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Legendaries for your characters!



  • @helperbot0613 Glad to hear it! Now your Gavel slams for order will be a bit more... attention grabbing eh? (boom)
  • @Milk Hey look! There appears to be a brochure on the ground! custom card. Perhaps if you make it, they'll give you a custom card as an upgrade over that revolver of yours that appears to have been heavily used!
  • @MasterDJV ;
    Special Agent Pierce sounds like an amazing title he would love, and that rifle! Oh man I want to draw this now!
  • @Milk LOL, nice. Glad ya like it
  • Venit Mortem

    It quickly became apparent that this child was bless with incredible abilities with fire and ice, and as such was sent to train with a wizard to help control it, sadly enough she couldn't control it that well and one day managed to get frustrated enough to release a huge amount of fire magic, destroying the whole town in which she lived, after this she ran into the woods and to survive learned how to use the bow, through out the years she has enjoyed her time in the forest and has learned to use her incredible magic by using her bow. Everything was good, until Goldstandt(Horrible at spelling) awoke, seeing this, she ran to warn any town she could and escort them to a safe place. She quickly became a folk tale, earning the name Venit Mortem, or translated, Death is coming, a sign of great disaster their to help you escape it
  • Seton Former saloir (think Captain Abhab from Moby Dick) who now works for the Aztraians 
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    (Based with own custom class still in the workings, Mystic) 
    Auhlren is a traveling tricky tradesman who deals in cards and fates, both good and bad.
    In the downtime of his business (no customers or having to lay low from making the odd aggressive one disappear) he studies magical works and notes from the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry and the Okagnoma Guild alike, mainly researching the effects and potential use of time altering/bending magics.

    So i'm a rather powerful fortune teller basically. Will put character in later today, just writing the story out so I dont forget.
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    @Mortem It appears that on his journey, Venit Mortem has manipulated the magic of soothebeast and learned the ability custom card, allowing him easier capability to warn villages of impending doom.
  • @Pufflemore Your sailor has always felt more at custom card, that must be why his ice spells smell salty!
  • @Pufflemore Aye matie, nah a problem heartie!
  • @Magus_Auhlren You ever get Auhlren's Inventory in?
  • Lucas_Vian

    Lucas was born an illegitimate child, raised by his mother and his mother alone. They lived in a small abode, in the slums of a large elven city. They ate the bit of food they were able to purchase off of his mother's poor salary. As soon as Lucas could, he got a job. They lived fairly steadily for a while, Lucas growing very thin and quite tall. After years, Lucas' mother disappeared one night, leaving everything, plus a small, paper note. Lucas' mother had committed suicide, and Lucas didn't know what to do.
    He left his home, taking everything of value. He left the city, eventually falling unconscious from hunger and thirst, and waking in a cottage in the forest. He was soon met with an elderly gnomish man, who taught him many different abilities and magics over the years. Lucas quickly gained muscle, still thin, but now his body was more muscular and lean than sickly. His reflexes improved, he learned some spells to pass the time, but he never forgot home. He always carried a small token from home, a necklace with a blue gem, the silver edging carved with an elaborate design.
    Lucas, now in his mid-twenties (in human years), is struck with tragedy once again, his mentor dying peacefully in his sleep. Lucas finds a note, telling him that in the event that his mentor dies, he should take the mentor's armor and anything that might be of use.
    Lucas is now on his own, wearing a winter coat and a set of platemail underneath it. His reflexes are exceptional, gauntlets his main form of weapon. He has a longsword, sheathed at his hip.

    I'm excited to see what you come up with!
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    @TheAwesomeRobot Hey look! Is your custom card glowing?
  • Emilia_Fens

