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Who is Gavin?

I was looking at the URealms soundtrack (you can find it under the about category), and I saw one titled "Gavin the Vampire Lord".  Who is Gavin? Was he from the old show, or is he going to be a new character in an upcoming campaign?


  • He was a villain from the original show.
  • @Kudoii oohh, was he the obvious vampire with the exaggerated fangs? it has been a long time since I saw the original show.
  • @Nkromancer I don't know if I'd call them exaggerated. He did turn Roamin to stone at the bottom of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry though. That's referenced in the Zarlin Catacombs campaign, which has a statue of Roamin in the area with the Beenu warmachine (it was established that the Zarlin Catacombs are beneath the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry).
  • Gavin was in unforgotten realms. I hope we get to see the vampire lord in canon this season

  • Sparkles, everyone!

    Seriously though, we have a bit odd past vampire lore with the Vampire attribute that seems to be missing from the new set of cards... So, I too am very curious of the lore behind vampires in URealms. I wouldn't be too surprised if they did sparkle... Lol.
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