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What is Bopen?

the official lore of Bopen is: "So the official lore on Bopen is:Bopen the Skeleton King is a powerful Ageless Pirate played by Rob in many campaigns. Bopen is a legendary Ageless Pirate who sails the seas, plundering the unfortunate ships that he sets his eyes on. While his Ageless crew, and other Ageless, are instructed to gather as many captives as possible in order to convert their inhabitants into Ageless, the Pirate Skeleton King's single goal is to gather as much magical treasure and loot as he can. 

(N.B. it has not been confirmed that Bopen is Ageless, so any time Bopen is refered to as Ageless, it should be interpreted as we presume him to be Ageless, but not as a fact.)" (copied and pasted from Urealms Wiki)

Bopen also refers to him self as an ageless god, which may or may not be true, but we can assume he is immortal considering the only way to kill an ageless is by breaking their skull and bopen has his skull shattered but was able to continue living, therefor he is unkillable (unless further is made) . 

We have no idea where Bopen came from, his origin story, who he was before he became ageless(if he was ever a normal being) or how he survived after his skull was shattered.

Virgo has been known as one of the strongest, if not strongest characters (mortal) in Urealms, and about 10% of the dungeoneer encyclopedia is about him. The encyclopedia is "filled with everything you need to know." meaning it would be filled will facts about every monster in urealms. This book would be very large, so 10% would be 50 pages at the very least. With our knowledge of virgo's strength, only an immortal being could kill him.


My theory Bopen was never not ageless, probably a son of Golestandt or was created from the death of Phanto.

Another option is that Bopen was/is an "old god" 

(also, bopen backwards is nepob, and when put in google translate to english, it is translated to: "smite" this may or may not be intentional)

Bopen is might the very first ageless, and if true, probably created the ageless curse.

I want to believe that Bopen is an old god who was directly responsible for the death of Phanto, as it states in the Urealms wiki "However, Phanto died and crystallized, which was mysteriously connected to the choices of the Old Gods" what if Bopen created a type divine decision for the death of phantos and convinced us (the old gods) to vote yes to his plan. Another option is that there was a divine decision and Bopen was the only god to say yes, but because it is randomly picked, Bopen got picked against the odds(or manipulated it to make him be picked).

Tell me what y'all think.



  • Didn't Golestandt create the Ageless curse? his breath turns mortals into Ageless. Same time we also had Mermaids give the Ageless curse in the Deadlantis Campaign, so either the Mermaids are children of Golestandt that went mad along with him during the Birth of Magic or they where created by a separate entity like Bopen. This all depends on whether Bopen was present during and before the Birth of Magic. So far I haven't noticed any reference to him before the Birth of Magic so I think its safe to assume for now that he wasn't. (that being said as I write this I think I remember Bopen stating that Lance was there when he was born? id have to go back to check)

    My idea on Bopen's immortality and possibility of being an actual god, him being a fallen Old God with his own ambitions sounds interesting and id actually love to see that. My thought is whether Bopen's immortality stems from something like the Horcruxes from Harry Potter. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Rob did this, I remember when he did those Harry Potter episodes in Unforgotten Realms show. I think this can be a possibility since the first time we see him he forms from the bones (BOOOOOOOOONESSSSSS) of the Dwarven Royal Family, and him taking Virgo's black charred skull as his own. In order to confirm this though Bopen will have to take a hit from a legendary spell that can kill Divines and live.

    This could also make him a spirit of sorts, again an Old God powered by the presence of every Old God watching.

    On whether or not he's the son of Golestandt, it could be possible but part of me thinks its not likely, unless Golestandt's mad state turned some kind of Pirate Divine into an Ageless, maybe a Divine of Treasure or Avarice. On the death of Phanto I know nothing about id have to read up on it.

