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Weekly Character Creation Prompt #2: Journey Through the Deathlungs

The Deathlungs. An inhospitable, fiery wasteland in the Northern Regions of the Continent. Ominous black clouds of ash spewed by countless active volcanoes constantly cover the skies, along with the occasional rolling clouds of poisonous gas that drift through the landscape. You would think you wouldn't see any kinds of creatures living here, but there have been reported sightings of small packs of Hellhounds, Fire Spiders, and even Gerrymanders that are the size of a small home, that have managed to make this place their home. Those who enter the Deathlungs are usually never seen or heard of again. Those who do manage to survive usually don't live very long afterwards, being gravely burned by the heat or fatally poisoned by the noxious gases.

These lands are barely charted, and no one knows what lies beyond. It is rumored that gold and treasures lie waiting inside the Deathlungs waiting to be discovered, maybe a civilization that is yet to be discovered, possibly even one of the Dens of the Dragon Aspect Valrunga herself. Whatever may lie beyond, most adventurers are eager to find out, generally fueled by the desire to be known for something, or even just pushed by sheer curiosity.

Throughout the towns bordering the Deathlungs, a Gnome by the name of Tobias_Leeney has been actively putting out fliers, asking for people to come and accompany him on a Journey through the Deathlungs. Along with a promise to hand out a blank Wills to all those who come, he also promises a split on all gold and treasures found on the Journey. You find this flier, and something about a journey through a dangerous and deadly wasteland sounds like a good time to you.

Have fun guys, make sure you bring some Sunscreen. It's gonna be hot.


  • Quten_Quakeson


    An old college friend of Tobias Leeney, Quten Quakeson, a skilled sandbender decided that his friend would need a lot of help in the deadly Deathlungs. He has always been fiercely protective of his friends and is always a friendly face. He and his group of kobold party friends (Sandsa, Pertia, Geroldo, and David) are venturing into the Deathlungs, many kobolds coming for the money but Quten coming for the company. He also knows that his earth magic may be invaluable in keeping the lava away.


    So I rolled an 11 for my gold and I left the “best friend” and “Companion Passive: Personality” on just to clarify exactly what I bought, also the Perky Attribute belongs to my companion.

  • Yorn__pavrick

    Yorn is a middle-aged Dwarf from the nearby city of Thorbardin. For him, traversing the Deathlungs is not just a personal challenge- the honour of his family rests on it. Every generation since his great-great-grandfather, at least one man has ventured into the volcanic wasteland hoping to find greatness. None of them returned home- except his father, and he brought some progress. He had managed to find and befriend a skelephelk, one of the many dark creatures that dwell in the realms. He arrived unconscious, carried on the skelephelks back. He died shortly after of lung poisoning.
    Since then, Yorn has honed his skills and trained with his father's Skelephelk specifically for this purpose- he has spent years learning to master the toxic fires of the volcanoes. Befriending Quten along the way, the two began to work together towards a common goal, decimating and controlling any terrain that stands in their way.
    Yorn would be the first to successfully cross the Deathlungs. He would bring honour to his family, and bring them into history.
  • Calico_thatch

    Calico was raised in a remote village built into the side of a mountain surrounded by dense jungle. The village was located close to a ruin which was, unbeknownst to the locals, Benu in origin. Whilst he was young he would go wandering into these ruins and, on one fateful day, he encountered an odd treasure there. A ring that could create fire, his most prized possession.

    Now days he fancies himself a self-made man, a 'prospector'. He has since left his village and traveled the continent in search of ruins, ancient shipwrecks and battlefields in search of valuable items, seeking the thrill of his first discovery all over again. The promise of untouched wonders and treasures is all that was needed to convince him to sign up.
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    Jorgen comes from the once-prestigious Dvergr family, the Runeskins. They gain their name from their natural affinity with runes and their runic symbols on their skins. The Runeskins were a line of master Rune Blacksmiths who have aided the Dwarven Military countless times especially during war time. 

    However, due to infighting and outside plots, the Runeskins lost their fortune and fell from their nobility status. After hearing his family's past glory, Jorgen decided to venture around the world, seeking treasure and riches that can be used to revive his family's name. With his family teachings and a sword in hand, he left his home. Although he has yet to experience combat, his support skills were top-notch.

    During his travels, a gnome handed him a flier and convinced him to join the expedition to the Deathlungs.

