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What the is the single thing you liked the most from the last Campaign "The Grand Paladin Order"

Describe your Situation or Character or whatever it is you liked the most from this campaign and why. Rob demanded it so we shall deliver it to him whether he likes it or not.


  • I loved the divine decision, also all the hr DvZ nostalgia was awesome, like when Rob said "more than five is a waste" 
  • Probably many people will say this but for me, the suspense when Roamin became anti-party knowing he was literally immortal was the most threatening moment in my life. I guess I liked it so much because we already knew what Roamin could do, so we knew that he was one of the biggest threads in this whole campaign. He was the actual hidden final boss of this campaign. (Sorry for my bad English)
  • Mikeal doing stupidly brave things just to look like Lance. It's a shame he died.  :(
  • i know a lot of people didnt like tania/ her backstory/ how she went anti party but i enjoyed it. i appreciated that theyd make a character like that with that sort of background, it was surreal and reminiscent for me. i did feel a little uncomfortable when roamin started telling her backstory but i can relate that to my own dealings. I think what i liked most was that they would consider a character like this (strange right? considering the other themes theyve done) and be pretty spot on with how shed handle things. I know a few people said she went anti party out of nowhere and she was made to feel welcome by lance and the order but thats not how it always is in someones mind, ill stop rambling though. I just wanted to say that the subject of abuse is hard to talk about and them bringing this character into UR meant a lot to me. Her standing up to her abuser was one of my favorite parts in this campaign, it is a shame she went anit party but it is understandable why she did.

  • I really liked coe's fidget spinner joke, even if it was stupid. I like the defend the wall bit, even if the guys didn't do well, or if anyone felt it took too long, I though it started strong. I also liked the DvZ references throughout, was fun to get a throwback :) 

    Overall I enjoyed the show, my small grievances didn't hinder the shoq. Cant wait to see more stuff from the team :)  
  • I thought Coe's mimic was super funny.
  • It being the first of a new season, I loved how this campaign left me with so much anticipation for not only what's gonna happen next, but for where all the lore and characters are going this season. I'm so exited to see what the guys come up with  :)
  • The divine decision I liked, looking forward to more of them.
  • For me it was all of the character design by the guys. They've all clearly come a long way since season 1 and it wasn't just one single character that blew me away. I really hope that it stays consistent through the whole season.
  • @Rovesul I'm always a sucker for world building, so Justin accidentally making the Goblet of Mysteries was gold. I also really enjoyed the Vitali magic show that happened during the one interlude. The quick thinking of having Justin pop out of the ice statue after being frozen got me good.

    I also have to say that Rob was pretty brave in what characters he targeted for death rolls. He's got a lot of time invested into characters like Lance and Mikael, and he took the chance (sometimes multiple) to snuff them out despite all the work that had been put into them.
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    Mikael Zankovich's death, not because of the death itself, just the way he dies. Come on, he went out with an EMPAHVISION! All of the style points.
  • I'm always a HUGE fan of Deadbones's characters but I'm also a super big fan of powerful characters. So when Deadbones played a grizzled old paladin that was super powerful in his time I died of excitement. Him pulling out his old tricks and making everyone float with featherfye and consequently having heart attacks was just so epic.
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    The magic show was pretty great, as well as the goblet of mysteries. Oh also the fact that Justin won the divine decision.
  • william getting hit by 10000 ice blasts and not dying
  • The Jimmies. Or to be more specific when the jimmies did something that had a large impact like rescuing "Defeated" (or whichever term will come up) characters and bringing them to safety. The highlight of this would be the brave Jimmy who died saving Roamin from a certain death Deathroll (due to Justins shield, but that's not what the characters saw).
  • Justin's spell of bearding missing Wilhelm's mustache
  • My favorite part was the sceane at the end where Kallark rides off with a spider and Gweneth has to chase after him that's just pure perfection. 
  • I loved the entire part about 3 foot walls. 
  • Roman finding a book of Wall scrolls on that 20. Episode 4 at 20 minutes.

    Stacking walls on walls was fun too.

    The imagery of Justin killing everything while it slept during the first fight was also pretty great that their was almost an "inception" event.

  • Hate me for this but... The goddamn fidget spinner. I'm thinking my first fanart might be a tribute to that special trinket...
  • Coe's trinket killed me, but the characterization this week was really good. Deadbones represented his character well as always with his voices, as well as the decisions he made. I'm glad that Justin didn't go for the easy "Ah, just kidding I actually like Kobolds." Instead, he kept true to it and his character wasn't promoted because of it. Coe's character in general was awesome for comic relief, especially when he's out there fetching the water while theees a huge battle going on. Still, my favorite was definitely Roamin's. It was one of the best arcs on the show so far; and that was made even better by the fact that the plot didn't force it. It was his own sidestory, and it was very well done.
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    The reveal in the behind the scenes where it was revealed that @TaeyRurj was not actually the first Divine chosen. It was fucking @HCJustin ; Rob was so mad.
  • @Minion I was laughing almost loud enough to wake my still-sleeping family. That luck though!!
  • I was taking quotes during the stream.
    Best one I think that I recorded was this.
    "That's how bad that I feel like I need to do something to you guys. A 5? Fuck you!" - Rob
    That was when Justin rolled a 5 using his trample and Rob caused him to destroy the wall and down Micheal.
  • Characters, the characters worked so well for this, Deeadbones fit in perfectly, Roamin had a really cereatuve character that had a cool subplot that was fun to follow, Cooster Mcbooster made another loveable idiot and I freaking loved him, and despite Justin not being able to establish his character too much, he still fit in really well as a cahracter that jsut really wants to get promoted. The whole campaign was really funny from a meta standpoint and really fun to watch 
  • the divine decision is a really fun little add on 
  • @Minion Same here, I was expecting it to be because the name was extremely explicit or broke the site rules or something. But nope. HCboi was the divine of the day. 10/10
  • My favorite things were the tech, and not the campaign itself. I mean, it would be hard to beat jiggle physics along with everyone's favorite moment...
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    I loved Heathera and Mikael's story hidden in the sidelines of this campaign. Mikael was destined for greatness while Heathera was doomed and the two had some kind of implied relationship.  The final combat was a major dramatic shift in what was "supposed" to happen. and will hopefully have an impact on future campaigns. 
    I find myself carried away in "what if"s and theory more in how her character will be depicted. Will she become morose like her mother? Will she carry Mikael's blessings? Will she feel guilty? angry at Galen for not waiting?

    Roamin made a character that didn't fit into the campaign but somehow gave her the most complete story regardless. That was pretty cool too. I think it would have blown everyone away if she was more integrated into what was going on around her.

    Justin's character was perfectly intergrated into the setting and I wish he had more story but he's the sort of character I expect to see over and over.

    I know there has been a lot of talk about death rolls and such after this last game so in light of that I want to make it clear how much I enjoyed when high rolls and low rolls mattered. The times that they mattered made things feel so much more alive and less like we were waiting for a one or twenty. I like consequences and incentives for taking risks in URealms so this gradual scale tends to lead to more entertaining outcomes than success/fail/critical/critical fumble.
  • Either Roamin going anti-party or Coe making the trinket a fidget spinner
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