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Petition To Let Goblins Join The Grand Paladin Order



  • No I refuse to sign fuck goblins! I agree with @AlternateWraph but I would prefer Pot Puppies to join over goblin scum.
  • As a proud dwarf i think only dwarves and Elves should be allowed in the order, No filthy Kobolds, No dumb Porcs AND NO GOBLINS!
  • *ahem* hey there @Darnokthemage what about GNOMES!?

  • @TinyBomby Gnomes are just short elves.
  • I most certainly would sign. Goblins are clearly superior to elves and dwarves in every sense, anyway. 
  • Excuse me @ImperialSunlight but we're going to have to take you out back and knock some sense into ya'. You clearly need to learn the natural order of things.
  • I say we keep them out and ban Kobolds while we're at it
  • Have you all lost your mind..? All these dwarves, elves, and dwelfs signing this petition...

    ...I would like to cast a fireball on this petition. 
  • Hey there, fellow non-goblins, I have to say that Goblins are pretty bad but don't you think that Elves are worse? They think they're superior to every other race just because they've lived longer and complain about Goblins way more than Goblins do Elves. They're also hoarding all of that Silver stuff which I heard on the grape vine can keep you looking young forever. All I'm saying, as a fine up-standing non-goblin non-elf is that we should re-think how we treat Goblins if we're all okay with those sneaky Elves.
  • I sign this petition... where do I sign? 
  • If we let the goblins in, what would be next, Lacerators?
  • Why would you let a creature that is basically vermin join the Order?  Do you want us to stop putting Hatrat Traps in the older parts of the keeps and let those pests join as well?  Actually that's probably a better idea than letting Goblins of all things join.
  • Kobolds are already damaging enough to the image of the Order. Why don't we all just start letting spiders join as well? Is that what you want?
  • As a member of the Grand Paladin Order and the head chair of the inclusion committee we do not recognize goblins as people.
  • *spills ink on petition*

  • Hey Kobolds, come and join us Trolls and Goblins. We're making our OWN paladin order! With blackjack, and hookah's!
  • @TamTroll Sand Bender approves
  • I'll sign if the Order ever gets to the point where a pot puppy has become the Grand Paladin.

    Of course, even then those filthy gobos should only be used as target practice for Jimmies.
  • my friends must I remind you of the fact that goblins have been trying to destroy the Grand Paladin Order for years. If we let goblins into the Grand Paladin Order we would face the risk that they are a spy hoping to destroy the order from within and thus I am strongly against this petition.

  • Ya I'll sign. But only for dose green ones... hehe I like the wey ye puch one and the odder flinches ter. 
    ~Sammy Greentusk
  • Maybe I'll sign once we've gotten rid of them all. 
  • Why don't we just let in Ageless if we're being so "inclusive"?
  • Why not let spiders join
  • Pot puppies or no dice
  • *stands up on high surface* Goblins are people to!
  • As a part of the GPO (I am a established Kobold so I have no need to defend my reasons) I detest goblins and they should never be allowed in the Grand Paladin Order
  • Say "NO" to goblins in The Grand Paladin Order!
  • Goblins? No way. What's next, Kobolds? Hahahahahahahaha
  • We already let Goblins live... Now you want to let them in the Grand Paladin order !! I smell a goblin sympathizer! I think your loyalty needs to be called into question!
  • Don't those vermin have their own order? Order of the green light was it? Or was it black light? I don't know they usually end up ageless anyways. All I do know is their order likes to use explosives. Either way the dwarves and elves would never let goblins in. Trust me I'm half of both of them. 
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