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do you restpect rob yes or no



  • yes, but I will roll for it
  • httpiimgurcomTYNyhovpng
    Much respects
  • Yes I restpect Rawbert Moran because he came from CHICKENS.
  • I feel a solid eight outta ten for respect towards rob
  • I have respected everything he has done and I not only respect him, but look up to him. He makes mistakes, but he usually admits his failures and he's also a pretty swell guy. (as far as I know based off of the content he produces and when he legitimately talks honestly to his audience) 

    AND he goes so far out of his way to make his fans happy, even when they aren't deserving of it.

    Also, I don't know what restpect means.
  • I respect the crap out of Rawb because he's always done such large scale stuff and followed it 100% putting everything he ahs into literally everything. It's really in a way sort of inspiring to see him go all out and makes me want to work harder. If anything its just sort of hard to hear him say (without malice of course) that he doesn't care about us as indviduals since investing so much in his stuff with no personal attachment feels rough :/
  • He's gotten this far doing what he's been doing. I don't think anyone can get any farther than that.

    I definitely respect the Rawb.
  • Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes yes yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes.  Translation: Rob's a great guy and I respect everything he does. His creativity never ceases to amaze me. I don't think he gets enough credit for the amount of things he does for us. He is probably the most hard-working guy I've ever known.
  • meh, i respect him, i don't respect his temper
  • Yeah, always have! :smileneena: 
  • I respect pkmnRob, but he's gone now so respecting this new Rob will have to do.
  • Yes? yes! yes
  • of course
  • How do I "rest-pect" someone?
  • Hm. Good rawb. I quite respect him.
  • I don't know how anyone can spell respect wrong. There is literally a song that spells it in the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • yes, but excuse to roll
  • I respect Rob. he works hard to put on good shows and you can see the effort he puts in instead of giving us the bare minimum.
  • @Jalku  Very carefully.  LIke so
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  • I love when Rob calls me a shithead and try to learn from it

    I respect him as a human being and also as a stressed content creator with endless love for his stuff that sometimes he doesn't show too hard
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    I dont reapect no rob the only person i respect is RAWB and the drug dealer down the street
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