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Favorite Urealms character? [Poll]

I've compiled a list of all the characters created by the guys (side quests included), as well as major NPCs. Sorry if I missed anyone, and please notify me if I did (This took me a good 15 minutes to make, so I'm sure I missed out on a few, nothing too major though!)

-I think this should go in this board, but I'm not quite sure. Please move it if it isn't, thanks!
Albert voting counter - 1


  • Vote Cain best character urealms  :)
  • Where is Unter, I NEED Unter :(
  • Philhipé cuz Kobooooooold

  • @OwlsDream ;
    I considered putting Kobold Children as an option, but I didn't think it would have gotten many votes, if any. You can always vote for Kallark since he saved them!
  • dude when @Timedagger100 ; comes in here he is going to be mad that you didn't have Albert the monkeyfish in the poll

     I voted Patrick Cake
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;

    a list of all the characters created by the guys
    No, no it's fine just a list of characters created by the guys.
    as well as major NPCs
    Let's see here.. oh so you include Tampokj, the fat ass wizard frog whose only notable moment is being a giant punching bag for 3 minutes? Shit son, but my LITTLE DUDER ALBERT, Who assisted the bandits in being able to ACTUALLY ATTEMPT to complete their task, got the shaft?

    What other "major characters" we got... Ghostblade the living guard dog, Coober! Who's only job was to host a shitty game show dammit (Like ooc real quick honestly, why did you consider Coober a major NPC?) REESI MOTHA FUCKING GANDOLIN. Who is now known as the hot human slushie after being in a campaign for 5 minutes, psssssh my boi albert done did more than her sorry ass. King Dundinborough, Divine Child Layla?! Alright this shiiiiit is getting all sorts of funny now. You go the two jokers in and not only did they have less air time then my superior pick, but they did less to! And BOPEN who the heckaleckadingdong is this Joker?! I mean I don't even remember seeing him in any campaigns.

    This is all sorts of fucked up.
  • Sorry about not including your fish friend @Timedagger100 ;! He just doesn't seem like he'll be super important in the future, similar to characters that will be such as Layla (We saw he in a vision, afterall). And I'd say Reesi is somewhat important as she was suppose to be a major character, and the TnA moment was pretty funny!
    And as for Coober, he did appear in Drunks and Dragons, and Nuren, and even though they aren't canon, he's been around for a while, so I figured he should get some recognition!
    I guess major characters wasn't the right phrase, just a collection of semi important ones.
    But I understand your issues here, so I've decided to add a vote counter for Albert in the original post. All for you bud <3

    And you're right, Bopen must have been a mistype, noooo idea who that guy is!
  • Holy crap. I expected Philippe to be winning, but the almighty Cain is kicking his butt!
  • So what is with all the Cain love? I thought he was an ok character but are honestly a lot better characters in the world to choose from that are much more fleshed out. I mean what IS his character anyway? a stupid porc who kinda is just stupid and strong? I dunno that just feels extremely flat to me...
  • edited May 2017
    Thanks for all your votes!
  • @TinyBomby No clue why, but for me he just seemed to work. As 2D as he was, it felt like all of the aspects of his character just clicked together. He was the one who got me to start appreciating deadbones' characters more. While there are others that I could have picked (most of them being Deadbones characters) Cain just felt "right."
  • You mispelled 'Peejay Faucet Johanesburg'
  • As a Welshman myself I can appreciate 'Dai' as a character. He was executed so beautifully that it's almost depressing he drowned.
  • Damn. Only me and one other person have voted Vitali so far. You weak magic fools!
  • I'm giving Borracho some love, second place as of this comment!
  • @ExaltedEmm He's a Coe character, he's one of the best bad-guy protagonists.... Borracho is just love and life together.

  • @DatJoeyGuy Bless you kind sir, and also fair enough, but mainly bless you.
  • @brownhair798 for the most part I took all the names off the wiki, so it shouldn't be misspelled unless I made a mistake, sorry!
  • Surprised Dob has 0 votes, I thought he would be a front runner.
  • 100th vote go's to kinnie boots
  • Neena brando all the way
  • To my four other Gwyneths, I love you.
  • I voted Polo
  • I will always love Davey 'Dave' Davidson
  • Heathera! :heart: 
  • I'm honestly a little surprised that Vitali isn't the number one choice, especially after the magic show last Saturday.
  • Gotta love the champion of Chilly Willy!
  • lol what divine child Layla is doing on the list? She had like two lines
  • Glad to show some love to my killer kobold waifu  :)
  • @Noubi ;
    like I said earlier in the thread, there's a big chance she'll be a major character in the future, considering she was in a vision. This poll has no set date to stop it, so you don't have to vote now.
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