    Any that's my thoughts I'm also open for discussion on this.
  • Also I've been here awhile but I've just been anti-social up to this point, so sorry if your confused about a new name into all this..... just awkward is all
  • @TombstoneSMB  When golestandt breaths, he creates ageless thralls, not actual ageless, but you are correct about the mermaids, i forgot about them
  • @Harns Well, crazy golestandt makes thralls. Maybe sane golestandt would be able to make actual ageless? Or ageless were a joint effort between some aspects, say, golestandt and quintara lotus had some brilliant... uh.. brainstorming sessions?
  • Was it not confirmed that the cast of SoD were the first ageless?
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    @Kingedyou Yes

    10/10 really added to the discussion.
  • @proudmhello Oh damn that confidence boost plus a six pack of redbull just birthed a theory Bopen's ring isn't a ring at all but in fact his crown because a ring is not always an item a ring is actually just a shape and a crown is basically just a giant head ring also the poem about Bopen mentions that the ring makes him king name one person who became a king for having a ring no no kings wear crowns just like bopens crown which can be considered a ring so all those people who say he doesnt wear a ring it's right there hiding in plain sight because no one ever talks about his crown
  • or we'll get the same bullshit we got with gnomes lmao
  • @Kingedyou
    I understood none of that. But I doubt that we'll get the Gnome excuse again. It was annoying once.
  • @proudmhello yeah that was like that campaign with Nisovin in the school where the last encounter was a dream

  • @Kingedyou I doubt rob will use the same gag twice, Rob defiantly has a plan for bopen, and i believe that he is planning another campaign like fall of dundinburrough where its the last of the paladin order with raynel and the other sunswords
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    @TombstoneSMB ;
    I didn't mention that that, but that's what I was referring to. Okanoma (that's spelt wrong) was not as bad, simply because its not a major part of the lore, but having the lore officially say "Ummm... I dunno" TWICE would be the worst.
  • @Harns I guess something to think about is that the mermaids are evidence of Ageless existing before the birth of magic
  • @TombstoneSMB true, but we don't know how long Bopen has existed in the world, He could easily be pre birth of magic
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    I feel like the bopen loves gold, and gold is magic part is getting looked over.

    I think his power comes from the massive amounts of gold he has, he has so much gold he appears to be a god.

    That is about the most we can conclude to probably be canon(gold=magic bopen has a shit ton of gold he mimics a divine)

    from here we don't know any more specifics. maybe there is just a gnome in the dundinbough vault filled with gold, using the gold to be bopen. Maybe bopen is something like a purple believer use using magic to do the things he does. Maybe anything else. 

    But his power comes from gold, not dragons, not his sword, not his ring.
    (what I think at least)
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;
    To stop Bopen for good, an uneasy alliance must be forged in order to make preparations for one of the biggest heists in the history of the Realms.

    And there's only one crew Galen knows is capable of such a monumental task.
  • My theory is that Bopen is our creation. As you'll recall, at the end of Azveltara Z there was a lot of text in Elvish, which, when translated, talked about things referred to as 'spoilers'. It discussed how the sandbolds took control of the 'final talon' (Phanto's?), how they were the first servants of the old gods, and most importantly, that they ensured their own destruction when the old gods summoned their final divine, and that the order of chaos killed the sandbolds. Now, what we also know about Bopen is that, as Rob specifically mentioned in a BTS (not sure which one, i've been binge watching season 3) that Bopen had to have come from somewhere, and if he is a divine, the question is whose child is he? Rob specifically stressed that point - Bopen had to have come from somewhere

    The divines we summon are from the tears of the Old Gods. We will be able to create our own divine, who will be the leader of the Order of Chaos. And we know our divine will be very customisable, to our own liking! But they are a divine, nonetheless. A divine created, not from the gods, but from the old gods - a divine that could easily come from seemingly 'nowhere'.

    So, here's the question? What if this divine we create becomes ageless? What sort of being do you think it would create? My guess? An ageless god, with supreme power. Bopen, the skeleton king. 
  • I think Bopen is actually pure magic from the sword, after rewatching the flashbacks from the cobblers there is obviously a tie between bopen and his sword. In the fall of Dundinborough the purple cloud took control of many things until he got to a skeleton of the royal family. It can be somewhat determined that this started happening with the sword. My theory is that if the sword breaks or is destroyed, the cloud and bopen are as well.
  • @TheRagingPyro Basically my theory as well, especially given Rob's insistence about Roamin describing his "kill" of Bopen in the Purge. 
  • Here’s a theory along the lines the we, The Old Gods, create Bopen... what happens when we have too many Sins of the Unforggoten? My theory is that when we get enough Sins they will summon Bopen in a way, a punishment for our foolishness.

