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  • Awesome work dude! This sounds like something I would hear in a really epic moment in the Realm!
  • Yes! love it :smileneena: :wow: :bopen: 
  • :wow: I love them!
  • Very loud! Love it anyways.  :o
  • edited May 2017
    ~_~ Funny enough I actually have come to favor this cover, over the actual show's. 
  • Would be great for the Battle of the Bards Part 2
  • It sounds awesome! But super loud on my computer... is that just me?
  • Holy heck you are one talented dude!
  • Thanks for all the kind words! I wanted to make this cover as a way for myself to get hyped over the new themesong, since I was sad to see the classic urealms theme go.

    @Gterra2 @Xaion64Yeah It could very possibly be comfortably loud, what a real professional would do would test the audio on many different speakers and settings making adjustments, but I was lazy and only based my judgement on my own speaker setup, which is probably very different from others.
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