  • Jean_Charlen
    Jean has no intentions of leaving the Deathlungs after he enters. As a matter of fact, when he gets to the ideal spot he plans on setting up shop. Fact of the matter is, his dream has always been to create a volcanic barbecue restaurant, serving up steaks cooked on rocks and hot soups for everyone.

    He is well aware that it's going to be hard to get business in the middle of a hazardous place, so he has hired a runemaster to help him set up portals and checkpoints along the way with summoning circles. She is very enthusiastic about the whole idea as the mental image of the whole thing fills her with inspiration. Her runes have their creative flair to them, whether that benefits them or not I'll let the dice decide.

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    Sumey Sei (Sei Sei because of Dvergr) was just a man who lived a normal life. Until you realize that he has a plan. When he saw the fliers, he knew there would be death, betrayal, and greed. So if he would just play along with the situations, he could be able to use the dead bodies on the adventure to summon a few skeletons from his fallen allies, and from the beasts they slay. 

    Using the Fire and Ice spells of his companions, he could mask his identity and hide the fact that he was a skille dark mage, who is allied with the ageless

    And if a situation comes where he is the only one left, or very few of them are left. He would bring his bone army to attack the rest of the survivors and bring them to the army.

    And after all that, he might try to conquer the Deathlungs, or Destroy the village he lived in, and rule the realm
  • Getoverhere

    This porc was raised by a rouge in a higher up society - The rouge found the porc was able to conjure spell scrolls and was very good in melee combat, with his firekick and firece talons. So the rouge took him on fromt he porc pit, forced him and abused him 'till he was obeidident, and tried to make a "respectable" porc. 

    However the rouge grew tired of Getoverhere, and sent him off to the Deathlungs in an effort to get rid of the Porc Easily. 

    As a templar, anyone can have Aura of Intelligence (free spell) Aura of Retribution, (whenever you survive a deathroll you get three bonus actions), Aura of Dexterity (4 anytime actions) and Aura of Constitution (+ 30 stamina) 
  • I had another character who i felt would be perfect for this prompt, so here's 


    Now, they come from a family which encourages over-dramatic traits, the family is basically awful, and their parents are loving, but they think teenage angst or toddler rage is "cute" and don't do anything about it, and subtly encourage it. One of their kobold daughters left, and Ganith was rather attached to his sister, so for his birthday when he asked his parents for something to renember her by, the Parents agreed and gave him the heartwell locket - as his parents loved him. 

    However due to a rather dangerous prank involving a hatrat, a spoon and a Dream Web Ring, he started having nightmares. Overtime he learnt how to manifest these nightmares into a phsyical form; several types of spores. He learnt that the darkness of his nightmars came from withinhimself, and using similar magic, he could extract his own blood through the pores of his skin, and heal people with them. 

    He learnt how to inflict nightmares upon his family. He was the prankster. He was in charge! Whenever a sibling stole his food, he gave them nightmares. 

    However his nightmares didn't stop. And giving his family nightmares didn't make him feel better - it was only a temporary feel better solution. In a moment of wisdom, he left his family. He did not know what would happen, but he figured the nightmares would stop if he moved away. They did not. He was constantly plagued by immense nightmares, forever a plague on his mind. What he did to his family also plagued him. 

    Eventually he started longing for the sweet embrace of death, figuring his sister was long dead by the cruelness of the world. He is also prone to bloodlust, and has consumed many spiders in an effort to kill himself. 

    Now he takes any job he can find, will be willing to do anything, just to die and cure his pain, end the nightmares and end himself. 

    May be  related to @Roamin and his latest Kobold Character, Tania Grayson, or not, i left it vague so it could be different, and Grayson is a common surname. 

    He also, in a unique twist of fate, has 31 stamina. This is important as his Party Heal bloodmagic drains 30 stamina. 

    And well, he has his own character arc - through Aquired Wisdom, whenever he is defeated, he learns a new spell and aqquires wisdom, correct? So his character arc is ever dying or learning enough to not be suicidal. 
  • Percival_McCathster

    Greetings.. Tobias, was it? I'm Percival McCathster of McCathster and Sons Developmental agency. That's me, the son. But I am certain you already knew that. We at McCathster and Sons are looking to develop the.. Deathlung did you call it? Terribly dreadful name. I am thinking of something more like Pleasentmouth. Yes, much more inviting. Anywho I am looking to bring a little life to this wretched old place and this seems like quite the opportunity to do some reconnaissance in the area. I intend to scout out the prime locations for real estate. Who knows? Maybe even draft some plans for a theme park. Oh and there will be no need to worry about me slowing you down. I have handled a lot worse than anything this place can offer. 

