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Need some help with some Lore!



  • @Fyre Well, we don't really know if there's mortals who can fly (well, without wings since there are harpies) nor how fast they can go. - I fully understand what you mean (and meant) but I had to be "that guy".
  • @UnluckyBimi That's fine I understand someone has to do it also I'm pretty sure the been could fly or at least glide probably not at Mach 8 though.
  • Hecc with the flying thing. I was planning on actually making a campaign centered around flight. Though... nah, lore-wise that works even if only divines can fly without wings. So, can someone PM me stats for a gnomish/beenu attack helicopter?
  • @KaeawynShifter.. uhhh that's a gender ya know.... And thinking about it... Maybe they can create the believers.... From whatever story that they imagine...
  • @Jamstaroam making that joke reference in the campaign, but it won't be playable, it's going to be the final boss.
  • @KaeawynShifter If a player wants to be a gnomish attack helicopter then who are you to tell them no? They can whatever they believe. (Just don’t take then seriously). 
  • I think the dragon aspects should be able to ''sense'' their element. So they can always know if someone used a spell of their element. This would give them more of a connection to these elements which are basically the foundation of life on the planet, after the birth of magic
  • @MikkelDeBueman Wouldn't that get a bit annoying for the aspects after a while? Just knowing when-ever somebody used their element would be like getting an itch right in a spot you can't reach.
  • but wouldnt it explain how the divines went kind of crazy after the birth of magic... and its totally plausible that they might of accidentally (or intentionally) caused the birth of magic.... or maybe we tricked them or caused it ourselves?
  • @Jamstaro We literally killed Phanto and caused the Birth of Magic.
  • @KaeawynShifter I believe what @Jamstaro is saying is that we tricked/made the divines cause the Birth of Magic. 'cause that's possible with us still being the perpretators, just that we're using living tools.
  • @UnluckyBimi We were shown on camera killing Phanto, there isn't much leeway in the canon there.
  • @KaeawynShifter When were we shown killing him? We saw his death, from afar, but not him being killed nor what actually caused it directly (since we definitely caused it, but the exact method is unknown).
  • Exactly... And even if he was murdered... We could have just not known why we caused it.... (Considering we can jump to whatever time period we want... It's like time travel.... We did it... We just don't know it yet)
  • @Jamstaro We do know we killed Phanto. We just don't know how.
  • @Jamstaro But you said "We just don't know it yet" after "we did it" which appears that you're saying "Yeah, we killed Phanto but we don't know that we killed Phanto".
  • Now this is going to sound strange, but I would like you to hear me out. 
    A power only reserved for gods is usually stuff that pertains to life and death.

    But I think a power that will make games a lot more fun and less game breaking is to make powers of True Divination (as in 100% true sight) only reserved for Old Gods. Because to be honest the most powerful thing in a game is knowledge, and when I dm Pathfinder the one thing I hate is when someone makes something that is Divination focused. Where they ask me a bunch of questions and can pin point whatever they want. You have a secret big baddy that has a hidden escape? Well screw you they use a spell to look into the weave or some crap and know not only where he is, but laso what he's weak to, how much hp he has, and how many of a certain spell he can cast.
  • @Omen_Howitzer I'd just like to point out the ironic humor of having the name 'Omen_Howitzer' and hating divination (a.k.a. the reading of omens)
  • @KaeawynShifter Yeah, I know. Omen's a name I've used for a very long time

  • nah mate... im saying that we killed phanto... but we dont know what lead to us killing phanto... 
  • @Jamstaro We threw money at it, that is literally what happened.
  • being able to talk every language
  • The power to spontaneously create new species, new objects, or give others spells without using a large amount of gold.
  • @MikkelDeBueman Conversely if you don't want a specific Aspect to be able to perceive you, you need to put yourself in an environment where theier element is completely absent and never cast spells of their element. To avoid Rokesh float in the ocean, to get away from Golestandt always keep several high power lamps consistently on you from all directions, and preferably find a way to make sure you glow on the inside and so forth. This is not particularly useful on account that the Aspects aren't going to be looking at you in particular anyway but it's a possibility.
    @UnluckyBimi As a mortal knowing each time a spell of a certain element is cast may seem highly irksome but for the Aspects receiving this amount of information is as nature as you being able to see your surroundings with your eyes. 
  • @UnluckyBimi I don't think of it as a notification system, it's more of an aal-knowning aspect of them. Like it's all divine stuff, so none of it really happens. They just know, without thinking about it. They're divine, and this would give them some unexplainable divinty aspect
  • I know we're discussing what only Divines can do, but I think it would be a good distinction to make that Divines CAN'T interfere with free will. This doesn't limit them from illusory/mind control magics, but no magic exists that a Divine can use to directly change somebody's personality. This ability should, however, be open to the Old Gods (such as giving the Lovestruck attribute to "The Long Con" Conner in Murder Bros).
  • Well, I'd say something like Emotreil (using your emotions as both a fuel and output for magic specific to the emotions you are 'trained' in), but I really want to see powerful non-divines getting that too, though I suppose it could work. ((And here is where I start listing which divines would have which Emotreil because I'm bored.))
    Golestandt would have Madness, obviously.
    Yvander can have Regret, because that makes sense lore-wise.
    Vlarunga... Vengeance? Maybe? I dunno.
    Ouro'ras can take Happyness, because the Light is all good and stuff.
    Rokesh... geez, this is tough, partly because I don't know all the different Emotreil... I'll pas for now.
    Quintara Lotus gets Pride, what with the whole TOUW thing.
    I'm stopping here, I had to pass on one already.
  • @KaeawynShifter ; We threw money at it, that is literally what happened.

    Who knew cold hard cash could be such a blunt and deadly instrument.
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