    On the other hand would that be considered a punishment? It adds to the entertainment we desire so maybe the Sins will end up being a different punishment. 

    But still a theory i think to keep in mind 
  • Bopen in Google translate means bounce... Does this help?
  • @Harns
    bopen was not the first ageless and the mermaids where the first things seen to be using the curse and mermaids where the first "ageless"
  • Ehh I'm pretty sure Bopen is a skeleton
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    Maybe Bopens life encarnate.
    Gold = Magic  Magic = Life. 
    The smoke around him is just the spell enchant life taken to the extreme.
    Now imagine all the agelesss yelling "Death to the living!" Yet there 'god' is the embodiment of living. 

    Now where he stores this gold life stuff is with the golden golem, the ring and the golems rubies is how he can access the gold.

    To back up this theory even more phineas says Bopen doesn't have the ageless smoke, it's different. Enchant life also does the little smoke thingy I believe. The golems abillitys such as gold force and limit break back up this idea of super op enchant life.

  • Here's what we know about Bopen:

    • He has some connection with the Ageless: Daedric claims he has no proof he's an Ageless God, but he commands Ageless, leads the political party of the Reapers, and takes the appearance of one. Yet despite his great power and apparent Agelessness, he does not seem to immediately "assist" Golestandt. Though not all Ageless were turned by Golestandt or treat the Aspect as a being of worship, Bopen's goal of annihilating all life and his self-definition of "Ageless God" seem to related to Golestandt. And yet, Bopen does not seem to pay the Aspect any mind.
    • Bopen is essentially immortal. "Killing" him in the traditional sense only causes him to possess a new body.
    • Bopen had some sort of previous life before his appearance in the Fall of Dundinborough. He was apparently an Ageless and a pirate, who plundered massive amounts of gold. His Ageless nature and great power was apparently held in a ring forged by gods (whether Old or Divine in origin is ambiguous), but was mysteriously felled by his comrades succumbing to death. Nevertheless, his sword ended up in the possession of Dundinborough royalty, and the Gold Golem of Dundinborough seemed to have some connection to him. Bopen himself states that he was "reborn" at Dundinborough, providing further evidence that Bopen had some sort of previous life.
    • Phineas holds some level of control or has some relation with Bopen. I think I recall him having some form of Charm or indirect influence over him (I remember this being confusing, but it shows that though he is physically immortal he's vulnerable to some magic; though this concept may have been feigned, as Rob did exhibit nervousness at Area'ni's attempt to Charm Bopen). Though he seems to highly prefer Ageless in his crew, he seems to refuse to turn Phineas into an Ageless, even though it would probably be more convenient to bring him to Deadlantis as an Ageless.
    • To further build upon Bopen being not-quite Divine despite his technical immortality, he does not seem to hold easy control over magics outside of mortal control, like an Aspect, for instance. Instead he seems to rely mostly on his sword: though it is golden and therefore magical in nature, it's surprisingly simple compared to reality-bending powers that Divines have. For instance, Tambok can seemingly pause time and create his own reality; Bopen hasn't exhibited any powers quite of this caliber.

    So let us ponder what we know. Bopen is a godlike entity; we aren't certain of his origin, but we can make some distinctions based on what we know about the Urealms Universe. He does not seem to be an "Old God" directly, as what the rules are (though they may change) is that Old Gods can only be spectators. Furthermore, the Divine Decision for whether or not the Ageless would go to war with the living, which Bopen clearly had major stakes in, was decided by Old Gods. Therefore, Bopen can be controlled by Old Gods, and it wouldn't be logical that the Old Gods would have the potential to betray Bopen if Bopen was some sort of Old God Prophet. It is still possible that Bopen has ties with the Old Gods, as they/we seem to be instruments of chaos and mystery, and both certainly embody Bopen. I will concede that the concept of Old Gods is very messy in and of itself, and anything's possible when it comes to that field.

