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Need some help with some Lore!



  • 1. Mortals shouldn't be able to ignore the laws of the universe like say Newtons laws of motion unless under special circumstances and even then it would have a steep price to pay at the very least.

    2. They shouldn't be able to create something from nothing without giving up stamina or something like that.

    3. Mortals shouldn't have too much power like they should never be able to create stuff like the tower of ultimate wizardry or to just have something as powerful as Greater Pyroblast as a reguluar old spell.

    4. And of cource there's the basics like no immortality, insane longevity, creation magic, op insta-kill, omnipotence, logic manipulation, supersize, deadpool regeneration, omniscience, omnipresence, omnilock, omniarch, omni anything basically, and stuff like that.
  • the creation of spells i would say 
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    I feel like only divines (and only some very unique cases, Sins, Powerful Characters, etc) should be able to communicate with the Old Gods in some type of way. Though, I feel like the way we Old Gods speak to these Divines would be in very cryptic messages that they can interpret in their own way. 
  • A lot of the things people are putting are stuff you would expect from super powerful characters, but one thing I think would be cool is the possession of other beings, kind of like the puppeteer menta assault, but its like body hopping, so if someone is truly devout to you you can enter their body, giving them some of your powers and abilities, but obviously there would be negative repercussions. I also think divines should have the ability to use schools of magic that do not exist (I understand there is spells that are all six elements, but I mean like a pyroblast made of wind, or dark magic).
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    A divine should exist at a higher plane of existence, which would explain spacetime shenanegains and stuff. This would also allow divines to manupulate the laws of the realm or "create" new realms by manipulating dimensions and the access between them. However, they should not be able to inflict "true destruction" of a character (completely erase from the timeline). Only the Old Gods should be able to possess that power, if anyone should. Divines can cast creation magic, whereas mortals cannot do either. Mortals can learn legendary spells without use of a scroll, but can olny do so through being taught by a Divine (there's a lock on these spells that prevents mortals from casting them without a divine blessing or something) However, Divines should have control of life and death, and they could resurrect dead characters, lift the ageless curse, and destroy a character so they CAN'T be resurrected by any means, save for Old God interference. Divines should not be able to kill each other, but a mortal should be able to kill a divine, but for obvious reasons it should only happen for an extreme case either through power granted to a character by the Old Gods, or through some incredible sacrifice. After all, mortals place value on things such as life and family that divines would not consider important. It would also be a cool story to have a mortal kill a divine, something that has never happened that shocks all other divines. The divines start to fear the mortals since they have the power to destroy a being who was thought to be unkillable. A mortal, through some means, should also be able to become a divine, but similar to killing a divine, it should come as a result of a great sacrifice of from Old God intervention, or else there'd be divines running around everywhere.

    • Divines exist at a higher plane of existence, thus can manipulate spacetime and dimensions
    • Divines can resurrect characters, or destroy them so they can't be resurrected, but cannot completely erase a character from the timeline (only the Old Gods could do such a "retcon")
    • Only Divines can cast creation magic
    • Mortals can only cast legendary spells without a scroll if they're given the power to do so by a Divine
    • Divines cannot kill divines, only mortals could kill a divine through power granted by the Old Gods or through an incredible sacrifice of some sort
    • Mortals can become divines through a similar method to whatever killing divines would be 
  • @Fyre But we don't even know if all the basic laws of phyics are canon in urealms, we have minecraft water physics for example (atleast in the tower of ultimate wizardry)
  • @Darnokthemage Well that's true but in Urealms there still are laws of the universe even if we don't know them and urealms has some similarities to our world like gravity and such so it must share some of our laws too.
  • I don't think any one mortal should be able to master all schools/types of magic. For example, even though Nisovin is a master wizard, he can't be a master of all the elements at once. You have to give some up to learn new ones. I think being a true master of all the elements at the same time should be reserved for gods.
  • @Fyre I think it's a bit unreasonable to assume URealms has Newtonian laws...
    Gravity may exist, as things stick to the ground, but it may be much lighter or stronger than our own. The moon is a dead dragon. Yet somehow we still have tides and such for pirates to sail the seas.

    We don't even know if Urealms is a planet, let alone if it is similar in size to earth.

