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worst game you ever played (Ironically or unironically.)



  • When I was a kid I had this Lego DS game that I didn't get passed the tutorial because it did such a bad job explaining what is going on. 
  • Warframe. anyone who's invested time in that game knows what i'm talking about. How many hours do i have in the game? not important. I mean, 400 is not that many, and i'm level 9 now! 9 out of 30 some.
  • @ewanme99 No, at least Bad Rats had custom assets. It looks as if every asset in the game was bought from the Unity storefront.
  • No Man's Sky. Hands down the worst game i played. I had like 5FPS + Lag on the lowest settings [Albeit I pretty much play games on a potato] and you get the experience of 90% of the game in no more than half an hour of gameplay. Beyond that it's all repeating what you have already done, and the world generation gets repetitive after the 3rd or 4th planet you see.

    @NegativeZero_ I know that feeling, I have 450 hours into the game and only Mastery/Level 13. Warframe is fun when you just want to have a massive grind-fest, but there isn't much more after that aside from making builds, which in itself tires out soon enough. There isn't really anything to benefit from beyond level 13 currently anyways as you don't need to be any higher to use every weapon that you can obtain. That and alot of the weapons aren't even good and only work as level-fodder before you throw them out for new level-fodder.
  • Hearthstone.

    I've been playing for over three years now, and it just never gets better. Regardless of the meta, aggro is always a better deck choice because of the ladder format, and because of its smaller average game time it will always have an overrepresentation on the ladder regardless. Blizzard very clearly has almost no idea how to balance the game, and is really just throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks every time an expansion releases.

    Oh, and did I mention that the average cost to get a sizable amount of a new expansion is around $200? There are three expansions a year, and playing daily will get you maybe 33% of that $200 back. This is without mentioning the obscene crafting costs, especially related to Epic cards.

    TL;DR don't play Hearthstone. I've sunk so much time and money into it that I feel obligated to keep going, but if you're considering playing the game, just save yourself the trouble and simply don't do it.
  • @ulthax I wont, thanks for the warning man.
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    After all these months, I think I have another addition to the list... Which is a bummer since its first three acts werent that bad.

    Path of exile- Just when you think you've reached the final boss, it turns out theres 50 more final bosses to go through, it never... fucking...ends.
  • The worst game I ever played was a Spore mobile game. It was ugly, even for a mobile game a few years ago, battles were most of the time super easy, but randomly you would get a nearly impossible mob, and according to the reviews, the first level was literally impossible.

    @ewanme99 I liked path of exile. Until I discovered that unless you've planned your skill points carefully from the first level up, you're simply screwed past a certain point
  • Thomas the Tank Engine on SNES. I loved that game, but watching it on 2Player a while back really made me realize how terrible it actually was.
  • No Man's Sky is hands down the worst game I ever played. Couldn't get a refund for it, sadly.
  • Doctor Lautrec on the 3ds is the worst game I've ever played. It was trying to be a knockoff Professor Layton, but it was actually just a terrible rpg
  • like 80% of all free mobile games, they bascally just boil down to making you wait to do stuff and then giving you the option to speed it up for money, or just like the blandest, generic, and boring  thing ever
  • Dude, it was warframe for me. It was SOOOO heavy on the pay to play BS, I had to play for 20+ hours to get a new gun in an MMORPG!!! THE GUN SUCKED TOO!
  • I typically dont remember bad gaming experiences since, you know, why would I want to ever go back there.

    However if you are after "so bad its funny" then you cant go past Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors: Desert Bus. From the Wikipedia article...
    The objective of the game is to drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada, in real time at a maximum speed of 45 MPH. The feat requires eight hours of continuous play to complete.
    I actually made a goal to myself one day of trying to score a point in an emulated version of this game and I gave up only about an hour in.
  • There are so many games that can be bad and I have even made a list years ago of my worst ten games. But the most recent bad game I have played is COD WW2  ( the most recent one) the main story is like one impossible plot line after the next. Its like they took 20 real war hero stories and put it together in the one person you play. Done even get me started on the online.
  • @proudmhello Exactly what happened to me, I had a good lighting/cold witch melee build set up, but then its absolutely wasted in that new expansion because everything was elemental resist from acts 5+, RIP.
    @vaugeleyelectric if i'm right, theres actually some fundraiser thing regarding playing a full game of desert bus multiple times, although sadly I forgot what the donations went to, maybe doctors without borders like games done quick
    @wulfmir Yeah, theres a reason I say the hell away from COD.
  • Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (pubg): neither my computer nor gaming laptop could handle this game, I kept crashing every 1 to 2 minutes, and if it didn't crash then I couldn't loot anything because everything was 2-5 fps and buildings and etc. didn't load in. thankfully i could refund it.