    Bopen could be some sort of Divine or child of Golestandt, but the place in time his "backstory" takes place is ambiguous. The Fall of Dundinborough is one of the earlier campaigns (the timeline is another messy matter), where the Ironstone Accords were not yet fully sealed. Though the King Dundinborough shown in the campaign could have been the son of the original King Dundinborough made by Thor, there were no distinctions made: it can therefore be assumed that it takes place not long after Thor created the dwarves, as the King was still alive (though whether or not his age was prolonged due to his Divine birth is possible, nor do we know the accepted lifespan of the races). Bopen's previous life could have occurred sometime after the Birth of Magic, which would give obvious connections between him and the newly feral Golestandt and age of strife; or it could occur sometime before, which makes the story stranger but still possible. If it occurred before the Birth of Magic, we can conclude that Bopen has some sort of Divine origin, or some sort of Divine favor.

    In summary, all we can conclude about Bopen is that he is an Ageless-related being that possesses indirect immortality, can go toe-to-toe with Virgo Sunsword (who apparently subjugated Golestandt in his younger years), and has a storied existence related to gods of some sort. Until we get direct facts, whether about himself or about the rules of the Urealms Universe (purposefully, we know very little about both topics), we can say nothing else concrete.

    But speculation is fun, so continue to do so with what I've provided to the discussion. (Here's a haphazard tidbit, more to stir the pot than anything; "Bopen" is a reference to "Bipen", who was a single viewer who was randomly picked from the crowd, whose random selection ended up making him so important that he became the face of all of Rob's Pokemon content. Now, can this be compared to anything in URealms?)

  • Tbh he's probably just some old wizard using a strong form of telekenisis far away. lol
  • I think Bopen might be some type of Flesh Golem (kinda like the Golden Golem in FoD, who needs gold to survive and could manipulate gold freely). In Senate of Deadlantis, Bopen was seemingly toying around with Daedric, kinda like he was in control of his body, or more specifically his bones (Also, I recall Bopen coming into the court and controlling the skulls of everyone in the courtroom? I vaguely remember something like that). And it makes sense that he needs a new "host" to survive when his skeleton is destroyed, it's like the golem, they both need the substance they're formed off to contain life.
  • Keep in mind through all of this that Bopen is subject to time magic, as the Sandbolds demonstrated. Since the rules of time magic (as we understand them) state that Divines, Dragon Aspects, and Believers are immune to time magic, it points to Bopen being neither Divine or Believer.

    However, Bopen could be slime exception to the rule, or fall under some aspect of the rule we don't understand. The 3 types of beings in the realm that are immune to time magic are the three who aren't bound by the rules that time imposes; Dragon Aspects and Divines can use creation magic, and thus likely have the ability to control time, and Believers are not "real" and thus are immune to time (likely a nod to the fact that Believers defy the time line we understand at the meta level. All of this is important because it may be possible to create a Divine being (such as Bopen) who is within the jurisdiction of time; this "restriction" may actually be considered a benefit by some Divines (similar to the "Gift of Mortality" in Tolkien's  Middle Earth. If you're unfamiliar with this, I highly reccomend you look it up)  
  • He is magic. 

    Lets see magic is equivalent to gold.

    What is bopen's theme? Well outside of being an ageless god that is. Friggin gold. Gold sword, gold ring and hoards gold like a pirate. 

    And whats that he also has a mysterious aura exactly the same as the gold golem from FoD? crazy.

    The reason why Rob asked Roamin exactly how he would kill bopen is because hurting his skeleton would not kill him in any way shape or form. You could grind it to powder, use the erase spell, whatever. The only thing that matters is using up his magical gold. If you want to kill Bopen channel his magic into a spell and use him all up.

    But where the heck is this gold gaining sentience? Why is he alive?

    This is a lot more guessy and I'm not very sure about everything below here
    Because hes not lying about being a god. 

    What are the gods of the realm? Well the dragon aspects of course and what are they? The pure essence of their magical aspect. 

    Rob has said we will grow to feel bad for bopen, and right now we have two sad boi dragons ready for the role 

    Good old Goldy who we saw was previously you know sane and is now a big ol grumpy cat.

    And of course dead boi phanto. 

    And look at what Bopen is trying to do. He's making a civilization for ageless. And what makes ageless special? They are more immortal than normal people.

    Bopen is not some random evil, but a dragon aspect trying to rebuild their life.
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