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Need some help with some Lore!



  • What about unless they roll a 1 they always critical succeed or possibly they can interrupt the gamesmaster/ players.

    or again they can cut whatever attaches the old gods/ player to their characters. I dont know  :\
  • I think this goes without saying any reality warping powers should be reserved to the divines/gods. Not saying that any mortal cant manipulate energy on a large scale since people are all ready throwing magic at each other. Maybe a god can have the power of imperceptibility secretly staging the current events while never being remembered. Maybe give a divine the ability to time stop for a period of time that affects mortals or something along those lines.  Or something super cheesy like gravity manipulation.
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    Permeation — Allow objects, solid material and energy move thru your body like it doesnt exist. Bullets, Fireballs and punches will move straight thru you. Galamourus did this in Zarlin Catacombs.

    Energy/Kinetic Stockpiling — Its always scary when a charcater are unaffected by a powerful attack and secretly storing the power, only to later release al the power build up. Effects such as these can feel cheap when normal character use them, but when a god/demigod it could be super intimidating, and would make sad and brutal moments when a character is killed by the stockpile attack.
    Example: custom card

    Energy/Impact Reversal — Attacks you take would be stored as energy inside your briefly allowing you to release the energy before you take damage. The bones in your arm would break if you attempted to punch someone with Energy Reversal since both the Impact from the attack and energy used to throw the punch would be redirected back into your arm. This would work similar with spells, getting hit with a Fireball would give you the opportunity to cast it yourself before you take the Damage. Would only work if you were anticipated the incoming attack. 
    Example: custom card

    Photographic Reflexes — The ability to look at someone doing a task, then instantly being able to perform the task. Someone throws a Pyroblast, "Cool now can I also cast a Pyroblast". Someone back-flips and throws 3 flares then Basic Attacking 4 times and punching the foe in the stomach using a conjured AppleWatch, "Cool, now let me do the exactly same thing". This allows for powerful GodLike combat experience and would be a cool encounter against a Divine. The more powerful the enemies are, the more powerful the divine becomes.
    Example Card: custom card.

    Forced Aspect Disconnection — While the soulreap ability may disconnect your connection with the Dragon Aspects, only a Divine should be able to do that on other characters. This would be a suitable punishment for mortals if the Divine believe they do not deserve death. Divines should also probably connect disconnected individuals. 

    Divine Cicatrization — The ability to inflict wounds which are not able to grow/healed in any way. This would make a small cut bleed until the end of time. The character inflicted with such a wound would probably need to amputated the limb to be able to prevent bleeding to death from a divine-papercut. This can also be used to explain characters with missing limbs. 
  • Death without a death role for gods.
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    plagues and inheritable curses to masses and specific groups! feels like a type of wrath/punishment only a god should give!

  • I think it would be cool if only divines could cast spells that consist of more than two elements.
  •  Mortals shouldn't be able to manipulate time on a large scale. Honestly I'd prefer no character being able to do this god or not because it would lead to some slippery slopes. 
    No ability to control any deity, or ever a mass transportation spell. No nuclear winters or mass plagues. No ability to raise a massive chunk of land from the seafloor or destruction of entire towns with volcanoes. No controlling over the sun nor moon or any celestial body. No creation of pocket dimensions other than to the realm of holding. 
  • A bit of a fun one would be the ability to break the fourth wall or in some way be aware of the Old Gods unlike most normal characters. It feels like beings with the ability to create life, warp reality, etc. would be in some way aware of their situation and the world they live in. For instance, while I wouldn't expect them to be able to change or alter the divine decision, maybe they beg or pray for a certain choice the specific divine would prefer or, the more fun option, they promote donation events or merchandise like shirts and stuff in the show because they are aware that in doing so their world will not go away. 
  • Turn water into wine... actually that sounds like a funny role play spell.
  • Soul destruction, enough said.
  • ohhh what if only gods can create bags of holding or pocket dimension like naders little one that he was talking about

  • Are divines and aspects supposed to be literal Gods, like transending reality? Or are they just super powerful, strong casters with immortality and such?

    It's sort of weird talking about different levels of godlihood.

    I'd say no mortal should have the ability to kill a dragon aspect. Divines, sure. But it would really suck for someone to just critical greater pyroblast on Yvander, and suddenly no more ice magic.
  • I have two things that I want to through out there; the first being about mortals advantage over gods/divine. God and divine have either fulfilled their destiny or broken away from it so they are bound to the ideas or means in which they reached godhood, meaning they have reached their peak. Mortals on the other hand have unlimited potential. Mortals can change and grow into something truly unique. Mortals can become gods or divine by the means of achievement, thus they gain ultimate power. Divine beings are not created but born at least since the birth of magic happened. Divine cannot create other divine, but can steer those who have almost reached their potential into reaching their peak.