  • @brandon Me and my dad were discussing how ridiculous it is that EVERYWHERE you check people are playing that damn thing, good to see theres people actually playing something else now lol
  • @brandon ; Thank god for Steam Refund Policy, best refund policy ever
  • I would say Spore because it was the game I spent the most time looking forward to and then it was a super simplistic game and was very disappointing 
  • sonic 06, cat mario, or this one indie game i forgot the name of.

    it's one of these. suffice to say; that indie game was pretty bad to be compared to the likes of these.
  • The Beginners Guide is probably the worst game I've ever played. A 1 hour and 15 minute game that's 15 bucks where you walk in a straight line and stand still while you hear a guy complaining about meta level things about the "game". If you watched someone do a Let's Play of it you would have the same experience.
  • Majority of the Sonic games I played
  • Gold Rush: The Game comes to mind. Terrible coding, Gigabyte updates for small patches, the base game is buggy and almost unplayable, but the developers are working on paid DLC. The latest update you have to start completely over.
  • Yet Another Zombie Defense
  • Club Penguin... Island. I don't feel there's an explanation needed.
  • @lala ;
    Hey guys have you ever heard of the game club penguin? It's a really fun game and you can do ALOT of stuff. You can have a puffle and walk it and feed it. I gave mine cookies. I named mines MrFurryFluff. Oh and don't try to add me, my friends list is full. My name is SUPERPWNSLIPPY9001. Yeah, I have so many friends on this game. I went sledding with my friends once, and I won, I came in 1st place. Everyone was sad except for me. I went sledding with these other guys and I lost. I was sad. OH, you can also dance in the dance club, you can surf, and you can swim, and you can go diving. OH, and you could be a secret agent! But that's super duper secret and I can't tell you about that! Oh, one time I met rockhopper and he is pwn. He gave me a wallpaper for my igloo. For your igloo, you can give it furniture, and you can have dance parties, and you can do all SORTS of C O O L stuff. You can hangout and..... stuff. Rockhopper was nice, I said hi to him and he said hi back. Oh, this one time I threw a snowball at someone and we we're in an ice rink. I wasn't really playing but our team was loosing. I threw a snowball at him and he was sad like there was a little sad face over him and I threw another snowball LOL. I got club penguin for my DS. I beat it within 2 days. I stood up until past my bedtime to beat it on the first day and I pwned it. LOL. And my mommy says she will get me a premium account if I get good grades and I don't be mean to the other kids at recess. You guys should stop playing this game and start playing club penguin cause club penguin is fun unlike this game cause this game is stupid. I'm leaving cause you guys are making fun of me aren't you weird moaning noise.
  • Mass Effect 2 is the game i dislike the most. They basically ruined everything I liked about the first one and made my character have to basically be a completely different person than how I set him up in the first game
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    Battle of Giants: Dragons.

    looked neat on paper, but here's the basic summery of the plot.

    walk to location. burn crystal. now you can fly.
    Fly to location. burn crystal. now you can smash stuff.
    fly to location burn crystal, fight dragon.

    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon.
    Fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon,
    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon
    new zone.

    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon.
    Fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon,
    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon
    new zone.

    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon.
    Fly to location, smash crystal, fight dragon,
    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon
    new zone.

    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon.
    Fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon,
    fly to location, burn crystal, fight dragon
    new zone.

    (2 hours later)

    Okay, now do the entire story over from the beginning three more times, starting with a new dragon in a new zone for a new "Story" that is basically the same.

    i tolerated it for the first run through. after that though, i played through the rest only to show that the game was not better then me, and i was stronger then it. i won. and the reward for beating the same game four times?

    absolutely squat.
  • @tamtroll Yikes, never heard of this one.
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