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What happens when a player rolls a 1 on Dejavu?

Basically what the Title asked, what happens when a player rolls a 1 on Dejavu?


  • Restart combat with the party being locked into their actions and allow the enemy (who saw the vision) to react to the party's actions maybe? 
  • Grant them a false vision of the future 
  • Make the entire campaign a flash back and the players are near defeat(at 1 Stam) fighting the battle they were just in.
  • Have the Caster deathroll if he fails have him face a fate worse than death infinitely reliving the past turn over and over again.
  • Personally, I'd have it so the player who used it would remember the entire campaign but instead of with his party it'd be with what-ever thing he's fighting. - He's fighting a dragon? Well, in his mind that dragon accompanied him through a dungeon and is now fighting 3 gnomes that are trying to lie to him about being his friends.
  • Rolling a one means the spell failed, because the spell is giving you and the party a mental premonition, I'd probly make the spell caster death roll because of the power of the spell. Basically he sees too much of the future and it melts away his mind.
  • @Rob thanks Rob! Also would that be a normal death roll or a brutal death roll?
  • @TombstoneSMB ; I would go normal, having someone brutal deathroll on that spell seems a bit harsh

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