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Puzzle Idea Thread

This thread will be dedicated to sharing some unique puzzles modules easy to throw into any campaign. If you are interested in adding new ones please number them for the community members to be able to scroll past conversations about previously posted ones.

1) Poison Chamber Keys: This Idea is basic, there is a large locked chamber with a Legendary Item in sight of the players and a pile of keys, it is impossible to get into with out the correct key. Every action they take causes them to take damage or a risk of your suiting such as a slowly closing door, thus preventing players from staying in the room for ever rolling dice and trying to find the correct key. Only rolling a 20 will allow the player to find the correct key. This allows for players to risk going into the next battle with less health and possibly a legendary, or for them to know they have given up another couple rolls for their legendarys.

2) Battle of Orbs: In the fallowing room you see 3 orbs on three pillars, one orb is Red, another is Blue, and the last is Green. Basically they players will have to figure out that touching an orb will change its color. If all three orbs are the same color then a battle of your choice will begin. If the orbs are Red then the players cant use basic attacks or skills, if the orbs are blue they players cant use any form of spells, and if the orbs are green the players cant move. There are a few variation you can apply to this. For instance if the players figure this gimmick out pretty quickly before the fight starts make it where the players can't change the color of the orbs when the fight starts, or when the fight stats now all the orbs change color when any of them are touched. Lastly for a party of intelligent players I would suggest mind altering effects as well, like if the player moves tell them they did, but when another player need to shoot through them let them know no one is in your line of sight. Then when the monsters move they attack the player where they were originally. Basically allowing for 1 free round of attacks, making even weaker creature more intimidating. When the players figure it out then all the player pieces can just be moved back where they were. This mind altering effect will be harder to describe for Red and Blue orbs.


  • Room of 100 portals: Pretty self explanatory the room has a hundred portals each looking different like a different color, shape, or size, and you can even throw in some random riddle about portals. The trick is that literally any portal they go in is the correct answer as long as they are confident with their decision. If they hesitate or doubt themselves then the portal will instead damage them.

    Self Portrait: The room has a large painting of the player that looks almost exactly correct. There is one small difference though, something like a cut on the cheek or a bald spot on your head. To solve the puzzle you have to make to make you and the painting match if it has a cut on it's cheek either paint over it or give yourself a cut on the cheek to match.
  • @Kingedyou Both of those are great but I especially love the 100 Portals.
  • @MoistForGnomes Thank you I used them in my own Tower of Ultimate Wizardry campaigns and my players really did struggle with it because they kept second guessing themselves.
  • @Kingedyou those are both really cool puzzles, especially the 100 portals. It's amazing that you made a puzzle that is more easily solved by (dumb) confident characters as opposed to intelligent ones.
  • @magnetised Exactly, that's the whole point haha.
  • These are some I used in my recent 'Tower of Lesser Wizardry' campaign, and my players seemed to enjoy them.


    Rainbow Road

    Players start on a frozen rainbow that extends in all directions. The rainbow is made of colored ice, and is very slippery, causing players to move extra tiles whenever they move. To move to the next floor, all they had to do was break through the ice and fall. This took them the better part of 30 minutes to figure out.


    Rotating Room.

    This room consisted of 16 5x5 tiles that formed a series of corridors. Each tile was either a straight line, a line that lead to the center of the room then stopped, + shaped, L shaped or T shaped. after a player entered a tile, all tiles rotated (I wrote a script to do this). The objective was simply to get all players to the end of the path. Script:, Image:
  • The holy grail room, this can be in the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry too:

    A paladin dressed in a suit of red armour stands in the room along with 7 cups of different sizes and a basin of water in the middle. He says “you must drink from the holy grail to proceed, choose wisely”. Every couple of minutes he repeats the phrases “choose wisely”, “only a penitent man will pass” and “it belongs in a museum”. If you drink from the wrong grail he says “you chose... poorly” and you have to deathroll. 

    The trick is that the paladin is Joamin(in Latin) the paladin and that he is the holy grail.
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