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Who is now saving gold to buy a 100000 gold diety when they come out?

I certainly am, come on! I want a Quintara lotus avatar!


  • Never spent a dime on avatars before so I'm ready to buy the avatar of our old god baby divine when they are ready. I will be like that dude who has a photo of his kid in their wallet and keeps showing it to strangers.

    (unless a Kallark one comes out before that but I won't hold my breath for that, lol)
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    Not me :P
  • I've seen Bopen, and now I want nothing else.
  • I mean I didnt intend to spend my gold anyways but I would like one of them now that i know about it
  • I was going to buy every avitar but then the S3 Avitars were donor exclusive so now i'm just stockpiling my gold. I'm quite happy with Male Dwelf.
  • I'm just praying I get picked for a DD so I can have a unique avatar.
  • Hell yeah dude
  • Well I got 27k right now with all currently available avatars bought so I think I'm set ;)
  • I have been for the longest time in speculation but was this announced?
  • ABSOLUTELY!! >_<
  • I am glad I didn't go through and buy all the existing avatars as had been my original plan. Looking forward to seeing the shiny Legendary Avatars
  • I'm 100% saving up. I got Feo for my first avatar, and only ever bought Galen after that (don't really use him) so I have a fair bit of gold stockpiled. Still have a ways to go though ;)
  • I might do it; it depends on what the avatars are.
  • @friskyBrisky so far there is Bopen Golestandt Locst and Robear 
  • Can we see these up there now? I'm having a blank on who Locst is damn.
  • @Galeden ;

    @Badzee They meant Quintara Lotus. Sixelona was working on those four characters in her most recent art stream.
  • That's awesome to hear, got 50k gold saved up so will grab something :dank: 
  • I will, just so I can say I have one, but I'll probably keep good ol' Jo here!

  • @Pufflemore So Bopen and Rohbear are Gods? Or are they just important NPC's being worked on in addition to the Dragon Aspects?

    And in complete honesty, none of those 4 interest me, so I'll just pass on those. I really want a Cain and Rick Snot Avatar though.
  • Already have 20k saved up. Was waiting for a dragon aspect, but could not help my self with the Beenu avatar. Will probably splurge and buy another if a Beenu character is available.

    Doubtful that I would be interested in an old god. Probably just going to grab quintara 
  • @friskyBrisky Rohbear is the first elf, so him being a divine wouldn’t surprise me. Bopen, however, is an unknown. Claims to be a god, but we don’t know if that’s true. 
  • @UnluckyBimiI I mean we kinda know it's not true. Otherwise he wouldn't be frozen in time when the sandbolds showed up.
  • @Zeeboon Well, there's still the chance that the skeleton we see as "Bopen, the Skeleton King and Ageless God" is just a bone-puppet he uses and other similar theories. (I personally don't agree with them, but they're still potentially right.)
  • I certainly haven't been spending my gold on anything else. 27k in reserve right now, so lets see what happens  :)
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    yknow the reason there isn't a bopen avatar is probably because it would need to be this expensive and it would start up a lot of questions
  • @bl1ndn3rd I wish I was that clever, but the reality is that there is no Bopen character because he has never been really played as a "Character" we have focused on making the Player Characters first and because I'm a sneaky pete, for the S3 class cards we decided to make a few notable npcs that could/would be those classes the picture for the class cards so we could have them done for the website. 

    We are trying to get more of the notable NPCs like Bopen and such done as well though for the website.
  • sure saving for one of these, already got 25k in reserve.
  • I want to be divine, just so I can be a divine.
    Only thing I would buy would be a DUKE DARING avatar, but I'm not really holding by breath
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