    The second important thing is that gods should have a deeper connection to the magic that fuels their divinity. Meaning the Dragon Aspects should be able to warp the fabric of their magic to change how it works at the most fundamental levels. This makes mortals reliant on divines and gods. If a mortal became divine by creating a new fundamental property of magic, that magic is only possible to use based on that divines understanding. For example, Yvander is Dragon Aspect of Ice magic, therefore all beings that use ice magic do so based on Yvanders understanding of ice magic. So if she changed the way she fundamentally uses her magic, all ice mages would need to relearn their magic from that new fundamental understanding. The interesting part of this idea is that very few, if any divine, asides from the Dragon Aspects know about this ability and its because most divine believe that the magic that they have created is "fundamental" and that it is set in stone when in fact magic is fluid. The Dragon Aspect know this and use it to destroy mortals who would use their own magic against them by changing how the magic itself works, only to then change it back so as not to disrupt the lives of mortals for to long
  • Kill other immortal or reincarnating beings. 
  • @Pearadox
    Anyone can kill a reincarnating being, it'll just be reborn, a divine destroying their soul is what you're angling at, right? So they can't be reborn?
  • What if gods have infinite anytime actions
  • @Ninjathis I think Divines and dragon aspect are gods in the sens that they are super powerful, they aren't omnipotent so they can't "transend reality". The Old Gods are this type of Gods, because our reality isn't the same as the Realm.
  • @kreeperkiller63 That's essentially just saying "What if Gods can just always use actions no matter what". Even that's a bit OP for a God.
  • @UnluckyBimi is that op though? They are already immortal.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Yeah, but you can seal immortal beings and what-not away and thus "kill" them to some extent. Them not even giving you a chance to attack and just spam 100 fireballs is a bit daft.
  • Perhaps, gods should be the only ones with the power to actually wipe timelines. For example, we've never actually seen a party wipe, but this would be beyond simple for a divine. However, divines shouldn't just be able to kill, as others in this thread have mentioned; they should be able to completely remove characters from the world, and even the timeline. The Divine, if they are as powerful as we are lead to believe, should be able to completely remove people from existence, to the point at which they never even existed in the first place. This could also be true for other things in the universe. The Divines should really be the only powers that can fully raze mountains to dust and leave nothing behind. They should be able to destroy (and create) dimensions of their own, like the realm of holding but for Divine. They should even be able to destroy entire timelines, which could be a way as writing off any future campaigns that might end up as paradoxes. If something impossible happens, then the Divine can swoop in and erase the whole thing, as if it never happened. A timeline wipe, if you will.

    This has been a long paragraph, so I'm gonna call it here. Hopefully this helps!
  • I feel that there should be the Ultimate "ultimate" element type spells. For instance, Greater Pyro Blast would be the "ultimate" fire spell a mortal could cast as a spell scroll. Divines could have access to these Legendary spells as an actual card, or even spells that overpower those legendary spell scrolls.

    Then where is the immunity to certain elements, such as the baby dragons from the Den of Devils campaign. They are immune to fire magic as they are offspring of the fire dragon.

    But what I think would go far beyond is a "super" form. Take example of the Gumioh. There had to be the first one, correct? The first Gumioh could be a divine, and it's "super" Gumioh form would be a massive tile with far more tails and stronger auras.

  • Maybe knowing legendary spells without scrolls is a divine only thing?
  • Levitation magic is commen sooo maybe make the distinction clearer also think the benw idk how to spell and too laz to look have wings and they weren't even made by the dragons soooooo
  • Maybe they can't actually die.... (Silvermine mountains.) They just go dormant
  • Well, this was already established in the Zarlin Catacombs, but no-clipping.  Before you laugh it off, here me out.  There are beings with some control over physics.  It kinda makes sense that some would be able to literally move through the air and physical matter with no effort what-so-ever, which just happens to be called "no-clipping" by some of us old gods.  It would probably be used by more "magey" and intelligent divines, like Glamorous.@Rob
  • @Nkromancer (this is me just simplifying) So, a more powerful version of the ethereal form?
  • Tell the difference between a true vision and false vision. Sense when a donation/divine decision has happened. Tell if someone is a believer. 

  • @KaeawynShifter Yes. So like believers for example. Instead of the believer going and finding a new book when its character dies, the believer just dies.
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