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Dumb Divine Decisions forum game



  • Nay!
    Purple is best colour and you'll accept it.

    Should there be more campaigns about Gnomes & Keens?
    Aka: Some insight on how their society may work and other stuff.
  • Nay, the idea that gnomes just started popping up and no one knows anything about them is phenomenal.

    Should Jormr and Cain get their own campaign?
  • @TDScott8 Nay, Harlan must join them. I just think Harlan and Cain would be amazing together lol. 

    Should the cast have to draw Gender cards when they draw corner stones and attributes? It seems to be a pretty male character dominated realms besides all of Deadbones female characters. 
  • Nay
    If it was random then the roles Rob gives to the cast would be too forceful and some of the players (obviously not Deadbones) may not be good at playing female characters. Over the course of the shows, it seems like they all are beginning to play females more than s1.

    Should Lance Wilakers attempt to climb the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry to wish for the Ageless curse to be undone?
  • edited November 2017
    Yay, but only if he joins Trandon on one of his trips up the tower.

    Should the canon be ret-conned on Connor to actually give him his original request of 76 brothers and sisters (that's where it came from guys, I went through and looked at everything)

    Edit: Sorry @kreeperkiller63 I was an idiot, I've been looking through a lot of stuff on the wiki recently, it was bound to happen eventually.
  • @KaeawynShifter Conner had 76 siblings, not johnny.

    should urealms itself be a meme?
  • yay

    Should Coober make an appearance again

  • Yea

    Should Sir Schmoopy make an appearance from the old unforgotten realms
  • yay

    should maelstrom ever revel his plan.
  • no, i think he should just confuse us through the years

    is lyn bad?
  • Yay (by our morals, at least)

    Should our divine being acknowledge the Order of Chaos as its worshippers?
  • edited November 2017
    Yay, our divine will need followers after all

    Should Rob be required to play the Hopen For Bopen song every time that Bopen kills someone?
  • YAY!

    Dwarf campaign or gnome campaign?
  • Dwarf

    should we get to know what happened to Porbo and Ca-Rell?

  • NAY, for it is a secret.

    Is sandwich a pizza?
  • NAY

    Should Pauseunpause become a buffalo wizard and join urealms?
  • @Megalomaniac ;

    Mayhaps, but he should definitely play more

    Should the next campaign contain a pebble boy as the main character?
  • @xandat
    Should there be a dragon/god for each sub element (fire/ice light/dark fire/arcane, ect)
  • Nay! Too many gods! (Although a blood dragon does sound cool)

    Should we find out what the “Fate Worst Than Death” means if it meant a beloved character would recieve it?
  • edited November 2017
    Yay! I feel like giving a "Fate Worst Than Death" to someone like, say, Vitali would make the moment when we actually found out what it was much more interesting.

    Should a character from the show eventually mess with the show directly? 
  • Yay, I'm totally not working on helping one of them do that right now.
    *far-offf screams* "AGAIN?!"
    Okay, I'll make this next one quick:
    Should there be a canon character with a 3,000 range titanium greatsword?
  • yes.

    Should there be a canon charater with 1000+ stamina?

  • Yay!

    Should Phineas be Bopen’s dad? And thus Bopen killed his grandpappy?
  • Nay! That creates confusing time travel, which is annoying to deal with.

    Should we see any of the other Dragon Aspects anytime soon, instead of just Golestandt?
  • yay, I really want to know more Yvander/ogre lore.

    Should there be a campaign focused on another school of magic (considering OGH was in a school for arcane magic)?

  • Yay! I want more magic

    Should all Sandbold permanently become just sand if they are spotted on Dec 3 of a year dived by 77 evenly while a waning crescent moon is happening but if it does not happen Phantos rewards all Sandbold with a Tambok ticket?
  • Nay, that is way too complex, especially since URealms has a weird year system, and a weird month system.

    Should Coe always start campaigns with his legendary, even if he isn't in the campaign?
  • Of course.

    Should Bopen secretly be Trandon Barringster?
  • Nay, Trandon has nothing on our glorious ageless god!  
    Did Bopen kill Bruce?
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