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The Gnome War

Let me start with saying there is no fact behind this.

I believe that there was once a war with the Gnomes due to the fact that every character with the soldier attribute also has some Gnomish Tech. I understand this is mostly due to coincidence at a meta level. But this sure does lead to believe that all of these soldiers have either fought for the gnomes and were given these items to help in the battle or of course, more likely have fought against the gnomes picking up the defeated gnomes equipment which explains the variety of the gear and unique uses. If they were on the side of the gnomes then they would likely all have the same gear and used in the same way because their training would permit for their use. But with the gnomes loosing this war the tech from the battle was kept by the winners. Thus leaving these past soldiers with the equipment of the fallen gnomes, and a lifetime of understanding how to use it.

If you have any more evidence to support the idea of The Gnome War I'd love to hear it.


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