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Redfern (town/tavern/forest/grimshade/temple/tower/maze)

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Edit: There is a huge drop in quality when I host this map on tts through the imgur link as opposed to uploading it to the cloud. Hopefully, increasing the resolution on my future maps will fix this issue moving forward. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

"Welcome to Redfern, traveler. Come, sit, drink, but never blink; lest you be forgotten like those who came before you".

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last map post and man does it feel good to have finally finished this monstrosity. The winner of my last map raffle, @DrMcGoodTimes ; , wanted to see a spooky town and so I present to you all the Town of Redfern. I tried a lot of new techniques with this one so I took a great deal of time tweaking things here and there, but I think it's an improvement overall. Let me know what you think!

I also wanted to design an entire campaign for this thing before I posted it, but I'm just too excited. So here is my only recommendation: treat the entire Temple portion as a single encounter with the stairs acting as difficult terrain and have the doors require keys hidden around the town.

Map Raffle: First to roll a 20 in this thread can suggest the overall theme and location for the next map, you can only roll 3 times (preferably in the same comment), the maps aren't commissions so please do not claim them as your own if you do happen to win the raffle, don't disrespect the winners suggestion, and I maintain the right to veto any suggestions I deem unacceptable.

This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


  • Oop, forgot one thing: That's a tavern, across from it is a gear shop, next to that is a supply shop, and across from that is an ice cream parlor.

  • Hopefully one of these work. Man to think of a good theme let's go to one of Rob's greatest fears.
    I choose a WATER LEVEL.!!! Peace out.

  • a floating city. Like the water world movie. 
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    Son of a bitch, this map looks hella good, detailed and filled with all the content. Seems like it's going to have a lot of uses for a variety of different campaigns!

    Shit. Just give me a second to admire this map first.
  • @knguy daaaamn son, that was fast!  :)
  • Seems like this town's got at least a little Gnomish influence in it, right?

    If it wasn't for the mess, I think this would definitely be a nice place to live. I'd be in the top middle house, of course, because who turns down a kitchen like that? I mean, it's got a sink and a proper cooktop and everything. What stands out to me the most, however, is the fact that each shop in this town has finally decided to try out those new cash registers.

    I'll provide more info when I find something other than my phone, but the short version of my suggestion is a distinct desert-like look, something one might come across and immediately think, "Sandbolds." The only footage of their existence we have is from the last campaign of Season 2, but I think it's possible to come up with something that could get us all hype for the Sandbold campaign that's presumed to happen sometime this season.
  • I like the sound of that, should be fun
  • Ahhh this is beautiful! Everything you make is fantastic!
  • ah damn I missed the roll. Well, I'm going to roll anyways, just for fun, I dont expect anything if I get a 20.

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    I thought of a bunch of potential map ideas as I got closer and closer to a PC and some free time, and they were alright. A Dreamer's Den for weavers and tourists. Hotline Miami: New Porc City. A festive, cultured Kobold city. A Beenu last stand. Stuff like that.

    But I'm still going with Sandbolds, because it's a thing this season. Here's what I'm thinking:

    So, what do we know about these mysterious Sandbolds so far, outside all that speculation?
    Not very much. But if we make good use of the footage we've seen so far, perhaps we might have a good idea of what sandbolds and the sand they live on is like. This suggestion is really somewhat broad, considering the only word I've got for you is "Sandbolds," but I'm thinking this map is going to be an interesting one, however it comes out.
    I decided it wouldn't be too much trouble looking over all the images and footage to see what we had officially, just in case that might help. Personally, I don't believe Patches or that mysterious cavern will play much of a part in this map (if anything at all... it's really more about the sand), but what I've gathered below might be interesting...
    "Sandbolds": Event (39:48 - 43:00) | The Sandbolds | Donation
    Cards: sandbenderhourglassofthesandbold | Scrolls of the Sandbold
    Guild of Explorers oh wait they didn't actually find them never mind guys
    If there's any more stuff feel free to chime in but I think this is pretty much all of it
    Yep, so just make sure the map has lots of sand and has something to do with Sandbolds. That's really it.
  • This is a pretty dank map. I quite like it

  • @Ninja_Goose I appreciate that man, thanks
  • I've been out of the game for a while so I just noticed this.  This is hella cool, @NeoReaperXIII !  Gonna try and gather a group of my friends at some point in the future to run through an idea I've got for this one.  I'll let you know how it goes in the future.
  • I intended to share this maps various assets when I first posted it but I didn't have them all wrangled in one place BUT I do now! Those blue tattered things are tables with table cloths btw...

    As always, This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!

  • Awesome map and tiles for others to build with!

  • Hoping for 20
  • Good god @NeoReaperXIII, you have some serious map making skills. 
  • I love your art style, and the map and assets look amazing
  • How did I miss those cool covered wagons and bear rug?
  • I think the bear-skinned rug you put in there is interesting. I've seen them in other D&D maps but I feel like in the Urealms world it might be seen as offense to highbears lol
  • I mean, who's to say normal bears aren't to the highbears what chimps are to us highchimps? They can acknowledge their similarities but ultimately understands that there's a clear distinction. Hmm, but Id feel weird about a dude with a chump rug for sure. Definitely an interesting topic
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