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Nox Town

edited May 2017 in Custom Maps
This is a map a made for my own homebrew game Legends of the West, but since I never have anyone to play it, I assumed this art would go to waste. I had an old map for the same area, but the low detail of the maps made me unsatisfied. Anyway, a long story short this map is a remake of Nox Town from LotW. I will be uploading an imgur later, but for now, I just need feedback on the map.

Contents (From top left to top right to bottom left to bottom right.)
Saloon (Outhouse is above it)
General Store
Sheriff's Office/Bank
Snake Oil Salesman's Wagon
Train Station (Well is above it)

You should be able to view and download from this link, please leave feedback on this post, I want to know how to make it perfect.


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