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Advice about an attribute

So, for the card ancient benefits of both would mean what exactly? So if I had the porc race card giving me 30 stamina, 20 gold, and double damage would I get the elf stamina and gold too? Would I get the elf extra spells? Or is the just purely a GM decision?
What would y'all do/how woukd you interpret this card?


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    @Finche You get the stamina and card text of both the original race and and the stamina and card text of the second.

    Edit: And gold, forgot about that.
  • I say you get the gold and stamina from porc, but not the race’s ability. 
  • I see no reason not to give them the full list of benefits, stamina, gold and card text. Man, an Ancient Porc barely even needs a class, they start off with so much stuff, huh? That could be really damn powerful. I'm surprised I've never seen that particular combo come up before.
  • I thought rob just replaced completely the previous race
  • So if you were an elf and got this Attribute, would that mean you could get to draw 8 random spells up to 4 different elements?
  • @TheWizard ; *Does the wizard wrestling move*  
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    @TheWizard That's why I assume the original race's ability is moot, 'cause otherwise you could have an almost full inventory purely from your race.
  • @TheWizard ; @UnluckyBimi It kinda makes since to do that though. If your were alive since the Birth of Magic, you'd think you'd have picked up many MANY skills throughout those THOUSANDS of years you were alive and thus would get "both benefits."
  • Ah but why wouldn't it give you everything of both race cards when it literally says it does right there?

    That's the power of the Ancient Attribute, the benefit isn't just "I got 12 stamina and 80 gold yay..." nah you get EVERYTHING. Yes it might fuck your inventory up but like we saw in the GPO character creation that's just one of the many ways it can happen anyway.
  • @knguy @MasterDJV Those are fair points. I guess it would give you the original passive, unless you were originally an elf since you'd never swap from one race to another.
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    That's way it tells you to draw the Elf card and put it on top, instead of simply replacing your race like it wasn't ever there. You're going to do it unless you want your character to have 10 less Stamina at the outset.
    Now you're a super Elf, who can be a Skilled mage of up to four elements if they so desire.
  • @knguy I'd say that the second elf passive doesn't count, since you'd already have used the elf passive. The card says: "You are now an elf, but gain the benefits of both race cards", however you never actually swapped race cards so it wouldn't take effect especially since it points out that now you're an elf, however if you were one in the first place you don't get that bonus. - Ancient, to me, seems like a card that just doesn't work on people who already were elves.
  • @Viizko I believe you're thinking of replacing your class via meta card, which Roamin did during one of the campaigns this year (I believe it was the peasant campaign? Feel free to fact check that, I'm not 100% certain). That's the most similar effect we've seen this season, as far as I recall.

    @UnluckyBimi @knguy I believe the card text is actually "Draw the elf card and place it on top of your race. You are now an elf, but gain the effect of both cards." So, specifically what's happening is you're drawing a second card, keeping both, and gaining the effects from both, rather than "swapping" race.
  • @TheMadLibrarian I personally say the "You are now an elf" and the presence of already being an elf over-writes "both cards" since it's still one card. To simplify my thoughts here: "Can't double a double, and thus can't elf an elf"... I might've simplified it a bit much.
  • And over here we have Carl, the so-called "ancient elf" in the corner that claims he's a wiseass and old as shit but can't prove it because he's significantly more frail than a regular elf and still only knows four spells like a regular elf. Bet he wishes he went Gnome or Porc instead so he could actually have an inventory. But enough of that, let's move on to the actual highlight of the evening.

    If this were the case I wouldn't want to be the Elf that drew Ancient, when every other race gets the benefit while Elf gets the shaft. That would be totally uncool if it happened to me, man.
  • @knguy Yeah, wouldn't make since to punish potential Super Elves, versus "porc Elves, Gnome elves, etc." I think the use of "both race CARDS" in the attribute instead of "both RACES" would mean that you would get 8 spells as elf, 4 per card.
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    @knguy What I meant by my belief of "Ancient doesn't affect elves" is that you'd just roll another attribute or could keep the entire "Ancient" thing about your character but add another attribute on top of that.
  • Actually, thinking a bit more on it. I'd give the Elf->AncientElf choice of any of the races' passives (including elf) since that actually seems fitting.
  • Either way, the end result will need to be you getting everything from the Elf card as well as that other race you were originally going to be.
  • I was going to make a snarky comment about how I don't rust Unlucky with my characters when I pull ancient, but I couldn't stop mistyping his name as Unlicky, sorry.
  • @KaeawynShifter ... I don't lick things so I guess "unlicky" works perfectly fine.
  • This has been an amazing discussion. Pretty much, if the players draw a powerful combination it seems like it would be good to give them the powerful combo, as the same of drawing cards that ruin your character like Roamin drawing peasant and losing his highbear.
  • Yep but this time we draw those cards before any character ruining happens and don't have to go through the traumatic experience of losing a High Bear.
  • @knguy Unless you can get a cornerstone high bear and an attribute that removes it somehow...
  • @Finche
    Well, if you got a highbear from rancher, then drew Bpring as your attribute. That would bw... Sad
  • @UnluckyBimi I think  "you can't elf an elf" is my favourite explanatory statement I've ever heard, regardless of which interpretation is correct. XD
  • Rob
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    You get the benefits of both race cards. Most of the time this just means "more stuff", but yeah if you were a dvergr and became an ancient elf, you would still play as if you had the dvergr ability as well.

  • @Rob thanks for the help! A bigger question we're asking is what happens if an elf gets ancient? Do they get 8 spells or just one copy of the elf card's effects?
  • @KaeawynShifter Even though I've been convinced otherwise, just 'cause I find it catchy: "Can't elf an elf".
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