    Percival McCathster is a proud and oddly attractive young enchanter. He claims to be able to weave life into lands just as he can weave it into the objects around him. His Royal garb and Oaken walking stick seem to be proof enough of his abilities as an enchanter. Using his Grand Pollination spell he can summon several minions all wearing rather stylish orange jumpsuits and safety yellow hardhats.
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    Gynster_Creed is the prodigious daughter of an even more prodigious blacksmith and fighter. Even from birth, she was set up to be one of the most amazing metalworkers and combatants in the region, quickly learning how to fight and how to maximize the power in a weapon or piece of armor, and the Creed armory has more than enough gear to make any weapons collector swell with pride or curl up in jealousy.

    Creed is a very intense fighter who prefers to use weapons that attach to the hands rather than actually holding something and swinging it. She is extremely adept at fighting in hot, fiery areas due to her heritage, and always ensures that the team's gear is in top shape for the battles ahead, making her a valuable team player and an easy choice to explore the Deathlungs for a chance to make even bigger waves in her city. Look at Gynster's inventory and try and tell her that she isn't deserving of the Champion's Seed cornerstone, because she fucking is period.

    The one tryhard aspect of my character is the fact that I have both the Elemental Mage Gauntlet from my cornerstone as well as the Polish spell, which makes things happen believe me. I picked Grand Finale for my Intelligent spell, which along with Preparation makes even more things happen!

    I took all Templar auras from Dart and 100 Gold from Cry4Wolfe's Conjure Gold. That was a total of 1050 Gold to spend (roll 5), and 115 Stamina to finish with. Make sure to take those before finishing your character, guys!

    FREE STUFF: worncraftinghammer (remember to draw the weapons), puzzlebox
    Remember to tell me when you claim these, because there's only one of each!
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    Phrank Solovald

    Phrank is an adult gnome from the city of Vipdaeras. From a young age he has had an interest in the climate around his home and other climates around the continent. After seeing the flier, it became the quest of his life to figure out how to survive the harsh climate of the Deathlungs.  Being a gnome of science, he created special boots that gave him the ability known as the thunder quake. His secret weapon is an old rusted elemech that he some how fixed up, despite the tendency for his inventions to malfunction, he somehow got the elemech working. Phrank's heading out to the Deathlungs to see if he can find a way to survive, and hopes his elemech named C4-A15 will somehow assist him.

  • Ignacious, along with Jerry, his Gerrymander, harvest lumber along the living stone forest. The wood from the living stone trees is well loved for it's strength, and well hated for the difficulty of getting it, so Ignacious' job has great security. Apart from being naturally made up of living stone, the forest is located on the edge of an active volcano. so with his guild appointed fire protection, and Jerry's natural abilities, Ignacious is well equipped to handle your average volcano outing, and has such at times, when demand is low, lends himself to helping folks move through dangerous zones. for a price.
  • No Name is a captured kobold, who is a slave to a whelpling. e was eventually "released" but still answers to the Whelping whos name is Phil, just Phil. He keeps his trusty owlrat "pecky" hidden from Phil because he knows Phil will eat it. No Name is called that since he doesnt have a name and was never given one.They actually randomly stumbled upon this group.  

    In my interpretation, the whelpling eats the owlrat if he ever gets low, and No Name dies and the Whelpling become the character.
  • aqufyr
    This is Aqufyr, a kobald from the non-descript island of Faerthas, just past the Dingo Isles. She has trained in Ice magics at the Faerthas Hall of Balance, and was assigned a balancing element of Arcane. She never really liked Arcane magics, but Theodore, her Bone Commander Mystic, is constantly trying to get her to learn it. Recently she has fallen on hard times, making her desperate enough to venture into the Deathlungs with a group, mainly as support and cooling, She has 'made' a variant of Hydro Pump that does not damage, simply coating the target in water (Because RP actions!) and cooling them off. Her only reason for being on this trip is for the money, and her only real job is to provide water and cooling for those who require it.
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