     Plus, people break physics all the time, with no real harm. Wormhole, Levitate, Lascene, etc. Nobody is suffering whiplash or other terrible fates by manipulating space-time. LAG had Minecraft water physics in the tower. Likely not true for the rest of the Realm, but it leads to interesting possibilities.
  • I think it is difficult to focus on the ultimate powers that gods have because they are too impossible for us to grasp. Something to seriously be considered, that isn't necessarily a power but more a passive ability used almost solely for storytelling, is that most gods in any story have some sort of ultimate knowledge/understanding that humans, or elves, dwarves, etc, don't have. Therefore, the gods of the URealms universe should in terms of how their stories are told, always make the right decision even if it doesn't seem to be the right answer. By this, I mean if something happens like say the extinction of a race at the hands of one of the dragon aspects, it was that dragon's intention to do so regardless of if it was an accident due to a role made in game. Ultimate immunity from wrongdoing.
  • @alien_ant_eater The thing is, Virgo also had that happen, he rolled a 1 and his action was cancelled as opposed to anything bad happening.
  • @Rob unlimited limited spells
  • i also think actual permanent shape-shifting should be a legendary scroll.
  • @TheRagingPyro Dalfgan is divine not mortal ;)
  • @Mega_muncher lol yeah that's what was in my mind at the time! 
  • I think that existence in Urealms has a hierarchy and I think that it could look something like this:

    Have access to absurd magic and incomprehensible powers and other such creation things.

    Divines/Spawn of powerful magic
    Have access to limited amount of absurd magic while able to endanger themselves to cast a God level spell. Magic at this level can be comprehended better and is similar to having mods in a game.

    Have the Basics of magic and can accomplish great feats with time, practice and understanding. With enough energy and risking/sacrificing lives a Mortal can cast a Divine level ability. For a mortal to cast a God level spell would be devastating with a 99.999999% chance to destroy the caster and drastically change the area around the spell breaking the normal rules of the world. Note: Much like the only way a mortal could cast a Divine spell a mortal can only cast a God spell with proper knowledge tools and a serious amount of energy (like that of a sun :wink: )

  • I Think the Divines would know of the old gods but not what we are.
  • Transmutation? maybe for 1 or 2 at lest 
  • @Rob True omniscience is something that the only the gods should be capable of without madness. 
  • I think whats really funny here, is we are old gods with a control over the realm so powerful, not even the divines of the realm could comprehend it. And yet we are mortals, incapable of understanding the divines power. Our power can't be explained in the realm without everyone who knows of it looking crazy. And we can't imagine the proper scale to a bunch of dragons that "created" everything.
  • Depends on your definition of Immortality. There is not able to die from natural causes for example, which I find OK, but if your just talking "Literally impossible to die though any means" Then yeah, not even the dragon "gods" where immortal so it wouldn't even make sense that a non-divine being could be.
  • I feel like the things mortal puppet masters have should be at least regulated to some extent, or brought down in power a little. As for aspects or gods, should they have that power, be able to use it a bit more than mortals, or let it have a stronger effect.
  • The Gods should be able to make characters well endowed. It was a gift from the gods not genetics
  • @Ninjathis But there must be something similar to Newton's laws in effect in the Urealms universe sense there universe still has gravity and etc plus the Urealms world must have some universal laws or else the entire world would be complete chaos with no gravity, no equal and opposite reaction, nothing.
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    Only the Divines and Dragon Aspects can truly Die. Mortals can be brought back through resurrection, the ageless curse, reincarnation or just simply living in the afterlife. Nor can their story live on through a Believer. When a God dies it is truly the end of their existence they don't live on in the afterlife, no magic can possibly bring them back and their soul does not carry on into a new entity. They simply cease to exist in all entirety.
  • @Rocksmasha Well that was depressing.
  • @Ninjathis Urealms definitely  doesn’t keep the exact same laws as our universe but they must keep some similar ones as like you said things still stick to the ground. Urealms also most likely has laws accounting for magic and its general insanity. So mortals shouldn’t be able to break these laws to much without some powerful costly magic. Because if it was easy then mortals could just ignore the costs of spells, fly at Mach 5, phase through walls without a care, and just snap the universe in two. So mortals really shouldn’t be able to break the laws of the universe bend yes break no
  • @Fyre Well, we have seen some ignore the cost of spells (if you wanna get technical, it happened a lot in season 1 before stamina costs were officially removed) and phase through walls without a care (just see James Briggs).
  • @UnluckyBimi While stamina costs were removed it’s obvious that wizards can’t cast spells infinity without tiring as seen with limiteds. Also what I meant by the phasing through walls is that mortals shouldn’t be able to just break the laws of the universe and then be allowed to do whatever they want without using magic and paying the price. Like they shouldn’t the. be able to use magic without a cost firing off greater pyroblasts every second and ignoring gravity and flying around at Mach 10 without even casting a spell
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