Kobold.  Works like a charm ~_~
  • @Javo trust me buddy you don't. The last thing you want in life is a teaxher being able to read all your diary entries and usb files
  • @sofakinggood but if you just use English, anyone can read it, and what are the odds of your teacher getting that stuff?
  • @Javo because eventueally your gonna fuck up and do what we did and either a translate or b take the f and never be genius level asian
  • I invented a written language for the sole purpose of hiding my writing. I used to use it to trash talk teachers all the time. The language looks like geometric shapes so it just looked like I was doodling. :smilebold: 
  • @choninja21 I don't have the creativity or artistic skill to make my own writing system, so kudos to you. I just stick to romanizations for all my invented languages.
  • @Arkanite it took a while to develop to be fair
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