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What is Bopen?



  • @ThePhatSass
    I actually really like that but what if Bopen is Phanto? Phanto didn't completely die his physical form did but he is magic so the magic that made him up just became sentient in the form of Bopen. Phantos body stayed behind and became the moon. There's Bopens origin of his power his connection to the gods and his motivation for wanting everyone to be ageless is because he feels bad about dying and making the elves lose their immortality so he wants to make them immortal again.
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    I said this some some time time ago on the Forums, where I thought Bopen was Golestandt sanity. Long story short on how this happen, when Phanto died, Golestandt sanity and body got separated from each other. After drifting through the world for some time, Golestandt sanity posses a pure golden sword, and control anyone who hold it. Assemble 3 skeletons, and boom, a body is made. To reduce confusion, he used the Child favorite story main character name for the skeleton body.
  • My current feeling is Bopen is actually some sort of title or something and is not the same individual, the reason I believe that is simple. Bopen survived a death roll and didn't trigger a sin, that is huge, we have never seen such a thing before without it causing some sort of paradox. This too me says Bopen is infact not the same individual
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