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What existing URealms characters would make for great bosses?

I was just thinking about what would make a boss impact-full in his mechanics in Urealms. Then I thought back to the first time we saw Bopen in the fall of that 1 dwarf kingdom "Dundenburow?". And I remembered James Briggs. I mean he can camp walls & throw snakes from said walls several times. Not only that but he can see through the snakes.  + he has a cool background => A+ boss material

What other characters do you think would make great bosses and why?


  • Morton from the purge because Rat Queen  >:)
  • Jax Blartowitz, time for the LAWWW
  • Wolster Vemtari. Now that Lance is run off, Galen is off fighting Barringsters at Than'drellfal, and Gwyneth is full war mode. He's the oldest/most experienced that we've seen from the GPO who can still rally the troops.
  • Johnny Feo, that dude can destroy any kids in a matter of seconds with his overpowered Spellslinger abilities. Plus his legendary, and that makes some crazy stuff.
  • Id have to say coe's character from fall of D. mainly because of his legendary. minion boss fight that gains more health with every minions he spawns.
  • The Real Dalfgan but lets be honest. He could tear a city asunder.
  • Lunk from the Den of Devils. He could have two parts to him. One before he goes berserk, then when you get him low enough he becomes a giant. 
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    Ca'rell, from Porc Hunters. Or Porbo. Either would be really neat to come back again in this new game system. A couple of new tricks and these characters could get an epic conclusion to their stories.
  • Karl Landers or Duke Daring, or both!

    Arguably the two biggest bad asses in the whole show.
  • Lunk is big enough to be a boss
  • @Awesomeagle23 I second DUKE DARING. I Have one problem though. You seem to have misspelt DUKE DARING as Duke Daring. Not sure how you messed that up, but anyways.

    Yes. Nuf' said.
  • Obviously Phillipe
    Can turn into any kobold in season 1 and gain their abilities. Cause that is what he was in that time. It happened with Chimera and happened with Maeltrom. But Maelstrom would actually be a pretty cool boss.
  • @proudmhello I deeply apologize for disrespecting the name of DUKE DARING I will try to be better.
  • Any of Roamins Kobold characters obviously

  • The fonding Barringster from the first Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Campaign, especially if the Dragon Egg hatched... :evilsmile: 
  • In truth most campaign characters actually have the potential to be a boss, particularly if they got there legendary
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    The Barringster founder is the only character with a legendary class, atleast the only one we know of. He would make for a interesting boss fight.

    As would the beenu statue from season one, and the bridge troll from season one, and the wizard troll from the sidequest, though the would all probably just be mini-bosses.
  • Cain would be a pretty fun boss. Karl Landers and his porcs would also be cool.
  • @GemLivesMatter The Cobbler Family would be pretty interesting! They worked well together
  • The ultimate nobleborn beard-fighter: Xavius Barringster!

    Mid battle he starts charging up for his ultimate attack, he gets grabbed by an exploding Pot Puppy and dies. Leaving his corpse face-flat on  the floor.
  • Borracho and his cartel... I mean c’mon guys he’s just be singing like a badass, and Harland would also make an excellent boss!
  • Well, I know he isn't so much a character we've seen directly... I want to fight Hunter, Haunter's puppet, imagine, you walk up, and of course he's going to start combat with some cheesy one-liner like "It's time we retcon you." or something hilarious, and then when you're fighting him you're dodging edited-in explosions and he's just running around through a maze of starwipe portals. Best thing is, if you beat him, no harm done!
  • the monkey fish king
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