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Which URealms faction would you join?

We all know that there are a lot of different groups in URealms lore, and I'm curious to see which you guys want to join. Here's the link to the strawpoll:


  • The Guild of Explorers sounds like it'd be fun.

    Living forever would be nice, but ageless are a weird death cult that nobody likes. Plus, being ageless means your spirit is damned or something. Just eat silver tbh.
  • But ageless are hard to kill
  • The guild hall of course! I mean who WOULDN'T want to study magic under Nisovin!?
  • For your poll, I picked the Order of Chaos (Which we'll get to see in depth in Episode 11!).

    However, I'd actually pick the Sandbolds because their Time Manipulating powers are interesting, and we're also going to learn about them sooner or later this season.
  • the one how pay the best. my server isn't free and i have a bullogre to feed
  • I would personally go with sandbolds as well they sound incredibly strong
  • I'd probably end up a Seeker of Knowledge, or a Cult of Bones member. I love the lore behind them!! Are these even considered options? Out of just the options, I'd absolutely go for the Unseen Rogues. Neena is my LIFE!! And Nate Tack is hilarious, Darius is unique, and Thea is, well, Thea. It's a pretty harmless group, really.
  • Probably the Ageless Empire. >_<

    They seem to have a pretty interesting cuisine. Though not sure if that is only tied to Bopen's crew alone. I would like to think that it's an actual cuisine for the entire Ageless Empire. Just trying out very weird things... :)
  • Murder bros. Freedom to kill. 
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