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The Goblin Thread for Goblins and Goblin Lovers to Talk About Goblins and Gobliny Things



  • apologies, no one played them on the show.
  • @kreeperkiller63 We do have a wonderful taste, thank you :)
  • Honestly @HazmatPuppy I feel we may find out the reason in this season. I feel goblins have a strong roll in this season. And if not, Rob probably feels with the way the goblins are treated (which was decided by his players I remind you) aren't worth playing anymore to move the lore forward. Does this mean we won't see goblins? Probably not.
  • iirc, the reason Rob stopped using them in the show in the second season was because of the somewhat broken nature of the greenskins? Or that they take up a lot of rp space by nature, perhaps? I know he said something about it in a character creation or behind the scenes...

    Regardless, I personally love goblins and would really like to learn more about them or at least see more of them. 
  • Goblins are disgusting little creatures that deserve to be gutted by higher beings. I spit on them. They are nothing to me but free manual labor.
  • I figured out, possibly, why goblins aren't returning this season.

    And the answer is in Coe's Quest, E3. The Grand [insert race here] Purge. As indicated, although it was written with kobolds as the example, Coe points out that any race can be applied.

    Goblins might have been purged after Golestandt's release.
  • Ageless Goblins are still Goblins, so therefor I choose to believe that Goblins are still existent in URealms.
  • I'm really happy that Gwyneth was chosen, because I feel like if Lance was chosen he would have straight up eradicated the Goblins.
  • Goblins are cool I guess
  • If ya think about it goblins have steal and they would be best as booty raiders
  • Goblins are the best! I love their big ears and dumb little faces. They're just trying their best, man... It's a cruel, cruel world... sniffle
  • @VictorSchal ; I know my dude  they deserve better...  Gobo Rp Thread?
  • I'm not a goblin myself, but i AM a Troll, and Trolls typically end up being allies to Goblins in some form or another in various media, so yeah, i'm a Goblin fan :P 

    As for the whole "why does everyone hate kill goblins" question, i find the simplest answers are the best, most sensible, and most likely to be true.

    Goblins are killed because they are seen as vermin. they are seen as vermin because they ACT like vermin, in that they sneakily invade homes, steal food and supplies, make a mess, and breed like rabbits. they ACT like vermin because they never figured out how to do it any other way, it's the only way they know how to get by, and any time they try to get by otherwise, they are wiped out like vermin, it's just a big cycle.

    That's really all there needs to be about it, no secret elf conspiracies to hide the fact that they are morphed beenu, no "they can use creation magic" BS, no this that or other thing complicated backstory that points to goblins being all powerful or all intelligent and / or the elves and / or other races all taking part in / being manipulated to take part in an otherwise inhumane act etc, it's not needed. it over-complicates things and makes them more irritating then entertaining.

    They're treated like rats because they act like rats, the end. are they intelligent? sure! The Elves just don't CARE! that's the point! THAT is what makes it interesting! it shows how horrible the elves can be! there does not need to be some huge conspiracy behind it. the elves are just racist jerks and the goblins act like vermin.
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    Aha! So the filthy Gobo lover's have finally revealed themselves. We must purge this thread!
  • @GravelTheBlock
    Indeed! And might I say, there are a lot of them! But they can't be that strong, seeing as they support the scum of the realm
  • @Phendrix ; not you too... Et too Phendrix...
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