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Nader's Pages + Other Random Stuff Decoded [Lightbeards Update]



  • @Kadriaz think so I about how the order of chaos wipe out some sandbolds if not all of them in a cave I think
  • Would anyone of you talented people be willing to make a Translation sheet for Kobolds? I'm trying to learn the language but I'm really getting stuck.
  • @Pufflemore I believe the pages about wiping out the sandbolds was from Azveltara Z, this page was a sneak peak from the ToUW 2 Behind the scenes.
  • @Kadriaz oh give me a sec I have the key on my laptop
  • @Kadriaz i think it just the purge trailer scrip due to the first bit i was about to translate was
    "hes but we will see A fierce looking dwarf says stepping out of the shadows (onke cou bekome? i think it is 'something you become' some of the letters are the same) the grand paladin like father wanted after all"
  • @Pufflemore @Kadriaz Yeah it's just stuff that Nader said in the Grand Paladin Order preview, that's why I didn't add it.
  • I just realized something the grand paladin spirt infused spell is a spell scroll (on phone so I can not bring it up but the spell is call final gift)
  • Well, we have now fulfilled the prophecy.
    • The Old Gods summoned our first Divine. Check
    • Order of Chaos was born. Check
    • The Divine killed the Sandbolds. Check
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    I have known Gwyneth all her life from when her and Galen were still children Part of me wants to take responsibility for her death and the death of all those who died after the birth of magic but deep down I know truely that there is nothing I could of done or could ever do to save anyone because I have come to accept that I am just a character in a story with no free will of my own. This truth once scared me but these days only brings me happiness in knowing that I have a purpouse I have meaning. I may not be in control of my actions but someone is and they want me to live to draw to write and to read. There was a time when I questioned the gods but now my life is at peace with the realization that death is the only ending and what truly matters is our story before our final chapter. I wonder do the old gods live and die like we do? Oh right my pictures above is Nisovin who is by far one of my favourite characters the old gods created. A gnome with a thousand lives how hilarious. Yumi on the other hand is a character who I do not understand her purpose in this story.  

    She is a low level thief who wasn’t even able to steal the sun key from Gwyneth so why do the old gods care so much for her this gnome and her companions. This dwarf named Bumbley being one of their favourite. Do the old gods just borrow our bodies like puppets pretending to be us? Squinks is a funny fellow. One day I will tell the old gods about the story where he rode a bullogre at the Okagnoma Guild Hall. He wasn’t nasty back then. Okay now this Gracias gnome is one of my favourite. He pretends to be this pure of heart character and you truely want to believe his intentions are pure but his actions say otherwise. How can someone so warm also be so cruel? Speaking of cruel is poor Davey. Oh how I will miss this beautiful man and his stories. His books were never about the suffering of others. No they were always about love.

    This is the big page from the new Nader video, now I'm gonna work on the random texts during the video :)
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    @Weslid Gwyneth is dead, what?! :oh: 
  • They may already be here, but can we get translations for all of the random text bits that pop up through the video? So things like Phineas at the start and the wink. 
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    @friskyBrisky No but every character is gonna die sooner or later... from what I remember Rob said that Nader lives outside of normal spacetime or something like that <.<

    @Sabre013 working on them :) I've just finished translating the big page with all the portraits from the video
  • Dang you guys are fast!
  • @Sixelona I heard we got someone that can read it with out the key so I think it was transferred in somewhat a reasonable time
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    Alright now for the tiny elven bits:
    0:44 "Character"
    1:07 "Your right it is"
    1:15 starting from Top Shelf "Jewel of the dingo isles, The Lightbeards, The Grand Paladin Order, New Porc City, A Night to Remember, Porc Hunters, The Cobblers, Buckeroos, The Yes King, Galen Sunsword Private Investigator, Zarlin Catacombs, Murder at Playbold Mansion, Senate of Deadlantis, The Life Death of Virgo, Quintara Lotus, TOUW One, TOUW Three, TOUW Two, TOUW Four, TOUW Seven.
    1:15 Second from the top Shelf: "The king of Frostkrag, Been there done that, Silvermine Mountains, The Skeleton King, Fall of the Walkyrie, The Sunswords, New Boss, Woodcarvers, The New Crew, Optical Illusions, Endless Nightmare, The Great Purge, Den of Devils, The Magical Scar, BOTB Two Electric Boogaloo, The Fifth Rodeo, Murder Bros"
    1:15 Third Shelf: "War on the Kittens, This is not a real Campaign, Okagnoma Guild Hall, Nisovin Jamboree, Mini Mana Arc, Never say no to Abracadab, Kobold Head Hunters, The Suffering of Gwyneth, Tears of the Gumioh, Azveltara Z, Jintovin and the First, Blood Snake Queen, The Veiled Queen, Smoldering Fury, Tick Tock Croc Doc, The Winterstone"
    1,15 Fourth shelf: "March of the First Frost, Enter the Shadow Realm, Fall of Dundinborough, Spooky Scary Skeletons, The Seventh Dragon Aspect, TAMBOK ONE, TAMBOK TWO; TAMBOK THREE, TAMBOK FOUR, The Unseen Rogues, She's not bad Shezaite, King of all Slimes, Unexpected Discovery, The Sandbolds, Guild of Explorers, Daragor, Moonwell Pass, Under the Sea"
    2:49 "Hey"
    13:41 " The entrance of which is located inside the elven city of Alevasorin home of the Sunswords. The door is sealed with Creation Magic to protect the only entrance into the Realm of Shadows. Long a- .... had Virgo and his children seal away .... two headed ogre by the name of ..."
    Some of the last part is unreadable sadly :/
    This should be it!
  • @Weslid hmm new campaign title/ a hint to the next one due to 2 of them have to due with murder and the next one is a murder mystery 
  • Here comes the tricks.
  • Correction for @Weslid

    1:07 is "Your right it is"

    In addition, the little text that pops up when Nader says that he's talking to the audience directly is just "Hey"

    Weslid's big block of text lines up with what I have translated too.
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    @Weslid ;

    You are a god among old gods.

    Makes me giggle to see battle of the bards 2 electric boogaloo.

    Seeing moonwell pass on the other hand is hype. Moon campaign here we go.

    Any ideas as to what TFMBOC is?

    Botb is battle of the bards and TOUW is tower of ultimate wizardry.

    A random guess would be dwarf centered campaigns. 
  • Here's what I could make out on the page with the Sunsword door.

    the entrance of which is located inside the elven
    of alevasorin home of the sunswords. The door
    ...aled with creation magic to protect the o...
    ...entrance into the realm of shadows. Long

  • @BuncyTheFrog woops my bad, thank you : D

    @ThePhatSass no idea but they were in all caps which is spooky, almost as spooky as the Spooky Scary skeletons campaign
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    No joke I was actually going to suggest they do Botb 2: Electric boogaloo, wish I said it earlier :(

    edit: also TFMBOC could be something to do with Tambok? 
    Edit 2: wow as soon as I refresh the page someone else said it too haha
  • @ThePhatSass Kind of reminds me of Tambok, but that's a different spelling.
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    @Shuckle dude you're totally right hahaha
    The characters for A and F in caps are similar and "c" and "k" are identical so that's it, you've solved the mystery of Tfmobc
  • @Weslid Well that's a multi campaign Tambok special friends show confirmed. 
  • War on the Kittens? Cats confirmed or is it some weird name for a group of people in Urealms. :wtfporc: 
  • Wait what's a Playbold Mansion?
  • @Maris
    Playboy Kolbolds I'm assuming
  • @Maris @Kingedyou IIRC there was an accessory called Playbold Magazine in S2
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