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  • @kreeperkiller63

    Similarly, if the event to kill off phanto hadn't gone off, the beenu would have done it themselves, making lyn more justified in wiping them out, and likely making her a more sympathetic character overall, while people's perception on the beenu would be more of a gray area. 

    whole ton of small things could have made big changes.
  • @TamTroll Wait. Where'd you get "The Beenu would have done it themselves" from?
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    @UnluckyBimi most people blame the Beenu for the BoM, and no matter how we donated the dragon was dying. If not us then the beenu. We choose us.
    (I guess it’s not 100% confidermed it would have been the beenu, but most evidents we have suggests that.)
  • @kreeperkiller63 Fair enough, although it's rash to just say they'd have been the cause if not for us. Then again, 'tis a hypothetical and thus pointless.
  • @UnluckyBimi the beenu "ghost" in unexpected discovery revealed that it was them. it was the same character that revealed beenu couldn't reproduce. most likely even though it was a few old gods that did it, a good number of beenu may have believed it was them still, hence the ghost claiming credit.
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    Do believers feel emotions? Could you create a book that has a character that's invincible and has all the abillitys like Nisovin s wormhole or greater lay on hand? Do believers start with there times such as Nisovins wand of limited possibilities? What I'm saying is Nisovin could make a book of himself that has clones all knowing wormhole that feel no mercy to destroy everything. 
  • @LuckyLOO ; i doubt it but it would be a cool side quest
  • @TamTroll That’s a single ghost, who believed it was them. For all we know he was a conspiracy theorist nut-job
    . @LuckyLOO I feel like they do, based on Buzz. 
  • @UnluckyBimi well yeah, it WAS a conspiracy theorist nutjob or something else of the like in THIS timeline. In the one where you didn't fund killing panto though, it's just stating a factual fact.
  • @TamTroll No, it wouldn’t be an absolute fact. There were other potentials than just us and the Beenu. Saying that it’s a fact that the Beenu would’ve been Phanto’s killers, if we weren’t, is just daft. Yes, it’s the most likely alternative but not the only one. - However that’s a hypothetical so we’ll never know. 
  • @UnluckyBimi *steps into room*
    Okay, let's do this.
    In the description of the donation event for killing Phanto it said that we would be killing him instead of the Beenu. You're welcome.
  • @KaeawynShifter Actually, it doesn't. "As an an old god, your enormous powers come at great expense to the people of this realm as you must constantly burn your mark into Characters to gain power over their world. The Birth of Magic will occur regardless if you donate to this event, however should this trigger then the reason there's so much suffering and death in this world will not be because of the mistakes and errors of it's inhabitants, but by you the fans, the old gods. This event triggers at the start of Act 4 "The Birth of Magic"." It says that we'd be responsible for the suffering and death in URealms instead of its' inhabitants mistakes and errors. Doesn't mention the Beenu directly.
  • URealms would be a very different show if it only got half the donations support that it dose.
  • @UnluckyBimi touche, fine, I'll let you win, but it's been told to us many times that the Beenu would be responsible, not my fault you aren't accepting it.
  • @KaeawynShifter I can't recall a time that it was said they'd have been responsible, nor has anyone actually told me a place to find that. (And no, the Beenu Ghost doesn't count for the same reason as: "Only definite if we see it ourselves"). Also, here's the thing: Even if Rob came out and said "Yeah, I would've made the Beenu do it" that doesn't change anything. The story is always changing, albeit slightly at points, and it is impossible to say for certain that if we didn't kill Phanto then the Beenu would've as Rob could've found a more interesting route or left it a mystery.
  • @UnluckyBimi
    I think it is a case that it is heavily implied that should we as Old Gods had not killed Phanto, it would have been the result of a Beenu Mistake, whom at the time would have been the most advanced race in the realms, that would have resulted in Phanto's Death instead.

    It's not canon due to our actions, but the Beenu being the cause of it is the most accepted idea had we not donated for Phanto's death.

    There has been multiple areas in which pointed towards the Beenu being the most likely candidate for it to be the case, but since we killed Phanto instead, it's not really talked about much anymore.

    Though with that said, it's not exactly implied how we as Old Gods did it, whether we just snapped our fingers and killed Phanto, or altered the path of a group and resulted in them killing Phanto instead.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ we killed him by filling his lungs with pennies. Or we used a 10000+ range titanium greatsword and stabbed him through the fourth wall.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ I totally agree there, but my point is actually really simple: It's not a fact that the Beenu would've killed Phanto. - As I've said, yes it's the most likely scenario (had we not caused Phanto's death) but not the only one.
  • What is the gnome economy like if they're all junkies?
  • How do dverg dvergs even work? Can they feel? if their a sub race of dwarves then that means the evolved from or were bred out of dwarves but how? last i checked dwarves were not made of rocks also are their hearts just rocks?
  • @Kingedyou ; i think its off of an ability trait that grew very fast among many dwarven families, its not evolution its selective breeding but over time naturally
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    @Wolf_With_Sword ; they sell drugs and then use those drugs as well as sell treasures   safe to say they make dat dough
  • @helperbot0613 Yeah but how would an ability like being made of rocks develop?
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    @Kingedyou ; magic that and  high talent also thor
  • So far all of the golems we've seen other than the blood golems (which were a liquid, so this doesn't really apply) were indestructible.
  • @KaeawynShifter
    Was it a liquid or was it a jello?
    Or was it a non-newtonian fluid?
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    I just remembered a thought I had, concerning 'Lyn Azveltara Gaiden' and it's BtS:

    Rob said he didn't want to do Coober, fair enough, but he also says he's not sure if Coober would be alive yet. Since Coober is a humanoid creature, he could only be a Dwarf, Elf, Dwelf or Gnome (maybe a Forn?). Considering Coober is probably a Dwarf, it's completely fair for Rob to say that he might not have existed at this point... Except for the fact that there were 2 Sapient Kobolds in the tower, and there's no way they currently exist at this point in time.

    Of course, Rob said he didn't want to do Coober again, which is completely fair, but even if Coober wasn't born yet, the Tower has some weird Time-Distortion to it that allows for things that shouldn't exist to exist. (Either that, or that Baby had a really good imagination/sense of preminition. :p )

    @KaewynShifter You're forgetting the Flesh Golems. :p
  • @Kingedyou My theory on that is that the Dvergr's were the original Dwarves (a la Bruce Willakers, the 'King of all Dwarves'), but when they decided to imprison Thor in an unbreakable Prison, Thor cursed those directly responsible with the curse of Mortality that gave them normal skin and skeletons. Of course, since either Bruce or Lance had to be directly responsible for this, they just declared their Dwarfism to be the actual Dwarfism, and it just stuck.
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