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Campaign Thread: The Grand Paladin Order



  • @Mag totally agree!
  • t'was dope.
  • The chat was going absolutely insane with the divine decision, great campaign!
  • Awesome show! I always work durring the live shows, so I can only imagine the hype that must have been going on durring the divine decision. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds from here!
  • Probably my favorite thing about the campaign and S3 mechanics as a whole was the way characters were made. I may be an odd one on this, but my favorite part of the entire show is the characters and their backstories, as I love lore in general. This week's characters were some of the most interesting and unique characters the cast has ever made, right up there with the Fall of Dundinborough characters. Roamin's character, while emotionally weak compared to his physical potential, was amazing and provided the cool twist the whole campaign needed. Deadbones' character pulled in a whole family deal and honestly made the whole character list feel more cohesive. Coe's character was just funny as hell, easily one of his best role-play wise, and is one I hope to see again soon. Justin's character, while a more cut-and-dry professional GPO member, was needed to make it seem more like a real campaign for an official order instead of just a rag-tag group. I really hope to see more of these types of characters as the guys start experimenting more with roleplay oriented characters.

    Rob's 15 Second TL;DR: I loved the guys experimenting with their characters, changing from the normal  "I'm a berzerker and I hit things" to a character list of cohesive, *real* and personal people. 
  • Just got done finally watching this campaign. Sad about losing Mikhail but for the amount of death rolls going on we got off easy. Favourite character was Justin's Fjord, favourite moment was Coe's spinner and y'all's reactions.

    Mechanically season 3 really does seem like a huge jump up from previous seasons, I'm really excited to see what comes next. Happy for Galen and Gwyneth both doing badass things as well, I love those two.
  • I loved the campaign 8/8! Would love to see a lil more role play vs combat, but that's just me!
  • Hey, just wondering @Rob , when do we get XP from the campaign if we donated?

  • Watched all of it on Youtube Tank you @Rob & the crew! Loved it!  :)
  • This campaign was great except the roman stuff because his turn to Anti-Party was done poorly the first half of the campaign you saw romans character feel more and more like part of the order and then this Anti-Party stuff comes along due to his companion which wasn't done very well. It feel like Roman just wanted to be Anti-Party so abandoned his character to do it. Roman does it quite a bit too, just doing what ever he wants instead of playing a character. Justin and Coes characters were amazing and Deadbones had a good idea that never really worked out
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    Roamin's execution wasn't perfect, but I was ecstatic to see him branching out. I think this only bodes well, and even though there were a couple 'choppy' moments, I can easily suspend disbelief to see the greater story that he was telling.

    Like most of URealms improv, sometimes it ain't flawless, and that is perfectly fine. It's what makes the guys human, and it's what makes this show unique, in many ways.
  • @Ninjathis
    Kadoral predates even that. There's also An Unforgotten Christmas on Newgrounds

  • Honestly I just love the idea that Roamin essentially took over for the Venomburner as the final boss. Granted, the Venomburner was pretty terrifying especially with back to back critical hits on the fire beam attack, but Roamin's extensive turns felt way scarier to me.
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