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Campaign Thread: The Grand Paladin Order



  • Nice to see the Divine Decision getting its own episode on YouTube!
  • I am quite curious how Vitali feels now that his whole family is gone. Poor guy
  • @Simcowking
    Yeah but the youtube audience doesn't even get the donation text so it doesn't really matter. You just have an idea of how many donations each event has and how much money the campaign made overall, if you can do the math. 
  • people in the comments of the divine decision video are saying the language in the divine decision was translated somewhere. anyone know where i might see what it said?
  • I have but 1 question. 
    Was there a chance for Roamin to win?
  • Really liked the start to season 3! The campaign was exciting, the characters were great, and it all came nicely together. The one thing that bugged me was how little of Jormr we got compared to the other characters from Woodcarvers. Would have liked to see Jormr a little more. Looking forward to the next campaign!
  • @GuestD578 Poor Vitali it was so sad when Mikael died  :( he was one of my favorite characters this campaign 
  • I FINALLY GOT IT! I feel so stupid now, I can't believe I forgot!

    "In the winter tundras of Kaddoral..."

    I know Rob likes re-using and referencing things from DvZ and original Unforgotten Realms, I just forgot this was a 'real' place! I thought it was a new location!
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    Okay, awesome campaign. What I felt were issues, though:

    The combat was ehh. All of the encounters felt the same, and didn't feel special at all. You can't always have Law vs Evil ending battles, but it seemed that the only things they fought were spiders, ageless, and a big spider. Some of this is due to how the guys played their characters of course; it feels like the only thing that was faster was Lascene, Featherfye, and the Maxer Clock, and overall it felt like the NPCs carried it, though Roman's No-Roll Bonus Action chains and Justin's OP Trample cleared house. Roman's antiparty was a really good touch too, if a bit forced for the sake of a good battle. I think you realized at the end that he could very well actually kill everybody so you made him roll like 10 times waiting for him to get a 1. 

    Honestly though, I really like how integrated the story was with the combat. It's like they were fighting for a purpose, rather than just "oh, there are these monsters in a cave they have to kill to progress." If the combat was only a bit more engaging, it would probably be one of my favorites. Still, fantastic start to the season. I think it'll only get better from here.

    FNH4 would like to roll to judge the campaign.

    Oh. Uhhh... Divine Intervention?

  • @FNH4 I (respectfully) disagree with your combat synopsis. I felt like the NPC heroes added a ton to the battle because we got to see incredibly powerful characters duking it out in an actual battle with real death rolls unlike previous encounters where characters like Virgo, Empusa, or Galen physically couldn't die for lore reasons. I also particularly liked the battle in which they were walling off the ageless, it was as if Rob took DvZ and made it Urealms (which is exactly what he did let's face it, he kept calling Lance "Bruce"). It added a sense of urgency to the battle; I was on the edge of my seat even if the enemies were repetitive :)

  • @Spiffybumble ;Ah, well, I'm a hipster and tend to hate new things. Perhaps the combat will grow on me if it continues like this campaign. I just like flair; I didn't notice a lot of flair, aside from the Venomburner, and to a smaller extent the Grimer Earthlord (I don't remember what the name was, so we'll go with that). Ageless hordes and two spiders are cool until you get to the hour mark in a battle with little added; then it feels repetitive. I like encounters with mystery attached for that reason; when you don't know the enemy's abilities or purpose and have to piece it together yourself (like the Beenu Warmachine, or that one Pot Puppy encounter so long ago).

    I thought the NPCs were too OP however. The player controlled characters (in my opinion) should mostly be one of the stongest people on the field. But when you have Gwyneth, Galen, Lance, and all those previously made characters in combat, it makes the player controlled characters comparably less important in terms of the tide of battle. I think that the encounters this week were actually quite challenging too, and that probably influenced the perception of players' characters. Rob kept having to bring NPCs to aid them in that second encounter, and he basically had to keep making Roman roll until he got a 1 on the last one. But, I digress.

    Most of my complaints can be seen as personal preference, so they very well may be. We'll see in the upcoming campaigns, I suppose.
  • I quite liked it. I just need to learn to accept not every character I like will live. Saturdays are for Urealms.
  • Hey uh, pretty good str--- This is joke probably isn't going to get old for a while *sigh*.

    That being said I enjoyed this campaign a lot. Each of the player characters stood out and the roleplay stuff and RNG was incredible.
  • Loved watching it, however i did not like roanins character this week and was pretty happy to see how she died. Other then that great start to a season and i look forward to the next live stream :)  
  • I enjoyed a few parts here and there during the campaign, but overall I was disappointed. There wasn't much role-play, and the combat was very cluttered and not very fun to watch. I'd say my favorite combat scene in the series so far is The Law vs Murder Bros. It was a small group of characters we knew all duking it out. And while we knew most of the characters in this campaign, most of the NPC's stayed quiet and we didn't learn about anything new happening with the majority of them. They were just sort of 'there' and that was it.
  • I absolutely loved the campaign, especially the new divine decisions! The feeling you got with chat going mental and the tension was incredible. I don't think any other live stream I've watched has given quite that amount of tension.
    I did think the second combat dragged a bit but that might have just been me and the fact it was it starting to get late (Time zones and all that jazz). Other than that, I think, the new implementations and tweaks are great. 
  • I was pretty stoked when I realized this campaign was just a game of DvZ.
    A venomburner being the boss was the best. :D
  • I liked the no roll bonus actions :D
  • Just a suggestion for the "defeated" issue:
    Why not switch it to "exhausted" or "enervated"

    That way it doesnt imply that they cant act, but simply that acting isnt easy for the character. 
  • @Kadriaz  Thank you for the clarification. I believe that was the part where things got a little draggy for me. Oddly enough I am listening to behind the scenes. Rob just shot down all my suggestions  :( lol. 
  • @agenttrap
    Rob and Roamin discussed this after the campaign. Can be heard in the BTS what they were thinking. I don't believe it was officially decided though if that would be changed. But Rob did sound very convinced defeated was the wrong word and should be changed.
  • @Simcowking ;Yeah from Rob's description in the BTS it sounds as if defeated needs to be renamed to "Taking a breather"
  • @H0tpixel I thought that he was a fun charater and was looking forward to Mikael and Heathera's wedding, That could have been an interesting campain!
  • I thought this campaign was solid and so many interesting plot developments happened. The whole Romin Kobold massacre leaves the GPO open to having a extremely racist splinter group in it against other race inclusion in the order, Deadbones character has potential to become really important in the order because of how relevant he was to all the important NPC's, Justin and Coe's characters also add more flavour to the GPO which we haven't really had before for the Order as a whole (only a 3-4 GPO characters have been explored in any detail). There's no telling where the orders gonna head after all this drama. All in all it was an amazing campaign lore wise and so many things could happen in the future because of it. Love this show :D 
  • @GuestD578 Aww don't even bing up the idea of a wedding  :( He would have made such a good Paladin and she would have been a great magician. I hated Roamin's character. (in lore I hated her) I think im becoming a Kobold Racist after Tania, there needs to be a good guy kobold to really turn it around

  • Hey @Rob, who's the lady character that appears on the 4th YouTube video m, when they're defending the wall, she doesn't talk or fight and in really curious. Great show!
  • @Muffintrader that's Sonya from the campaign before Dundinburrow.
  • At this point Roamin and kobold characters are just amazing. His rampages are fantastic
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    @Rob the gnomes chained did an awesome job, because its AWESOME good work my dudes.
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