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What was your first piece of content that you found of Rawbs and how did you get to URealms?



  • The first video of his I watched was Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story, way back in 2007. I stuck around up until he started doing all those Minecraft videos, then I lost interest. It wasn't until recently that I started watching him again.

    Much like @Firedemon, I posted on the previous forum, and I hope to god nobody figures out who I am.
  • I first found Rob's work, back with Unforgotten Realms Classic. I've been keeping up to date with this work ever since. Going on sites like to keep up to date. After Unforgotten Realms stopped updating on the site, I looked up more of Rob's content. I found his channel Rurikar on Youtube. After which I proceeded to watch nearly all of the content on the channel. I then found the link to the BruceWillakers channel. At the time, I found it, Rob had just started to create the first episodes of Dwarves Vs Zombies. I've been following the channel ever since. Rob then started to create URealms. Although I can't really watch the Twitch streams live due to living in the United Kingdom. I normally start watching the footage stored as the campaign goes along, being able to start watching from the beginning roughly half way through the live stream of the campaign.
  • The nuren campeign. is that spelled right ahh whatever
  • I'm an old man of incredible proportions. I watched classic Urealms and thought it was damn funny when I was like twelve or something, and figured out that a forum for this stuff existed when I was probably thirteen. From then on I stayed pretty well until it was shut down for... reasons (unrelated to me, shockingly), and had a pretty good time while I did. Made a lot of good friends here, and I hope that all of you can do the same, even if it's not exactly as I remember.
  • @Naraka First video I actually saw was technically Jimmy: A WOW story, and my mom showed it to me because she played wow. I was like...6? 8? 9? somewhere around there. That was the only video I saw, though, and I ended up finding Rob years later because of the UHC.
  • For some reason, I can't remember too well. I think I found Rob through some Mindcracker, and latched on to the DvZ content at some point before PMC (I remember it being before the opening of that server because I wanted to be on it night of release, and I was checking Rob and Guude's twitters like every minute... haha, memories). I think I got into the PkmnRob content a little later, but I always found Rob's humor to be... well, something I can get inspiration and happiness from. I think I basically just stuck with the Buffalo Wizards content (TTT, Tabletop board games, etc...) until Urealms came around which I didn't understand at all for like all of season 1, but since I like the Buffalo Wizards and wanted to keep watching regardless, I did. And now I'm a huge nerd. The persistence and patience was and still is worth... everything.  :)
  • I found Rob after watching a DvZ episode with Etho in it. Only the one video, I enjoyed it and one night (since I am in the UK) I was on my laptop and thought to myself "That DvZ thing will be streaming now" I checked it out (not that it's important but he was in the middle of building a boat) and after that every time there was a DvZ stream, I watched. I even went out to get a truckload of snacks for the occasion (which I hope I would've known then that my metabolism isn't a machine). A few months in and I started watching his Pokemon runs on a Saturday; also instantly hooked. Been following Rob for about 5 years now I believe... Wow, time sure does fly, he is by far one of my favourite creators on the internet and I do get annoyed that his fan base is limited to some others' but at least his fan base is loyal.

    In terms of Urealms, I didn't watch the series on the Escapist and I missed the very first live stream of the game back when he was fundraising for a game developer I forget the name. When he started Season 1 I will admit wasn't a huge fan. Found it a bit boring. I watched about 2 hours of it, same with Pork Hunters. But I still stayed to watch it and, like fungus, it grows on you and I was also hooked from the Jewel of Dingo Isles and I haven't missed a stream or campaign since. I've even got the Dragon Aspect mug (which I waited 3 months to be delivered).

    I am SO excited for S3
  • I stared watching Rawb play Pokémon and just watched whatever he posted when I saw URealms I was hooked to it.@TheGreyBard
  • I started with pokemon rob and after like a year I found out that he did youtube and been following ever since then
  • I originally found Rob through the DvZ simulations with Pause and Deadbones at the start of 2013, I really loved Rob's sense of humour and commitment to gags in his content. Ended up going on to watch tons of his old content even his old roleplay series with Shay, Roamin and Gaary.
  • A friend showed me Unforgotten Realms back in 2009... 8 years ago... damn im old....
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    I found Rob throw Vintage beef playing DVZ and now if Rob makes something I most likely watch it.
    P.S. It was a little before Bruce's gym.
  • For me it was Dwarves vs Zombies, even before the Bruces gym (but started playing dvz when bruces gym launched). After that I found out about robs pokemon content and watched most of it. I got into Urealms thanks to the Nuren campaign.
  • I was following pauseUnPause for a while and then stumbled upon their DVZ simulations back in the day.
    Then I saw his kikstarter announcement and that's how I stumbled across Unforgotten Realms.

    I watched evey pieace of content he made, and I'm not planning on stoping anytime soon.

    I do wish he'd continue the old Urealms series though.

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    Someone linked to Band Of Thieves on Reddit, I think it was in an askreddit thread about underrated youtube channels. I was instantly hooked and after finishing BoT I thought I could just skip to the most recent campaign (Being the Murder Bros), although I kind of missed some important background info on Dave. Went back to watch the rest chronologically after that. 
    I'm very surprised that the vast majority of viewers know Rob from before Urealms Live was a thing, I'm not sure why it's not really bringing in many new viewers at all. Shows like Critical Role and Harmon Quest are pretty damn popular, and this one is vastly more original.
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    I started when he and pause started orespawn and I have watched everything from O G unforgotten realms to two player to pkmn rawb.
  • I discovered Rawb right at the start of LOM. I had just discovered mindcrack, and loved the first episode, and have watched him ever since.
  • I stumbled upon the last episode of unforgotten realms a couple days after it aired then watched most of his content at the time then found him again when pause did dvz with him
  • RT Podcast -> Farlands or Bust -> Mindcrack -> Dwarves Vs. Zombies and the rest of Rob's content
  • I was a Sethbling fan at the time and I decided to check Rawb out because I thought he was funny. SO worth it, never missed a video since.
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