    Emila Fens is the last member of her direct family, her parents and siblings killed, and many presume she was killed as well during the birth of magic. However she survived, she ran into the wilds of the world and lived there for years. In the wilds she quickly started to learn how to use her old magic, beautiful petal dancing to survive. Even in the wild however she retained a certain innocence and kindness, often crying whenever she has had to hurt any other living thing, even for food she would cry. This went on for several years until eventually she was found by a blood snake queen. With Emila's magic not being effective against the blood snake queen, she was defeated. However seeing this crying form of a young elf, the blood snake queen spared her. Emila never forgot that day and quickly started to change even more, if such a brutal creature didn't kill her, why should she kill anything? Since that day she has not killed another living thing, sustaining only on berries and other plant life she can find. She followed the blood snake queen, protecting and distracting things that would attack it as thanks for letting her live, slowly the blood snake queen and her became friends. Eventually she, with her new friend found civilisation again and re-joined society, with her still upholding her oath of never killing another living thing. With this mentality she eventually became famous throughout the land for one thing, being one of the best diplomats possible, with her kind heart and charming smile and petals she often would stop wars before they happened(With from her friend the blood snake queen).
  • Norzelle_B_Lood
    Norzelle was always a quiet soft spoken girl living on a small farm with her parents and sister until the farm was attacked by bandits Norzelle acted quickly finding the nearest sharp object and killing them both while she felt disgusted with herself this gave her father an idea he'd send her off to the military to reel in some more money and off she went through years of bloodshed and battle she lost her left eye and slowly became more accustomed to it she began to love the blood and the killing even eating her victims sometimes and drinking blood any chance she got eventually she went home but was disowned and kicked out after her younger sister found fourteen dead bodies in her closet after that she wondered the world basically as a serial killer she saw many parts of the realms and is now going through intensive therapy she's gotten better she doesn't eat people as often anymore :)
  • @MasterDJV ;
    That's really cool, thanks! It fits really well.
  • Avian_Wingerson
     royal messenger for one of the dwarven king. do you have a message for the king? well you're in luck the Wingerson family have been delivering messages seen the beginning of the dwarven kingdoms, and still to this day have a near perfect track record. using the very fines of bird related technology the Wingerson will make your messages come in time and in one piece. Avian have been delivering messages for most of is life, but still haven't got the recognition that he deserve. his bird/weapon Beakly contently has to take the charge in combat has Avian cant swing a weapon for shit. and his bird mount Flappy is the one that really finds the way. 
  • @Mortem My my Ms. Fens! That's quite a beautiful custom card you got there!
  • Unfortunately I'm going to be on a trip for the next few days. I'll be back to make Legendaries this upcoming weekend. 
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    Hey, i don't know if you're still doing these(i hope you are, love your work) but id love to see what sort of legendary you'd cook up for my favorite character... Beej Majeez .
    (Abstract description) A macabre kobold fleshweaver, with a lethal touch and a dangerous vision that he seeks to twist the word into.
     (More detailed backstory)
    The illegitimate son of a one night stand of Kinney Boots , Beej was always sort of a afterthought for his mother. Standing taller and gaunter than his mother with light grey fur, he doesn't immediately resemble her, but one thing that he clearly inherited was her bloodlust. His mother could bash in the head of somebody with her mace, & the toddler would twist and pull at the body to see how it worked. Eventually, during one of her pirate voyages he got into the treasures, and discovered his midas glove; he hid it, and his mother would later find he'd sewn it into the flesh of his hand, fixing it there permanently. This and his total dissonance to the act disturbed even his violent mother, and she left him behind when they next made landfall. Abandoned, Beej would go on to live on the streets of the port town until he found tossed away warp blade, at which a dually beneficial opportunity presented itself: he began touching random transients nobody would miss with his deadly glove, & use the warp blade to cut the gold-that-once-was-blood from their corpses. He could satiate his curiosities about the workings of the flesh by directing the corpses, and feed himself with the gold. This would go on like this until he heard something one night, whispering in his dreams...Anthahall, seeking another flesh weaver. But due to his lust for the kind of knowledge this offered, and his propensity for macabre violenc, Beej want driven mad by this-he welcomed it. Beej would go on to become a proficient Fleshweaver, twisting his victims into grotesque nightmares. Then one day, he'd find that if he infused his blood into a living being, he could twist them the same way he would the corpses. The first thing he did was graft the tongue of a cowfrog into his mouth, so he could grab "subjects" easier, and a bought a coat and bag of holding to store the parts for his monstrosities. Sometimes, he wouldn't even cut them up first if he was in a hurry; he'd touch them with his glove, and store their rigid corpse in the realm of holding for later use. His current golem was made a similar way, a wowzer he cut up and stitched with the jaws and skin harvested from one of the Whelplings killed in Den of Devils. His goal is craft the ultimate vessel for Anthahall, whatever or whoever that may be-even if he has to share his own with Anthahall to do it(due to already weaving himself somewhat, he will sometimes converse with Anthahall who he hears freely in his head, adding to his creepy attribute).
    Sorry for the length, just wanted to give a proper feel for the character!

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