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UR weekly drawing prompt 3~~Elemechs

        Hello everyone! Welcome to week 3!
[Week 1] [Week 2]

 Thank you to everybody who sent in some sweet dragon art! Loved every bit of it!
 As stated last week, we will not tackle season 3 yet. We want to let Youtube people the chance to catch up with this week's episode so that they can still participate to this prompt. I know you're all excited with yesterday's show, but I'm gonna ask you to be a little patient; you can all go wild next week!

 Also I want to remind everyone that this is open to everyone, no matter your art level, no matter how bad you think it is. Don't be scared to show what you can do, half the point of this weekly art prompt is to get into art people who wouldn't draw otherwise.

 That said, let's jump into this week's theme.

      ------Prompt Start-------
 Week 3
 This week will be centered around the Beenu creations, the Elemechs!
 These ancient, half mechanical, half elemental humanoid beings have protected and roamed the old Beenu ruins for thousands of years (and possibly more!). Though extremely dangerous if given the chance, and with the ability to be as equally terrifying, there's no denying they're some pretty cool machines. So I'd like to task y'all with drawing up some of these old guys and bring them back to life! Well, back to former glory I should say.

 There are a few different versions of these guys you can pick from to reference or if you're so bold you can come up with some new Beenu machines!

 If you so choose that path, I'd prefer you stick to the style of the others; but I wont enforce this. just don't draw random bots is what I'm saying (stay in the UR verse).

 Next weeks prompt will be focused around the new UR season! So be sure to catch up with yesterday's episode to avoid potential spoilers in the post and in people's art! It is staggered by a week for the YouTube crowd and people who couldn't make it yesterday!

 Everyone can participate, don't think you're not skilled enough
 Due on the 4th at 12pm EST, although I won't be the one to stop you from submitting your art after the due date
 Keep it SFW
 Don't jack somebody's work
 Be nice to others
 No spoiler from yesterday's show

-thanks again for taking the time to do these, it's really cool seeing everyone's work! Can't wait to see some metal brethren! -33



  • I really liked the old Elemech companion ability where the guys got to pick abilities for them so I decided to draw something that harkened back to those days. I drew three random spell cards and tried to make an Elemech that could fulfill the abilitie those cards suggested.


    With those in mind, this was the result.

  • @SugarSmear i like the random spell card idea, i  might have to incorporate it into some future drawing prompts, nice work on the elemech as well! thank you for being the first to submit so awesome art this week!
  • hmmm... I can work with this idea. *Goes to room and turns on multiple lights revealing an entire wall of toy robots from different Francises*

  • Idea for a lightning elemech, formed by sticking both an arcane and fire elemental into the same body.
    I'm guessing one elemental acts as the main mind, probably the arcane one, while the other just helps provide power. Or maybe it switches back and forth between personalities,
  • @Fitzy Whoaaa! That thing looks like it could put up a real fight. It's not only got single 'tubes' going down it's arms, it's got triple ones. Really like the inclusion of the arcane symbol at the front. Intimidating as heck!
  • @SugarSmear Multiple tubes to support multiple elementals, combined energy, and there's more around back to provide some redundancy.
  • @Fitzy It also makes it look swole, which is the real important thing.
  • That looks really cool! It's got its own unique style, I actually think the closest media look to that is Transformers. However, it's still very unique that I can't even consider that!
  • It's actually staggered by three days now. It should all be out by tomorrow :D @Qu33nAce
  • First time doing one of these! Figured I'd work on my meh pixel art. These forums don't like gifs, so have a link! Just went with a standard fire type elemech, with tons of moving parts. Enjoy  :)

  • @Fitzy Holy shit that looks bad ass. I would be so scared if that thing started chasing me
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    i didmt want to finish this because i was lazy but one of my friends forced me to, so heres my elemech for this week
  • @Qu33nAceThat's some crazy lighting/texture/colors going on. Looks like it's brimming over with arcane power. Question remains whether those crystals were built into it or if it's the power within crystalizing on the outside from the sheer amount of power.
  • Alright here goes
    I stole @SugarSmear 's using spells and got:
    lightningstrikeex  and

    So I tried to do that; with speakers for the roar, a weird sword for the lightning, and crazy stomping feet for the EQ. I just sketched in pencil because i'm really bad (Yes @Qu33nAce ;, some people are baaad). But I have a new respect for drawing because THAT'S HARD

    ooh there's still eraser gunk on my paper

  • Presenting R0B the Elemech! I mixed R.O.B. the Robot with the standard elemech features. :smilebold: 
  • @Ozoner everybodys at a different lvl with their art skills and thats alright, we all had to start somewhere! and somepeople no matter how good their art is are never happy with it. your work is just as valuable as anyone elses on this post. im loving the using the random cards for extra addons to these guys, you have a really strong concept!

    keep up the robots everyone, theyre looking amazing so far!
  • Can we draw general Beenu war machines? Originally Elemechs and Beenu machines were different things but the lore changed and I am not certain if that is true anymore.
  • @SpenTheSlime id say as long as its a beenu machine of some kind draw what you wish
  •  @Qu33nAce I've been really enjoying the prompts so far, definitely looking forward to next weeks prompt as the campaign was brilliant! 
  • @Hdilie glad to hear you enjoy them! i think there will be a ton of art next week, get hyped!
  • So I decided to base a Beenu Warmachine design off of a random bird.

    I got a Loon.

    I looked up a few neat things Loons can do . They have a pretty weird and creepy mating call, are incredibly quite otherwise, and are amazing swimmers. So I decided to make it a stealth sub. I tried to replicate the crude, sculpted, stone like appearances the Zarlin Warmachine had, while incorporating the more segmented, robotic aesthetic the Zelfatar Warmachine had. I think while trying to blend the robo details with the stone carving look the robot bits became more prominent. I gave it a long drill "beak" because Loons have rather sharp beaks.The hands/wings of the machine are supposed to be water jets used to propel it around. I also tried to make it look like someone in a diving suit to grasp that "vaguely human" look the other two warmachines had when their robes hide their normal body(we actually don't know if the Zarlin one had a body) but I feel that as I added more elements to the picture that became less obvious. I also added eyelashes and tried to give it a slightly feminine body shape because why not? I imagine this would be the boss for some water themed Beenu ruin. It would spy on the party and occasionally make some sound attack then retreat deeper into the dungeon.

    I tried to make an interesting effect for the water but I think I just made it weird. I am gonna post a a version without the water effect and let you guys decide. I also want to know if you think it was okay I took such a huge departure from established canon with my interpretation.

  • I tried to incorporate more Beenu aspects into elemechs by adding more featherlike shapes into the general structure of the elemech. I also wanted to incorporate some cooling fin arrays into the structure so the main body uses less material...may or may not have worked very well.

    This was my first attempt at the Elemech. I started to do the draw 3 random spells, but the first one I got was , and I realized it couldn't get better than that, so this elemech has a pet bird :smile: . I'm not really happy with the stance or the legs, as it doesn't look realistic, so I tried a different design.

    This design is more aligned to the previous elemech tiles, although with a hand cannon instead of a hand for whatever reason. Again, i'm not really happy with the legs and feet, but I'm much happier with the stance. I'm really enjoying these art prompts!
  • I just come here to see the amazing art, y'all are awesome keep up the great work! Maybe some day I too will post something. :smile: 
  •  last minute elemech sketch!
  • sweet work so far!
    you guys only have a day left before the deadlines here and the S3 ep1 weekly is posted!
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    Uh oh, seems like that guy wasn't utterly broken after all...
  • thank you everybody for drawing up some elemechs!
    this weeks prompt will be up in 5 hours!
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