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Tower of Ultimate Wizardry in Unity [2 Floors]

edited December 2017 in Fan Art and Creations
Spent a bit of time this past weekend working on building the tower of Ultimate Wizardry in unity based on the floors we have seen so far, currently it contains the first two floors as seen in the campaign from season 2. We learned in the last campaign that they can be in a random order, so when I have made more floors maybe that will be a viable option. I hope to work on this some more as I get some free time, and thought people here might enjoy it and I could always do with the feedback.

 I'm not much of a modeller/artist so most of the assets are mismatched from various open source websites, and I'm sure a lot of things could be done better, so feel free to let me know :) 

Controls are WASD to move, space to jump, E to interact/pick up, left mouse button to melee when holding an item, and right mouse button to throw a held item.

Currently only works on windows (Sorry), but here is the download link, just extract to a folder and run the .exe and it should hopefully work :smile:


  • This is really cool. :) I hope you get the time to do more of the floors. I'm definitely bookmarking this for any future updates! 
  • I have some feedback that's not meant to be mean so sorry if it is
    on the first floor pressing the button a second time resets the walls instead of speeding them up and the walls can be jumped through and the jump height isn't uniform height which doesn't help on the second floor
  • @The_456744 the first floor resets because that's how it was in the old cartoon and I got them confused I think, might have it do both (reset, and speed up), I will see what I can do about the jumping but as far as I know it is a uniform height, will look into it at some point this week, thank you :smile: 
  • the jumping sometimes barely gets you off the ground
  • @The_456744 Now that the work week is over for me I took a look, jumping through seems to be fixed, and I have changed the wall to speed up as well as reset, the jumping is more consistent now also, but feels less natural, will work on it, but everything you mentioned *should* be solved :smile: Updated the link at the start of the post!
    @magnetised Thanks! Missed your comment, will hopefully get another floor done this weekend :smileneena:
  • @Oakley Nope, just installed the game, same bugs
  • Made a new version. should help even more with the jumping I hope, see if that changes anything for you @EssenSlug link updated at the start of the post
  • the jumping definitely a lot better but I'm not sure how you finish the second floor.
  • @The_456744 I have a portal object set up to stick in there, but currently no where for it to take you to haha
  • Updated the link at the top of the post, I hoped to add a third floor this weekend, but instead have implemented the ability to play multiplayer. You can still play on your own by selecting local host, but if you select "enable match making", and "create/find internet match" you can set up a lobby to play with friends (although currently all lobbys are public).

    The GUI is messy, and a few things do not work as intended (only the host can pick up objects, occasional desyncs in the spike room, to name some), but I think it would be really cool if I at some point set up a dedicated server so as you are climbing the tower you can do so with others.

    I am visiting family for a short while so this will likely be the last update until after the holidays, and while I think on it's own this update is pretty underwhelming as there still isn't much to do in the game, I think that in the long run, it will be really cool thematically to bump into random users who are also climbing the tower. :smile: 
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