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About The Unforgotten Quest Kickstarter

Warning: If this is in any way seen as negative or not the place for this, I sincerely apologize and will immediately take this down if told by the staff. I only wanted to try and get my personal opinions and voices on the subject out there, not tell anyone how to feel or how to move forward, because it's not my place. I just hope my words will reach the ears I'm trying to get them to, and maybe create a better future moving forward.

This is all coming from a person who has been there since the Original Unforgotten Realms web series, has a signed DVD of Season 1, and has followed you throughout many of your adventures, including 2Player, RolePlay, Super Minecraft, PokemonRawb, and now URealms Live. I pledged a small amount to the Kickstarter back in the day because I was really excited to see a game of my favorite internet show. In fact, I was obsessed, and your BTS videos on making the game inspired me to pursue the game design career and your original website showing your staff and insight on it made me feel like I was part of a family, not just a community of random nerds. I really wanted this game to be a thing, and while I'm sad to see it officially have been cancelled, I leave it with a full heart and a content smile.

I will not be receiving my money back.

This is not because I am against what you are doing Rob, in fact I know that if you didn't do this you would consume yourself over your guilt. I don't pretend to know you personally, but through your work and insight from URealms BTS, I feel as though you are the most critical of yourself. You always want to be better and you hold yourself to a higher standard, maybe even too high for good health. And I only pledged a small amount, so it is not my place to tell everyone who gave their money not to want it back.

The truth is, that was so long ago, I have even forgotten what email or account I used to pledge in the first place. But even if I do remember it and accept the money back, the money will just go straight back into you with donations and merchandise that I love. I am not receiving my money back simply because I would still pay what I paid and tenfold more to just support you and your future endeavors.

In the end, although you made a mistake, and mistakes happen, Rob. I can understand having high hopes and dreams and being naive to chase them. As long as we learn from them and move forward, it's ok.

But in a way, you did give us the game we wanted. Sure, it's not an MMORPG or a sidescroller or anything like that, but it's URealms, a fun roleplaying game that you can play or watch with friends. And I think this is just as special and cool, if not cooler, than Unforgotten Quest.

I just want you to keep this in mind while moving forward, that you will always have a community of people who love you and your work, and you should never be ashamed to admit when something you wanted to do fell through. And you shouldn't be too harsh on yourself about it, because, as you said, something good did come out of it, and it was this community and group of fun and talented people we have now.

We love you, @Rob .


  • Rob I'd like to give an internet hug. You need one.

    Thank you for everything you've done to entertain me, as well as the rest of the community.
  • I'll repeat what I said on the video itself:

    I may not have been able to back the game but I can say that had I had the chance to, I would have.

    I must say out of all this Rob, I'm proud of you, I'm sure most of us are. You've proven time and time again that we can trust you with all you do. It might not be what we all like, it might be a jape here and there for fun, but you've never been predatory or malicious.

    Thank you Rob for all you do, and keep doing it.
  • I wasn't part of the kickstarter, but as an aspiring game developer it still hit pretty close to home.
    There's not much to say beside that I think that I speak for the vast majority here when I say that we won't hold a grudge against you Rob we will always support you. You've made something magical with URealms, and the mistakes of the past won't take that away.
  • I have loved the work you have done and do not want to pull from that.

    If you send me money back, I will just have to be donated as extra to another show and then we're both wasting cash on transfer fees.

    We all have failures in our lives that are far too easy to focus on. It often pains me as well. I am very thankful for what you have done over the years as it has helped to push that aside. Please try to focus on the good that has come from the experience instead of the bad.
  • Honestly i've gained respect for Rawb simply for admitting he was wrong and trying to do something.
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    @Rob ;
    It took Massive Kahunas to make that video rob, i love your work and no matter what im with you, and Ive been with you since ep 1 of the cartoon, and the only thing of yours i don't like seeing you being to hard on yourself. I would never let you pay it and living rough for 19 years. we all have these times but you just have bad luck, we can get though this. We are with you from people like me who have been with you for 7 years to the people for 2 months we stand by you. I love you man

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    As far as I am aware, Rob is still working on it out of his own pocket. The alternative for him is to give everyone their money back... which he doesn't have. Unless there's been some news update that I haven't heard of yet. Didn't he post a blog post on an old website earlier this year?

    Edit: Welp did some information fishing. There has been a news update that I didn't hear about yet.
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    Massive respect to Rob for posting the video and saying everything about it he did. It takes massive balls to be able to come out like that and make such a heartfelt apology to everyone, and even more to then promise to work so hard to repay everyone, even if some of feel like it isn't needed.
    • Was I a part of this Kickstarter? No...
    • Would I have if I was a part of the community at that time? Absolutely.
    • Would I want my money back if I did join the Kickstarter? No chance, any money I would have gotten back would have gone straight into the next show, poured right back into his work, even doubling it due to the transfer fees. (Hell, this just encourages me to donate more for the rest of the season to show my support further.)
    But Rob chose to pursue his dream, and even if the final result gave nothing aside from a learning experience, the valor to go out there and try your damn best is damn well Admirable and respectable in a way I can't properly describe myself.
    Sometimes for people it is less about the creation, and more about the creator.
    I am one of those people.

