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Not sure if anybody posted this already but the BTS for Lyn Azveltara Gaiden is up!


  • Hey @Snarky translate the elemech page please. :3 about 5 minutes in, I think?
  • HYPE for the sandbold campaign, though it will be a while. 
  • *groans* send screenshots lol @Gterra2
  • @Snarky It's fine, its the GPO text. I translated like two lines and was like "ohhh"
  • @Snarky im sorry, I dont know how ;_; (or the prtscn button on my keyboard doesnt work) but I got the time stamp! 6:04 :-D 
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    Translation of the right page:

    yes but we will soon." A fierce 
    looking dwarf says stepping out
    from the shadows. "Once you become the grand paladin like
    father wanted after all."

    Kallark looks the Dwarf up and
    down unimpressed

    Kallark and this is- 

    "Gwyneth. I already know her name
    you half breed" The Sunswords
    are practically family to the 
    order, but-"
    @Gterra2 ;

    >Translate this and not read it
    >realise you wasted your time translating the GPO text
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    ... Does the Alternative Ending to this Campaign mean that Rohbear killed his wife and an out and out Goddess? :oh: (Either that, or it meant Rohbear married a Beannu and killed her to marry said Goddess.)

    Shame that Visions are now no longer 100% Canon, so Rohbear probably never married, or at least, never married the Daughter of Golestandt.

    Amazing Campaign all around! I also like the Limited Idea. I might implement that in my own game.
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