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Haven't got the campaign rewards for the Senate of Deadtlantis?

I know it's been ages since that campaign ran, but I just realized i haven' got any XP/accolades for the Senate of Deadtlantis.

I've came to watch every campaign live this season, even though I've only managed to finish the first one, and for the rest had to leave really early on and watch the VODS.

I seem to remember even using the chat during the campaign so I'm not sure why I didn't get it, maybe because I viewd it on mobile?

Did someome experience this problem as well?
Any way I could get the rewards or is it too late to check?


  • Ummm I got the Xp from the campaign but I don't have the avatars from it for some reason, it's not worth making a new thread about so I'll put it on here
  • @Murlin22
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who had problems with it!

    Anyone else experienced problems?
    @Rob @Nisovin ;anyway you could help us? 
  • Welp, anyone else had this problem?
    I'm bot sure what to do about it.
  • I was just browsing the forums and I saw some avatars I hadn't seen before and I was wondering why I didn't have those. I definitely got the XP reward but I don't have the avatars which really sucks because they're not even ones I can buy :frownporc: 
  • I didn't get any for the Azaltara Gaiden campaign this weekend. and was there for most if not all too..
  • @Finche it takes time, they'll announce it on the blog when the rewards will be distributed.
  • @denisgur1 Where on which blog? because I haven't gotten the rewards yet still.
  • @Finche
    They haven't distributed them yet, you can follow the homepage of, they'll post there when they'll giveout te rewards.
  • @Murlin22 You don't get the avatars for watching. They are a bonus for donating. You will have to unlock them with gold when they are available later on if there is one you want.

    @denisgur1 Did you donate to the campaign? If you did it's very easy for us to make a check, but unfortunately if you were not logged in then we don't have a way see if you were present at the campaign I believe. I'll talk to Nisovin.
  • @Rob Thanks for replying Rawb, we've talked about it in the pm's, I haven't donated in that campaign so there's no way for me to prove it really. Oh well.

    Either way, could you check the message I sent you regarding the Patreon discord please?
  • Rob
    edited December 2017
    @denisgur1 good news denis. I was able to find your login times for the July 15th Senate of Deadlantis and confirm you were at the campaign! I went to go give you the rewards and then I looked at your XP history.

    You already got the campaign rewards for that campaign my man. Don't worry too much about my time though, as I been meaning to figure out how to look up everyones information without Nisovins help as there has been a few users that have had minor issues like this and I always want to make sure we don't have any bugs with handing out XP if possible.
  • @Rob Wow, all this time I had the rewards. I'm a dumbass haha.

    Thank you so much for looking into it Rawb!
    Could you also look into my last PM regarding the Patreon discord at your free time?
    Thanks again.

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