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Students of Urealms, what is your major?



  • Finished my BSc Hons in Zoology last year, I'm now doing a post graduate course in education which will hopefully have me end up  with a Masters in Education!
  • Well done. I'm doing Embedded systems, but specializing in Game development. Currently working an internship making mobile games.
  • I'm majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science, and with a minor in chemistry.
  • I'm in high school, and I study maths, physics and economics.
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    Currently working on my Bachelor Degree of Computing with a specialization in Game Development
  • Recently finish my first of 3 years in my college's Mobile Application Development program.
  • Good old computer science. I'm noticing programming is a big pattern here, which honestly isn't that surprising. This is my last semester, so as long as I don't fail my senior project I'm gonna be graduated soon.
  • I'm still in high school, but I'm going for a major in teaching
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Computer Science major. Thinking of going into game development.
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    @Critterbritches  #Biobuddies Lol, yeah I love bio, not sure how I'm going to concentrate yet. For now, planning on getting a well-rounded education. The Classical Civilizations minor was great because the classes for it fit right into my schedule by taking out most of my different gen ed requirements!

  • Currently doing my second year of Software Engineering
  • +1 Comp Sci.
  • Planning on going into Meteorology. Preferably, I want to study Planetary Meteorology.
  • @Critterbritches ;yea I've already done a few years of zoo work through volunteer positions and after i finish my degree i hope to get a paid job 
  • Computer science nerdo here.
    Major all-round due to course being software and hardware.
    Minor in Arts and Maths. The real nerd strikes.
  • I'm graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts, minor in English, this weekend.
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    I've got one year left as an Anthropology major. I'm particularly keen on the cultural branch of the field, and my favorite classes have been the ones about Japanese literature and art.

    @Critterbritches Glad to see someone else mention Anthro! I'm not yet sure what I'll be doing with it either, but I feel like it prepares you for a variety of things.
  • My major is 3D animation doing this for myself and because i didn't know what else to go for. 
  • I'm a math / adolescence math education double major
  • My major is history, going for an economics concentration (slightly more than a minor, slightly less than a major) also. 
  • I'm doing a dual bachelor of business and IT probably majoring in marketing but i haven't decided yet.
  • Philosophy. Ask me anything about the Hegelian Dialectic.
    I won't be able to answer anything about it, though.
  • I'm tumbling trought an IT major on networks (no idea if I'll ever get a job but at least I'm having fun)
  • My college requires a taking a "Freshmen Engineering" program before you can move into a specific engineering department so starting next semester I will be studying Computer Engineering and possibly either dual majoring or minoring in Computer Science.
  • Graphic design major, with a minor in Art studio. Still have three/four more semesters left.
  • Currently, Im undeclared, but I want to probably go into civil engineering.
  • I have a bachelors degree in social science. Now im in the last semester for my master in what you can call urban studies. 
  • I'm a Mathematics/Economics Double Major
  • Sophomore in Biomedical Engineering. Possibly minoring in nanotechnology. 
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