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Best Buffalo Wizards gameplay video?

We all know of they mythical Buffalo Wizards, but what do you think their best video is?


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    Don't know if it counts, but I love PKMNRob  ~_~
  • Potentially the TTT (or was it murder?) video where Justin told his no honor story. 

    The map was a singular plain room with super fog so it was hard to see other people. 

    Kind of repetitive gameplay wise, but Justin's story is super worth while as we get to learn the story of the time he refused to "touch pinkies" and lost his honor
  • TTT was so unique than any other ttt series with the rdm and giving out traitor weapons.
  • "Upload a video, move two spaces" obviously is the best one.
  • @ThePhatSass it was TTT, the episode where they were in that one solid circular room with the fog and the exploding barrels in the center.
  • Classy Scrabble
  • 100% The murderer conga line... left me in stitches 
    Heres the link:

  • @Maris the godly stream a day 450, i could never find that vod, makes me sad
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    Okay so I know this isn't a "Buffalo Wizard" video but it so fucking funny I think it gets a pass.

  • @Dazzcon I hadn't watched that in so long it is incredible
  • There was a drink night stream I LOVED a few years back. Rob, Roamin, Pause and I think maybe Coe was there. This was before LoM was a thing. They played DvZ and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess that's not a buffalo wizards vod though...

    I dunno really. Such a neat group. Lots of videos to pick from.
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