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The Writer's Guild

 There are great pieces of fiction written on these forums. You may say to yourself, " Gosh, I do love to read, but I don't wanna dig through the Fan Art and Creations tab to find these great pieces of literature!"

 Okay, you probably don't say that. But if you're interested in reading, then I'll provide you a gateway to them. This is a collection of various works by various authors.

 Please keep in mind that place in the list is not an indicator of quality or importance. It is simply the order in which I linked each story. 

 Also, please inform me if I miss anything, especially if you feel like you should be included.


The Pilgrim - A Urealms Story By Talespinner

Unbalance: An Æturnal Tale By KaeawynShifter

The Outlaws [Comic] By Galeden and Mmadness

By myself

Campaign Inspired Creative Writing By Cikaedea

A Scholar's Inquiry Into the Deadlantis Arena By Vongeo

Story Time By luigiguy098
( This is a link to a profile because luigiguy098 uploaded different parts as different entire Discussions, which would take up half of this box in a list.)

The Serpentine Saga By BewareTheDragon

The Long Night By HunterYeo

The Ethereal Table By tak4n

Shadows With Heroes By Razgrey

Midas Triton By Zythryl

The NSFW Fanfiction Thread By Snarky
( This is indeed literature, people)


 I hope that something like this will inspire more people to write on the forums, so that this list may be expanded.


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