    (If any of this comes across as negative, it is unintentional, and I apologise if it does so.)
  • We all fail at times, but dont punish yourself over it. Feeling guilty is understandable I mean I would probably be if I were in your shoes, but rather than beat yourself up over it, you are doing exactly what you should be, learning from this. This is a step that many people choose to ignore and a step that will truely prevent you from diving into insanity. You will always have people who support you through troubling times (your family, your friends, and your community) whether it be a troll saying mean stuff about your art, some one hassling you because you didn't reach a goal date, or a failed project. If you feel in your heart returning the money slowly but surely is the best thing to do than you can do it, youve always have been great doing what you set your heart to. We will always be here -Your Fans
  • Rob, I can't speak for everyone, but I can say I agree with those who have already said, I don't want my money back. It was a long time ago now, and tbh its not the first (or last) unsuccessful Kickstarter I've backed. Love your content, energy, universe, and everything and I feel like I got way more then the pittance I was able to donate back then back.

    We love your work, and how heartfelt and honest you are. Please, take care of yourself and don't beat yourself up so much. Your Community cares and understands, and there are no pitchforked crowds awaiting.

    Urealms the RPG is wicked fun, and I honestly enjoy it more than I would have any sidescroller. You've brought the series to life with Deadbones, Roamin, Justin, and the rest. 

    Good on you though for being humble and speaking from the heart to us. Just hope you can accept our heart-felt replies. 
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    Its so hard to listen to Rob being all choked up in that video. Just like the OP, I've followed the Unforgotten Realms cartoon since the original days, bought the T-Shirts and the DVDs, and have followed Rob in everything he's done since his WoW machinimas up until Urealms Live.

    I did donate too, I still got a folder on my laptop full of the writings and art-assets I meant to contribute as concept-art for my perk. (I picked the 'Make a Quest' perk.)

    I don't regret the donation at all, nor do I want any money back. I think it was worth it just to follow Rob on this journey and watch his content grow.

    One thing I know for sure, if Rob does refund my money, I'll be sure to put that money right back into Urealms Live donations. 

    Keep doing what you're doing, and don't push yourself too hard! 


    Since its not gonna be seen anywhere else, this was the concept-art I made for the general vibe of an NPC I wanted included in my quest. 
  • Listening to Rawb get choked up broke me.
    I have a reputation for being a heartless bastard and never crying over anything.
    But Rawb nearly crying, the sound of a man crushed with guilt over his failure?
    Well, I didn't donate to UQ, but I hope I speak for the majority of people.
    Keep your money Rawb.
    Emergency hug deployed.
    Never stop doing what your doing.
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    Very well written comment, Astora. I believe that this, the URealms game, is probably the best format for what the show was. Who knows if things went different maybe we never would have this community and these amazing stories to discuss about this insanely creative game. I'm glad this, right now, exists. And I hope a lot of other people feel the same.
  • I think my keen gnome face says what everyone's thinking... It'll be okay, things will work out.

    Rob at least earned respect for the fact he's willing to admit when he screws up. Not much else to say. Bad at these heartfelt posts.
  • As a fan: I find it a very noble ambition to refund the backers. For a few it will not be enough to make amends but for most it will achieve its goal of building trust. Rob already has tons of active fans that have either forgiven , are very patient, or are newer so bringing old fans back into the community could be good for us all.

    As a backer: I am fine with no game being released but can we old fans get some small bit of content for closure? Or at least a tie-in to the current urealms live setting? The game was supposed to be the last hurrah for the story before Rob moved on. Between this game grinding to a halt and Coes's quest stalling out I'm starting to get really worried the story so many of us became fans and followers of Rob's content over may be dead for good.
  • Great read, thanks, Astora! I agree with you 100%.

    Rob, i truly found something magical through your videos and the show you guys produce. Not many other "internet content creaters", if at all, can make me laugh genuinely like you. I get excited like a young child if i hear the hype-pre-intro music on the show. I even dance silly to it (wich for me as a 28 year old man NEVER happens). I just want to say, that i love your work and that i hope you can find peace with yourself over your past. Like with all of us, the past made us to the person we are now and you have become a very honest, (too) modest and just awesome person! 
  • I agree Astora. Well put for sure, at least in my mind. Rob's always shown he's had a strong work ethic. It's something that can consume a person. If you're reading this Rob: try not to beat yourself up over it. We all make mistakes, and the fact that you're regretting the way it went shows that you have grown as a person. It's sad that it didn't work, but you've grown, and we're all here for you as a person, beyond simply just the content you produce. You tried for roughly 5 years to make it work. Even though it didn't, you tried. Five years of working on something, while still producing content for others, and learning as best you could. You made a mistake, but you tried your damn best, and I am proud of you - not just as a content creator, but as a person.

    Keep being you. We love you Rob

  • Rob is personally my idol. Seeing that video made me feel very sad for what he is going through. I've done projects myself that have failed but I've never had anywhere near that many people counting on me. I know it would have torn me apart if I was him. There is so much strength in that video. I run my own Urealms games and it's probably one of the most fun and professional things I've done, and it's because of Rob. I'm still in college but I hope when I "grow up" I can be just like Rob, not in success but in ambition, humbleness, and care.
  • This is such a cool fanbase. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, can't even imagine what Rob is feeling through all this love being sent his way.
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