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Urealms video game groups

So... Hey guys, uhm some of us probably own the same video games. So Maybe we can get together and play?
Like for example if you own Overwatch and you don't have buddies to play with, then people can meet up and play together. Of course this works for any videogames that are multiplayer friendly. So list some games you have and maybe another Forum user has similar games as you and then people become mythical Urealms internet buds. for luck


    • Overwatch
    • Playerunknownbattlegrounds
    • Civilization V
    • Hearthstone
    • Heroes of the storm
  • I've got Overwatch 
  • Overwatch.
    Some other multiplayer games I could download.

    I'm on the PS4.
  • Personally I'm partial to stuff like Jackbox games, Worms, steam minigolf games. But I do have LoL, Hearthstone and Killing Floor. People should be able to find me on Steam under the username Valtruist
  • i have all Blizzard games overwatch , WoW, Hots ect... if anyone wanna play <3
  • Oh my god, Civilization V with you guys sounds like a blast xD. Or Overwatch is also fun!
  • I actually need a new Overwatch groups since all my friends stopped playing. And Solo-Q gets somewhat annoying
  • I mostly play LoL and pubg atm but i also play Overwatch and Civ VI occasionally 
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    Overwatch(too introverted to play solo-q alone), LoL(not active right now, fell out of it), and Civ 5(but suck at strategy.)

    Oh and tabletop simulator, I own no dlc.
  • @minepiedotcom not really about being good, more about getting friends with similar interests
  • It could be cool to also make some guilds in GW2 or WoW or something.
  • Anyone have a 3ds and want to add me?
  • @snarkyslytherin ;
    I got a 3ds with sm4sh, mariokart 7, pokemon moon.
    on my PC Civ V, Overwatch, and a buch of other junk on steam that I can install
  • @noxumbre PM me your friend code, I'll add you. I have smash and pokemon sun :D
  • There is a Buffalo Wizards fan group on steam, so that is basically a urealms fan group.
  • I never really got how to ask other randoms to play with me, but I'll try the group.
  • Overwatch, WoW, Space engineers, TF2 (barely play anymore), Pokemon S&M X&Y ORAS and I have other games but they are mostly single player.
  • If anyone wants to add me, I'm at
  • Joined the steam group as well! Here's my BattleTag Cloud#15376 -- feel free to add me. I usually play Heroes of the Storm & Overwatch. Would be fun to game with you guys!
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    I'm up for Overwatch and hearthstone #11375 Galeden
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