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  • Hi, I'm Tilpin. I watched the original newgrounds Unforgotten Realms and have stuck around since then! I'm a pretty quiet and kind of shy, so I might not post too much.
  • Hey I'm Richard and I've been hanging around sinc- HIDDEN FOOTPRINTS sinc- GLORIOUS
  • Hey. Guys , I'm new to forums as a whole but I have been watching rawb since the last of the original Pokémon runs (echo) I am very firmiliar with most of his work and I am glad to finally start participating  B) 
  • Hello! I am Ziir, a long time fan (since the early, early Unforgotten Realms cartoons on Newgrounds) but first time community participant. Glad to be part of it now though. :)
  • Howdy! My name is Lukaras. I've been following Rob's creaton since DvZ that involved already created maps. I'm a big fan of fantasy and lore building. Because I'm a shy person this is my first time participating in a forum that's built around uRealms.
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    Howdy, I write fan lore at 1 AM cause I have Insomnia, It helps me fall asleep.
    Also I think DvZ should be an alternate dimension thing that they could explore... no one else?
  • Hi I'm technobread. I've been following rawb since the DvZ days.
  • Hi, I'm Whightknight16, I've been a fan of Robs since way back when he used to do Lords of Minecraft and Have watched every Urealms stream live since the Nuren campaign 
  • I be a carrot ^-^ new to any form of well forums. And most things internet >~< But hey. Currently making a campaign with mah friends. Hopefully it goes well. That's it I think? >-< 
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    Heyo! I'm Typodestoyer. I watch the streams when I can catch them and am just now watching old campaigns that I missed to catch up on the lore.
  • Eyy, I'm Laeva. Been watching all of Rawb's content since around the time of clocks in DvZ. I plan on doing some card stuff and maybe join in some fan-run campaigns
  • I'm a little late to this, but I'll do it anyways! Hello, I'm Lucius! Kobold's are my favorite race, and I've been a big fan of most of Rawb's stuff for a while now. I probably haven't been a fan for a long as some people though. 
  • I'm late also. I'm Sgtdevel and I'm a silent observer most of the time Roll for being silent right now
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    Hello! Name's Elodalius. I typically go by Lucario319 on most platforms, but it didn't really seem to fit well on here, so I used an older name. I've been around on Rob's channel since Tuna Bandits, but I didn't start watching him regularly until TTT with Mindcrack. Hyped as ever for URealms Live! (I know I'm kinda late, but whatever.)
  • Hello I am the pizza wizard. I got this name though this glorious image of me. I've been watching for a while and have been trying to get more active in the communityimage
  • Hey, I am Beast. I have been a fan of Rawb since old DVZ days, with Pause and Etho. I played a lot of LOM and have been watching URealms Live from day 1. I GM'ed a game back in season 1 and am looking forward to playing and GMing more games for season 3. I also run one of the largest fan URealms Discord servers. feel free top pop in and say hi.
  • Hello everybody!! The name's Jericho! I just joined a few minutes ago and wanted to get myself out here in the community. I discovered Urealms around the start of May looking for some D&D sessions to follow (Since my friends don't play the game that often I was bored and needed at least some form entertainment of D&D). It took me about a month to catch up with the whole series all the way up to the Grand Paladin Order. Sadly I wasn't here to experience it from the beginning, but I'd like to thank the whole Urealms crew for getting me hooked and getting me inspired on my own creations. Hope to hear back from some people in the community! 
  • I'm SuperStartopia, known to friends as certain variations(Super, Star, Superstar, also Crazy), and I've come here with interest in the level of customization possible through this. I don't think I'll be joining or doing any campaigns soon, just here to learn about how it works for now. 
  • I'm Infinity_Storm and I think I've been using this handle since early 2012. I've been following Rob since the earlier days of DvZ and have stayed a fan since. I'm trying to get some friends from college interested in URealms Live so we could maybe do a campaign sometime. That being said, I don't know if I'll be joining any ones here anytime soon. Still super excited to see this show grow even further.
  • Hello Im the Heart of Earendil. I've been a fan of Urealms for about 2 and a half years now, my best friend showed me this. I finally decided to make an account on here so i can donate and help keep the show going! I work on Saturdays so i don't really get the chance to watch the shows live, I normally watch from Youtube. Looking forward to all the new campaigns and hope for many more seasons to come!
  • Hello, I'm Luigiguy098, if you call me, just call me Luigi. Been watching since Nuren and before that I watched DvZ on YouTube. I create stories and post them here, but they were mostly created to keep my URealms needs in check inbetween campaigns. Feedback appreciated. (i.e. How to better make characters, describe stories, etc)
  • Greetings, I am Razz Zzatam and I have watched robs content since the original dwarves vs zombies. I have also gone by the name CanadianCrusader. I basically just hang here on the forums and joke around.
  • What's up everyone? I'm Buixy, or Kyle if you prefer, and I've been watching Rob since 2012 and he's been my favorite Youtuber/Streamer since. I watched the Nuren Campaign as it was first released on Youtube and fell in love eith the idea, but wasn't able to catch a live show until Sunswords. 
  • Hey Im yuval, Been a fan of rob's since the good old dvz days since than i became a fan of deadbones5 hcjustin and cooostarboostar. i realy love this show and watched it 6 times live (im from israel so it ends realy late here) and watch every campign since the first Drunks and dragons with poose the lumberjack. currently playing Hearthstone in my free time!
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