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Live on a dragon?

In the OG URealms they get to moonwell pass, and people live there. If whelpling s are huge, and from what Rob has said, Dragon aspects are huge when in dragon form, so what I’m trying to say is people could live on a dragon, which might be cool. People are living/imprisoned on goledstandt so why not on Yvander in Ursazoll or live on Rokesh. I imagine Rokesh in a forest, so I bet trees grow on his back, he has a spring there, fish monkey’s are swimming in.

ALSO, is the great monkey fish a divine? If Tambok is then the great monkey fish sure as heck can be


  • The sun is a dragon and the moon is a dragon... maybe the urealms planet is a dragon...  
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    if there is life on dragons, it would most likely be phanto, and kallisto. the only evidence of life on these dragons was from the ghost beenu from unexpected discovery. the beenu  hinted at beenu still being alive on the moon. though take this with a grain of salt as why would the ghost know that, and appear not to know the truth of know the beenu died.
  • I sort of remember some of them talking about the universe being like hollow cubes that everyone lives inside. And that the rest is just dirt filling in the universe. I think they said something about that on the lore stream. Don't know if that cannon or if they changed there ideas later.
  • @Pearadox Have we ever seen Rokesh and URealms in the same room?????? I think not!!
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    @kreeperkiller63 Rokesh being the planet could be a very cool idea, but that would mean that rokesh is way more powerful than most of the divine aspects. I dont think he is, but maybe he is. (Bigger is more better might not be true here, so my logic could be circumspect.)
    @JewishHoneybun (if rokesh is urealms, trandon barringster could be rokesh! We have never seen rokesh and trandon in the same room, so maybe trandon took over the whelpling that hatched from the egg he got from ttouw with rebirth, becoming the rokesh we know today as the planet!*) 

    (*This makes no sense*)
  • @timmy1291 lore streams are not canon, that’s why Rob hates doing them. (I think)
  • @timmy1291 Yeah, as Mega_muncher said lore streams are non-canon, especially with how easily some of the "pre-determined" stuff can just be changed by a series of bad/good rolls and/or a 1 or 20 by a player or big character.
  • @pechum yeah, I wouldn't exactly say bigger is always better, but I definitely don't think that Rokesh is the world they live on.
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