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Nader's Pages + Other Random Stuff Decoded [Lightbeards Update]



  • @polutropos We'll probably only ever get elvish and maybe the common tongue if it isnt english. Doubt that rob would make another entirely new language. But on the bright side we will be able to do more elvish translating in future ones of these.
  • well, this isn't a new language, linguistically speaking. It's a new writing system, but it's still in English, at least.
    Think of it this way: english and french are different languages, with different spellings, but they use the same Latin alphabet, modified slightly for their language. English and Elvish, however, are the same language, with slightly (because of the c and k) different spellings, using differrent scripts.
    So, elvish is a script, not a language. @Poke
  • oh my golestandt... thank you @polutropos
  • @snarkyslytherin From a lore perspective, its a language. It may be similar to english, but its probably pronounced differently and has different sounds and stuff. Yeah, its just a new way of writing english (except I haven't seen any punctuation). But yeah, I see what you mean. Either way coming up with all new characters to use and stuff is probably a major hassle, and then remembering it and actually using it.
  • @Poke The punctuation as well the capitalizations in the middle of sentences.
  • I believe Rob said he commissioned someone to make a font. So in-universe, yes, it is the elven script that corresponds to the elven language, but at the meta-level it's a font. Super interesting, still, but linguistically inaccurate. @Poke
  • @polutropos , thank you for making the Key so we can read this old mans ramblings, now and forever. And thanks @Weslid for doing it for us so we can be lazy about it!
  • @snarkyslytherin Oh really? when did he ever even talk about the font?
  • I think it was on twitter? When he confirmed the translated pages from last Season, I think. Might have been on his reddit though... @Poke
  • "The third or second depending on who you ask grand paladin was of course virgo sunsword. Everyone knows becase grand paladin after fusing spirits using the powerful magic of the final gift spell with his predecessor the great Old..."
    ...Man Willakers? Bruce? AGH! ROB YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE!

    But what really interests me is the first bit. The third, or second depending on who you ask, was Virgo.
    Old... was before Virgo. But what does that mean for the 'third' Grand Paladin? Did he die really early, maybe he went bad..?

    Also, Nader feels the same way as Chimera about Us(Old Gods). Both very powerful people, what is the connection..? I believe it to be the Dragon Silver. Consuming dragon silver makes you more connected to the dragons, which are just super divines, like us in the lore. Eh? Eh? Maybe?
  • Where are all these elvish written lore coming from?
  • The video released today :) @Technobread
  • Ohhh....thanks! I'm really stupid for not noticing it from the video :|

  • This is very interesting! Thank you both for your efforts.
  • @polutropos Thanks for the alphabet man <3
  • @polutropos so now that you've made a key for the alphabet do just kinda know Urealms Elven?

  • @Carbonflight after working on translating, I definitely can read some elven automatically. When the Divine Decision text came up in the most recent campaign, I understood it before it translated itself.
  • soooo where is the key to translate it
  • Me too! I've been writing my journal in it, for privacy's sake. It's super easy. I made some flash cards and then drilled sentences for an hour and then was good. @polutropos
  • edited June 2017
    @snarkyslytherin I translated the fall of dundinborough trailer in youtube comments so I've known this for a while. Quite entertaining in a way. For the record its "hopen for the bopen and plunder the shrine, your treasures now gone and your life is now MINE."
  • @Ninjathis ;
    In my headcanon, the reason that Virgo is the "third or second" is because Roamin the Paladin is the original Grand Paladin. But many don't credit Roamin as one because either he was a shithead leader, or he didn't hold the title for very long. I assume he didn't hold the title for very long because he was a shithead. Then "Old..." (Man Willakers) took over after and ran the Order a whole lot better than his predecessor. Because of the change in leadership, many supported "Old..." way more than Roamin, and many agreed to just forget the Roamin administration ever happened.
  • @Tudd so roamin is the John Adams of urealms? And bruce is the George Washington? 
  • The sandbolds took control of the tunnels I cant remember the exact date geece you really just never trust any of my numbers as my memory just isnt what is use to anyway the sandbolds took control of the final talon as the facilities left by the beenu were still in near wint condition and in many it was the sandbolds who were truely the first servents of the old gods even if they never fully understood the masters they were serving.

    The irony of it all though was that in by serving the old gods all they did was ensure their destruction when the old gods summoned their first divine oh come on now you cant complain about spoilers when you translate what I say if you wanted to stay ignorant then you should of that before we started to course the order of chaos killed the sandbolds.

    Final talon post birth of magic.

    These are the new translation from the newest campaigns ending I'm tired it's 3 am i go sleep now

  • Thanks to that one Donation (Blood of The Old Gods) We got news on the next campaign, "The Purge"

    Maybe, just maybe, the next campaign is about the Sandbolds, and the Kobold Village they Massacred/Purged in The Skeleton King
  • @Phendrix since it's called The Purge I have a feeling it will be mostly focused on the death of the beenu, especially since we know that it's set just some weeks after this campaign

    I'm sure we're going to meet the sandbolds this season, possibly inside of this Final Talon underground facility (season finale maybe?)...
  • @Weslid Since it really doesn't make sense to make a Beannu Playable Race (they die out too early, and if the Goblins don't even have a Playable Race this Season, I don't see why a Race living on borrowed time would get it), I think most likely we're going to see another Elven Campaign; either a continuation on the Great Purge of the Beannu, or there's going to be another Purge on a different race...

    Maybe we'll finally learn why Goblins are so despised by the Elves.
  • I suspect the Purge of the sandbolds by the order of chaos, leaving only those from the donation event in The Skeleton King. Who save the baby Kolbolds who are also player characters.

    I could see Rob having the foresight to have the guys make a set of characters Long before the Skeleton King, so that the animation could be characters for the  future Sandbold campaign. 

    So two Kolbold Campaigns, one sandbold, and one Baby Kolbolds, and I suspect the purge is the escape of the Sandbolds from the Talon Facility. Though, That does leave a lot less room for improv to impact the show, unless Rob has a way for the Sandbolds to die, but not really die. 
  • Have anyone decoded this page from the BTS from Lyn Az Gaiden?

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