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The Grand Paladin and My Hero Academia's lore are eerily similar no?

So theres this huge evil in Bopen, which seems unstopable in nature. Single handedly and without much effort at all taking down Virgo Sunsword is pretty hardcore... BUT these grand paladins will keep getting stronger and stronger since each one gains the power of the previous. Rob even used the term "pass down the flame".

So for my fellow weebs, isn't this basically One For All vs All For One. We even had Bopen giving out legendaries left and right... I dunno maybe rob took some inspiration from it or most likely it's a huge and awesome coincidence.


  • @TheoriesBanana Well, the inheritance type power system isn't actually new. I can't remember the name of the show I first saw it in, but it was released between 1987 or 1997 (for some reason I think it had a 7, but it probably doesn't. Damn you Coe!) - But yeah, there's similarities but it's probably a coincidence.
  • This was also a thing in Avatar the Last Airbender. This is not an intentional reference, I'm pretty sure the only anime Rob really watches is Dragon Ball Super.
  • He references bending alot so I would not be so sure about that.  @blockington99
  • @KlondikeBar Yeah but Avatar is so widely known that even people who don't watch anime at all can make references to it.
  • @KlondikeBar I meant that more as not a reference to MHA and that he hasn't really watched any anime in the last few years outside of Super. Avatar references within Urealms weren't really part of the point I was trying to make.
  • @Kingedyou point taken, but doesn't that make it even easier with people able to watch it and then make references without having ever watched an anime? [insert cliche fingerguns here]
  • @KaeawynShifter Yup, but some of the stuff isn't as known. I didn't know the Avatar fella reincarnated, but it's not really important given it's a trope used a fair bit (although it has gone outta style recently).
  • @KaeawynShifter That's fair carry on.
  • Spiff and Deadbones pointed this out to me after one of the most recent campaigns. I watched the first season of the show and I can see some similarities, but if your expecting it to go in that direction you will end up disappointed I think. I love shows like dragonball and avatar and so the concepts of fusion and merging powers comes from their.
  • So what your saying rob is that we can expect for our main hero not son goku to gain power by being punched by two girls a bunch?
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